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  1. No that's totally fine. Any ideas what I should be sealing it with, certain brands or techniques? thanks all the same for you info.
  2. Update!!! I've sanded back the knot which was massive! After doing this I've noticed 2-3 small pin hole like spots, where daylight can be seen through. They haven't broken into a full blown holes but seem more like rather thin bits of the aluminium skin. Maybe where the water had rested it had started to eat away at it?? Anyway, all foam boards cut back to where needed, timber removed and full dry out has been done. Wood sealant added to strengthen under the door, where new timber has been set and door re-hung. Wood sealant added to existing timbers to make sure they are still up to the job. There are some seriously tricky bits to get at so rather than keep going and make a massive rabbit hole, where I could, I left decent wood and made good. New foam boards arrived this morning so they new measuring, cutting and fitting later. I'll be back with another update soon. Please, any info is greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  3. Anybody on here interested in urban exploration? Don't know what it is? It's getting out and "seeing" places of neglect, been forgotten or abandoned, left to Mother Earth. Some places can make for some rather interesting and spectacular looking shots. If you are unsure what you can do or see visit https://www. 28dayslater. co. uk/ for a better look and idea.
  4. I've patched outside for now as it was peeing down all weekend. Can't get a part of one timber out as it has a big knot in it and it's stuck fast. need to sand it back slow and carefully. Thanks for advice
  5. Ok where to begin. Popped into the van on Friday to look for something and was hit by the instant smell I what I thought was mould. Little inspection and I found some damp under the door frame. I pulled the flooring right back to see just how far it had spread. Now, it had spread from the top corner of the awning rail right down that side wall to underneath the door. All timbers are rotten and fallen away and obviously need replacing. It's a massive job and one to be honest I really could do without but, I fancy having a crack at doing the repair work for a couple of reasons. First is the cost of a diy job to that of a proper reapair person, secondly the van is only worth what I could get from spares or repair sale, thirdly the mrs says we can't afford getting a good replacement. The boss has spoken so obviously a new van is out the window. What I would really like to know is the process. Obviously removal, drying and prepping of all affected surfaces is a must but what is the correct process of making watertight again? removal and reseal under the awning rail, reseal between new timbers and outer skin? Any advice on products to use or to avoid would be greatly received. The rest of the van is solid so I'm a bit hesitant to get rid if I can make good of a bad situation.
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