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  1. I did the B&E test last year it was pretty straight forward and the Instructor will give you tips for the reverse manoeuvre. You also will have flexibility on May combination you want going forward especially with the hybrids and electric cars that will be heavier in the future.
  2. I brought the caravan home for the storage site, it’s had a full clean on the drive and myself, wife and daughter slept in it over the weekend which made my 5 year old daughter happy.
  3. Bmw 2 series tourer that’s with budget some good deals at the moment.
  4. Just to let you know the Caravan Club have opened up the 2021 booking until the end of June 2021.
  5. Windup merchant! 😂😂 Have a good time 👍
  6. With the type of debt you have you would be better dealing with Payplan they will be able to negotiate with your lenders on your behalf. Lenders need to take your situation in to account and they will normally have a specialist in-house team that deals with vulnerable customers and will have the relevant forbearance/possible write off options.
  7. Just a quick update I was able to manage to get the light to switch to green by connecting the car up again and the brakes have released. 👍
  8. I’m having issues with my brakes at the moment. I have a Swift caravan with ATC however the brakes are stuck in when I try and drive forwards. I picked up the caravan from the storage site and travelled around 40 miles without any issues I disconnected the caravan from the car and used the mover to move the caravan into the pitch the caravan moves backwards without any issues but it seems the brakes are stuck on when I move forwards. The ATC light is also flashing red has anyone got any ideas what the issue could be and how to resolve. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks that’s given me some confidence I’ll proceed with changing the van. 👍
  10. I have a 2019 530d Xdrive I want to upgrade to a swift twin axle but just wondering if the car is up to the job or would I need a 4x4? I have already done my B+E test so I have the correct driving licence. Thanks
  11. I would look at a new dealer special these normally come with all the bits you want such as ATC, upgraded cushions and blinds, solar panels and alloys etc. You will also benefit from a longer warranty and the caravan will be new with no defects from the previous owner.
  12. I have had a 318d it was 65 plate it was very economical and easy to tow with. I did however change it to a 335d xdrive this was a totally different beast you couldn’t tell the caravan was on the back and the performance was amazing.
  13. Yes need the B&E licence unless you downplate the caravan.
  14. Yeah pretty happy with the van it’s comfortable, practical and suits our needs. I bought a last years model from the dealer so saved about 3.5k and got a free motormover so for the money they were brilliant. You also still get the full 10 years warranty as you’re the first owner. The quality compared to the Bailey and Lunar also seems better looking at these in the dealers.
  15. This a mini review I did on Swift Talk a few weeks ago. have had my van now for 3 weeks it’s a Swift Sienna 6 TD which dealers special edition based on the Sprite Major 6 TD. so far I’m very happy with the caravan it’s a big step up from our 2006 5 berth Swift Challenger. It toes much better and uses less fuel even though it’s heavier. I’m assuming this is down to the aerodynamics. It also has ATC which I haven’t used so far but it’s good to know there is additional assistance if needed. I’m very happy with the exterior and the front sunroof is a great addition the LED lights make the van look so much more modern. Inside is where have seen the biggest improvements it feels like there is so much more space and the layout is very family friendly. Bedtime for my 4 year old is so much easier and she has her own space at the back and we have ours in the evenings. The seating area is great there is no need to get the large table out as this fits us great. The bunk beds are very comfortable as they have full length mattresses, I’m 6ft and I could spend a full night in there. At the back both bunks get their own windows and lights which kids love. There is loads of space which is great for families and everything that comes with it. The bathroom is great the shower is fully lined and has good pressure there is plenty of room in there. The kitchen is good too we now have a microwave but lost one electric burner. We like the full size sink with good water pressure. The fridge seems bigger too and we like the blue light in there. the front area is large and comfortable the mattresses are much more comfortable and I don’t get back ache any more. Both myself and my wife like the interior it’s much more modern and user friendly. The lights is great and there is much more adjustment so the lights can be dimmed etc. The heating seems much more balanced and the rear gets hot air too which was lacking in our old caravan. I have read a few reviews about Swift Command but I think it’s brilliant idea, I can track the caravan adjust the lighting from the bed or set it to come on when we are out. It’s similar to Hive which we have at home I’m looking forward to using the heating function in the winter so we can return back to a warm van. I miss the additional shelf at the front fir the TV I’m not sure about the tv on the draws. my preference would be to use the electric job but we only have 3 gas burners it’s not a big deal but we used it slot when on electric pitch’s. I don’t know if this can be retro fitted? all on all we are very happy with the van and I’m looking forward to our first trip abroad with a caravan. if anyone is thinking of buying a caravan with this layout I’m happy to answer any questions.
  16. There is an outdoor pool to swim at in Hathersage
  17. Just use a mirror if your on your own and look for the reflection from the light in the mirror.
  18. I’d go for the Swift it’s a much more modern👍
  19. I would go for option 2 you only need to pay £100 on your credit card to ensure you’re fully protected. There isn’t much in it cost wise and your getting a new motormover included with the dealer and the private seller is 5 hours to far.
  20. Damienbrown84


    I have just passed my b+e test. What can I actually tow? My current setup is 2180 for the car and 1550kg for the caravan. Now that I have passed would I be able to tow a twin axle with a Discovery or X5? Thanks
  21. I have bought a new caravan and I’m looking for a tow cover to use while towing. does anyone have any recommendations on which cover I should get? Are the bespoke covers worth it or is a universal cover sufficient? Thanks
  22. Back to drawing board then thanks for your advice. 👍
  23. I’m looking to do a road trip to the South of France but I would like to do a camp site in Italy and Black Forrest in Germany. Has anyone done anything similar and do you have any recommendations on the route and places to stay. I’m going with my wife and daughter who will be 4 when we go. Do you think 3 weeks is enough? Thanks
  24. I’m looking to do a road trip to the South of France but I would like to do a camp site in Italy and Black Forrest in Germany. Has anyone done anything similar and do you have any recommendations on the route and places to stay. I’m going with my wife and daughter who will be 4 when we go. Do you think 3 weeks is enough? thanks
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