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  1. Fang2260

    Shock absorbers?

    I have them on my 2017 Pegasus Ancona. Definitely a smoother towing experience.
  2. Fang2260

    Bude meadows switching to statics

    Yeah I don’t disagree just very sad to see another good site switch to statics.
  3. Very sad that Bude Meadows in Cornwall is switching too statics. No more touring or camping at this site. Such a shame !
  4. Fang2260

    2017 Pegasus second service

    Sorry to hear that so far ours has been ok on the roof joint.
  5. Fang2260

    2017 Pegasus second service

    Had the second annual service done this week. No damp !! this time around so really pleased about that. The dealer did quite a few little warranty jobs as well so really happy. The leisure battery has died after two years which is a bit rubbish but that's battery's for you. I do remove it from the van in the winter and trickle charge it but its dead. Bearing in mind I had 4 x water ingress issues in the first 18 months I was a little concerned. What has made the difference between rejecting and keeping it has been the dealers response to the problems. A good dealer is invaluable. On another note I have ordered a Pioneer MVH-X580DAB head unit to upgrade from the existing Pioneer unit. I will have Bluetooth / DAB+ / USB and it can read FLAC files so a useful upgrade for a music lover like me.
  6. Fang2260

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    I have a Pegasus Ancona 2017 model. To be honest the lack of front locker hasn't bothered me. Each to their own.
  7. Fang2260

    Freezing !

    Yes I do this but use the inflatable awning pump to give it a little extra push.
  8. Fang2260

    Hybrid swindle

    I have to agree for me it is a good compromise. As I always say each their own. If u don’t like em don’t buy em.
  9. Fang2260

    Hybrid swindle

    I have a Passat GTE Hybrid estate as a company car. I tow a Bailey Pegasus Ancona with it. I am a fleet manager for a large company. I charge my car everyday without fail . I do short journeys and long journeys and I average 25k mileage pa. My current average MPG is 68 across all driving conditions including some towing. I absolutely agree that Hybrids are not the best option for all people and the company BIK incentives encourage people to take them but as usual the Government has no idea what it's doing so people will take advantage of poor policy decisions. I will take the money and run thank you very much. In terms of its towing ability I prefer it too my Previous Skoda Octavia VRS diesel but that is only my opinion. All hybrids have their draw backs but used correctly can be very beneficial. Don't get me started on the purchase cost for Hybrids I am very fortunate I didn't have to pay but my fully loaded Passat P11D value was 44K . The company actually paid 31K for it. Happy to answer any questions.
  10. Fang2260

    Excellent service from Bailey dealer

    Stowford Caravans North Devon
  11. Fang2260

    Excellent service from Bailey dealer

    Am I allowed to say ?
  12. Some of you helpful people may have followed my ongoing problems with a Bailey Pegasus Ancona new January 2017. I have to say that despite numerous water ingress issues and several other minor and not so minor problems my dealer has been excellent. If it was not for their willingness to go the extra mile I would have rejected the van as not fit for purpose. (Perhaps I should have done anyway) The van is now is it should have been on collection. They have also fixed the toilet FOC which one of my hand fisted kids broke. They had to remove the whole toilet to repair the "C" gear mechanism which was a pretty big job. Anyway just wanted to communicate a good outcome from a poor start. Well done to the dealer !
  13. Fang2260

    New 8ft Wide Pegasus Grande.

    My local dealer has said to me that the Phoenix 650 is the equivalent to the Pegasus Ancona. In my opinion it is certainly not.
  14. Fang2260

    New 8ft Wide Pegasus Grande.

    I had a look at the Phoenix 650 personally and each to their own but I found it a bit cheap. Anyway Bailey will have done all this for a reason. Could be a different Mark next up.
  15. Fang2260

    New 8ft Wide Pegasus Grande.

    Not a great lover of the small fridge in the Phoenix.