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  1. Hi All Im heading down to Somerset from Edinbugh mid JulyI should be heading back home 9th Aug but i've got the chance to go to the Moto GP at Silverstone ( 27th July ) Rather than pull the Van all the way home and back a fortnight later I wondered if anyone new of a site around the York area which is not too far from the A1 that I could stop at for one night on the way home and might also store my van for two weeks.
  2. Evening All we are thinking of a long trip down to Devon / Cornwall ( from Edinburgh ) would really like to have a week in both would appreciate if anyone could recommend good adult only sites preferably with sea views.Will probably be three vans heading down. Hope you can help !
  3. Hi Stevan strange you say that when checking the inline fuse it was wrapped in Black Insulating tape ! will pull fuse tomorrow and try meter
  4. Hi Folks Hope someone can help ! Our neighbours have bought a 2012 Bailey Unicorn Madrid we cannot get the 12v control panel to come on ! ( it does on EHU ) We have charged the battery and done a discharge test Battery all good and refitted. we have checked all fuses including the inline fuse from Battery . Checked all trip switches and all seem ok Anyone any thoughts ??
  5. Hi Had this problem on my Sterling Eccles, the control panel was knackered ! I sent mine away for repair (APULJACK ENGINEERING ) You can call them and discuss the problem they were great to deal with.
  6. It's a 2009 3. 0 auto luxury
  7. Evening All im thinking of changing tow cars, I currently have a Santa Fe but would like to change it for a Jaguar XF 3. 0 i have a Bailey Cadiz 3 Does anyone tow with a 3. 0 XF and if so would you recommend one ??
  8. Evening Folks Sitting on a site at the moment which has no toilet facilities so the Better half decided to use the van shower ( 2017 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz ) which keeps blowing the Pump 5 amp fuse ! Now on 3rd fuse ! Any ideas as to why this keeps happening ?
  9. Evening Folks We have just bought a 2017 Bailey Cadiz, my question is to anyone who the same van what awning do you use ? I don't really want a full awning so I'm interested in what others use.
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