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  1. Hope he gets well soon, like all suffering from the effects of this awful virus It’s Raab isn’t it? Having said that, he’s not the first person I think of in the same sentence as ‘stepping up’
  2. Yip, it’s one of those things you can’t really capture at a moment in time, only really after the event will it be clear who dealt with it more successfully and then possibly be able to deduce why.
  3. If you want a SUV then newish at that budget it’s probably a Skoda Kodiaq just be wary the 2.0TDI 4wd manual 7 seater isn’t type approved fit towing
  4. There’s no government guidelines that refer to the end of June, it’s a decision made by CMC End of June could be realistic, but there may be limitations around the number of people on site
  5. Need to give a budget for people to have half a chance
  6. Agreed, I think it’s been a mantra for those who are lacking a grasp of how society actually needs to work.
  7. The Range Rover was probably Euro 5, the DPF’s cycled much less than Euro 6 cars
  8. The Passat is getting used one day a week for my commute (65 miles), the A2 is currently doing the bulk of my commute and doesn’t have a DPF anyway (Euro 4) I’d imagine doing one short trip a week will make no difference to the DPF at all.
  9. The company went bust in October - that’s a tenuous link even for the DM
  10. Don’t disagree with the seriousness, but there’s nothing in the reporting that suggests this is COVID-isolation based, that’s simply click-bait for the Daily Mail (thank you to whoever edited my post from Daily Mail*, I’d hate to have got it wrong) *Its set up like that! I love it, of all the things to get upset about taking the mick out of the gutter-press purporting to be decent isn’t really one of them, especially as another thread has a mod being genuinely offensive to another user!
  11. My exercise is taken in the gym, so I am struggling at the moment - I’ve tried a few sessions in the conservatory but I like the cross trainer and decent weights rather than body resistance stuff
  12. What, the Daily Mail jumping to conclusions?
  13. For those not familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, here is a link; https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg I’m not as defeatist as many, although appreciate the concerns of those close to retirement with defined contributions rather than benefits. Looking at the Hierarchy, there has been too much of a focus on the upper elements of the triangle and a lack of recognition of the importance of the base - it is clear we are currently seeing that reset and I’d imagine that will continue. Undoubtably we will see in
  14. This will give you an idea, the Kadjar and Qashqai are the same car and this one is the 1.5dCi; So long as the Qashqai can tow the weight legally I’m sure it will be fine if a little slow
  15. Another example of how this disease is cruel One of the early challenges we saw were physically able dementia patients that are COVID 19 positive, trying to restrict wandering and isolate them is almost impossible.
  16. As I posted yesterday ( it has been subsequently deleted) I age been involved in this first hand and am well aware of the facts
  17. How can you know that ‘hospital administrators’ (is it 1973 over there?) got it wrong? Okay, so granted I can only speak for half a dozen trusts, they each FIT test staff and order the correct PPE on that basis - a delivery arrived late week before last and it was all a single type which wasn’t ordered. Some staff were then FIT tested on this and a couple passed but most didn’t because it lacked adjustability. The original order arrived in two stages through this past week. If the doctors where your daughter works have no experience of being FIT tested, that’s not the s
  18. Entirely incorrect. The correct PPE for FIT tested staff was ordered and the wrong PPE arrived, and for the avoidance of doubt, I am posting in knowledge of the facts. The equipment is based on both the required level of protection and also the shape of the person who it is fitted to (and that has been tested so they know what to use and how to use it) You can be very busy moving equipment around but it’s always best if it’s the correct equipment. The situation over the past 5 days has improved radically.
  19. The paint on our Passat is decent, but being black there are a number of areas that have been damaged if bird poo has been left on too long. Last year i clay barred it (first time I’ve ever bothered) and it made quite a difference but the paint really isn’t as good as it ought to be My A2 has impeccable paint, after 15 years and 150k it’s still in good nick
  20. Whatever sect you belong to then, I’m sure the principals are similar
  21. Discussion is okay, but cheap points scoring isn’t helpful and will rapidly see the thread turn into another entrenched circular argument which nobody benefits from
  22. Had a row with my Dad last night, first time in years. Long and short of it is he was disappointed to discover on Tuesday morning the tip was closed, when I asked him what was essential about that trip he explained they couldn’t have some furniture left around the house - I asked him why he couldn’t just put it in the garage for now and leave the car on the drive and you’d think I’d asked him to remove his genitalia.
  23. It’s quite important for people to understand that there are different requirement of ventilators depending on their use and the risk of contagion from the patient - intubation of a COVID patient has quite specific needs.
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