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  1. It’s the first option. It comes up most of the way then moves back further if the wheels reverse. On rod movement it moves 16mm on hitch compression and a further 8mm when the handbrake is applied.
  2. I had an argument with an industrial wheelie bin at a site a while ago. Duck tape is the caravaners best friend! I’ve never done any bodywork repairs or spraying and while it’s not perfect I’m pretty happy. It’s an old van with a history so not worth an insurance claim. I’d researched about glueing an aluminium patch but in the end decided to fill. The filling kit with everything needed including a can of primer was about £25 from Halfords. The top coat spray was from Bailey parts for this van but it’s obviously faded over the years. One evening to fill and another to sand and spray.
  3. Yes with the hitch fully compressed and tie off I can pull the van by hand as if it was free with no hand brake on. When I pull on the handbrake it’s locked solid. Three weeks ago I had my Baileys approved repair guy out specifically to fix this. He changed the strut and adjusted the brakes and while the new strut reduced the harsh bang when I braked I think it needing replaced was a symptom of the brakes not working when towing. So I have brakes that are free with no drag normally. When the hand brake is applied they lock solid. With the hitch fully compressed they do nothing. That supports the feel when towing and observations on the camera that the Discovery is doing all the work. I assume there is far too much clearance between the pads and the drum when the hand brake isn’t applied but close enough so that the handbrake still works.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I can’t say I feel the caravan braking so was curious. I may still put on a axle stand and test as I gradually increase the compression. Thanks Also I tow with a Landrover Discovery which is great but was curious if it’s capabilities were hiding something that needs adjusting on the caravan
  5. I understand if you brake to zero. If I brake from 30mph to 20mph and in doing so it compresses. I then continue to coast at 20mph. It should not remain compressed as that would mean the caravan brakes should still be engaged and the caravan should pull back. If I have to accelerate it implies the brakes aren’t doing much.
  6. True, but if the brakes apply when compressed when the car has stopped braking it should extend. I shouldn’t have to accelerate to extend it.
  7. My caravan brakes hold with the hand brake but I’m not sure they help me slow much when towing. Is there a way to test? I do get annual service which includes brakes. Its a Bailey Pegasus Ancona 2011 with Alko hitch. When viewing the hitch with the car rear camera I can see strut compress under braking. I would expect that to apply the caravan brakes and it would then extend again. It remains compressed no matter how hard I brake and only extends again when I accelerate. How should it behave under medium or hard braking? I plan to jack the wheel and use axle stand to confirm the brakes run clear and lock with the handbrake. Then force in the hitch strut and see how much engagement the brakes have. I know the handbrake pulls the cable further than the hitch being fully compressed so any advice on what resistance to expect if correct? Thanks,
  8. Hi, Great site and it's helped me find lots of useful info. As a first post I thought I'd add something that hopefully helps return a search hit if others struggle to find a replacement. I made the mistake of leaving the top cap for my water hog lose on the top and it went missing. This is the older 50L version not the new style 51L Pyramid waterhog. I googled and ordered two different replacements but when they arrived they were both for the newer version which has a smaller top by about 5mm. When you do find the older cap it is out of stock or unavailable. However I took a chance on ordering one of these yellow caps from Kiravans as the size looked right. It fits perfectly with no leaks as you roll it. http://www. kiravans. co. uk/screw-cap-for-water-canisters-with-or-without-centre-hole-seal Hope this helps someone Richard
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