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  1. I have recently changed my Rover 75 for a Jaguar X Type 2.2 diesel saloon, 2009 model, and as yet have not had a Towbar fitted. There seems to be some disagreement locally between suppliers (Littlehampton, West Sussex) as to how difficult this is and therefore how much it should cost ! One quote went from £310 to £428 as soon as I said Jaguar ! another went as high as £498, and all claiming that their's was the best and that either yes, you have to cut the rear bumper, or no, you don't, and yes the rear parking sensors have to be disconnected even if you're not connecting the caravan because t
  2. Can't believe how helpful all you folks are out there in caravan-land. Most heartening in this day-and-age to know that there are such people out there. Off to Kent in a few days time, hope the sun comes out. Regards to all, Les
  3. Hi all, Les of Sussex here. Does anyone know if there is much of a difference between the orange gas bottles and the blue gas bottles? I know that one is Propane and one is Butane but are they both 'safe' for my caravan oven and so on? I'm told that Propane burns 'hotter' than butane and you have to take more care with what appliance you are using it with, is that true? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Thanks to all of you. I've been camping all my life, from 2-man tents at 12 yrs old through frame tents, motor-homes and now caravans and still love it. Have another quick question: I read that we should change the fresh-water filter each season. I have looked at mine and it is blue, not quite the same shape as the replacement filters seen on Amazon (Truma et al) and is full of 'carbon / charcol' crystals. Does anyone know what filter I need? Cheers, Les
  5. Morning Gordon, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, it looks just like it. The old tyres were 155R-13 82R's, correct, so have had the same size fitted. They put 40psi in them so I will have to increase that with my car's electric pump thingy. Does this mean we have a 1986 model? If so, do you think a cassette toilet (Thetford) would fit? We've been quoted about £100 to fit, if we supply the kit ourselves, we seems a fair price. Les
  6. I have read some older posts put up by Gordon and Aussie Al about the 'age' of an Avondale Mayfly. We have the one where the roof has the bump at the back. There is a metal label just above the door which says 1 86 0945. Not sure of the exact age though. Just having new tyres fitted today and don't know what pressure they should have. We have owned it for three years and it's lovely, it has the wooden interior and a porta-potti (no cassette but we don't mind). Had a new Henry water heater fitted last year at Motorhome & Caravan Services in Bognor Regis, excellent company, g
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