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  1. I suppose it could be that. Mostly I think a lack of competition. And no public transport.
  2. North Cornwall and North Devon are very expensive as well. In fact everything seems expensive here.
  3. I run the car in GTE mode when towing so the battery never drops much below 50%. However on the odd occasion I have forgot to select GTE mode and run it in Hybrid mode and battery has been depleted. Except it never truly is fully depleted. I have had no problems towing with any state of charge . Current mpg when towing is 25-29 mpg.
  4. Just going back to the OP's original question. I have a Passat GTE Hybrid which I tow my Pegasus with. I charge on site with the owners permission. I always ask first. I charge over night when the demand is low. Never had a problem. Just picking up some of the comments above I live 50 miles from a train station with no bus service. My passat suits my commute of 9 miles each way with free charging at work. But that is just how it works out for me.
  5. They need to build a railway station near where I live first :). Nearest is 50 miles away.
  6. Looks like they are on your pitch ? If so politely ask them to move it.
  7. I live in Bude and tow in the other direction all the time. Only really two main ways in from the North,
  8. I had a wheel arch fail on my 2017 Pegasus Ancona. It was repaired under warranty as it was within the first 24 months. However the dealer did say if it had been outside the time period it would have been rejected. I think the OP needs to check the water ingress warranty wording as it does exclude certain areas after 2 years. Not saying I agree with it but its in the wording I saw. In my case a stone had gone through the wheel arch or that is what the dealer said had happened. I do feel for the OP its bloody soul destroying when you get something like this.
  9. I have them on my 2017 Pegasus Ancona. Definitely a smoother towing experience.
  10. Yeah I don’t disagree just very sad to see another good site switch to statics.
  11. Very sad that Bude Meadows in Cornwall is switching too statics. No more touring or camping at this site. Such a shame !
  12. Sorry to hear that so far ours has been ok on the roof joint.
  13. Had the second annual service done this week. No damp !! this time around so really pleased about that. The dealer did quite a few little warranty jobs as well so really happy. The leisure battery has died after two years which is a bit rubbish but that's battery's for you. I do remove it from the van in the winter and trickle charge it but its dead. Bearing in mind I had 4 x water ingress issues in the first 18 months I was a little concerned. What has made the difference between rejecting and keeping it has been the dealers response to the problems. A good dealer is invaluable. On another note I have ordered a Pioneer MVH-X580DAB head unit to upgrade from the existing Pioneer unit. I will have Bluetooth / DAB+ / USB and it can read FLAC files so a useful upgrade for a music lover like me.
  14. I have a Pegasus Ancona 2017 model. To be honest the lack of front locker hasn't bothered me. Each to their own.
  15. Yes I do this but use the inflatable awning pump to give it a little extra push.
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