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  1. How did you pay for the caravan and did you pay any deposits on a credit card?
  2. It wasn’t as bad as I thought I did a full training the day before and that helped out With any bad habits. Test day was very straight forward and there was no nasty surprises. The instructor had taken me on the test routes and covered anything that would be completed. The car also had markings in the back when you needed to turn when completing the reverse.
  3. The caravan is only 12 months old and I noticed it during lockdown but I was unable to raise with the dealer as they were shut. I can’t think of anything we could have done to cause the damage in the sink. Nothing has been dropped and hot water is only used from the tap. I have inspected it again tonight and it has a crack on side and then another more a less the other side of the sink. The dealer has said the claim has been made with swift so fingers crossed it will be approved with no issues.
  4. I had my last caravan downplated to enable be to tow on a B licence however when I bought our new caravan I did the B&E test.
  5. Thanks both. 👍 My dealer has submitted the claim to Swift today so hopefully that means it will get approved.
  6. I have a Swift caravan which is 12 months old I have been to check the caravan today and the kitchen sink is starting to crack. We have only used the caravan twice so I know nothing has been dropped into the sink. Has anyone come across this before?
  7. I did the B&E test last year it was pretty straight forward and the Instructor will give you tips for the reverse manoeuvre. You also will have flexibility on May combination you want going forward especially with the hybrids and electric cars that will be heavier in the future.
  8. I brought the caravan home for the storage site, it’s had a full clean on the drive and myself, wife and daughter slept in it over the weekend which made my 5 year old daughter happy.
  9. Bmw 2 series tourer that’s with budget some good deals at the moment.
  10. Just to let you know the Caravan Club have opened up the 2021 booking until the end of June 2021.
  11. Windup merchant! 😂😂 Have a good time 👍
  12. With the type of debt you have you would be better dealing with Payplan they will be able to negotiate with your lenders on your behalf. Lenders need to take your situation in to account and they will normally have a specialist in-house team that deals with vulnerable customers and will have the relevant forbearance/possible write off options.
  13. Just a quick update I was able to manage to get the light to switch to green by connecting the car up again and the brakes have released. 👍
  14. I’m having issues with my brakes at the moment. I have a Swift caravan with ATC however the brakes are stuck in when I try and drive forwards. I picked up the caravan from the storage site and travelled around 40 miles without any issues I disconnected the caravan from the car and used the mover to move the caravan into the pitch the caravan moves backwards without any issues but it seems the brakes are stuck on when I move forwards. The ATC light is also flashing red has anyone got any ideas what the issue could be and how to resolve. Many thanks in advance.
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