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  1. Volvo V70 T5 Geartronic and keep the change!
  2. If the Withdrawal Agreement is passed then there will be no requirement for permits, IDP’s or anything else for as long as it lasts (supposedly the 31/12/20)
  3. I used to know a bloke who would do this, he had the car clocked between every service - he had it on a 12kpa PCP but did 24k in it, he’d clock it half way - always a risk that if he had an issue it would have covered almost no miles since the last service but it didn’t really bother him...
  4. In a way, that’s comparable to what the french do for heavier outfits although in terms of car and caravan weight it has some obvious bizarre results - Kerb weight of 1300kg, gross vehicle weight of 1800kg and a towing limit of 1400kg (ie GVW of 3200kg) you could legally tow a 1400kg van at 130km/h. On the other hand our outfit (1505kg kerb, 2070kg gross and caravan of 1300kg on the hitch) is limited to 90km/h due to the towing limit being 2060kg!
  5. Turbo’s, leaking intercoolers, catalytic converters, DPF’s, Adblue systems... I suspect there will be a strong market for non-OEM batteries for electric cars and costs will be more reasonable
  6. We had a DS4 with the same 1.6 diesel as your C4 - the only way you’d get 70mpg is cruising at 60mph on a motorway, treating the accelerator like it had a grenade under and turning the engine off when you went downhill! On long runs it would get low to mid 50’s, at best. In my normal use a hybrid like the Passat GTE would give me outstanding economy, when on long runs or towing it wouldn’t but as I do 7500 miles of commuting a year in theory without using a drop of petrol I’d take the poorer economy on runs. Don’t think any manufacturers currently offer the leased option.
  7. Your mass in service clearly just adds the 75kg for the driver to the quoted kerb weight!
  8. I’ve noticed the n the summer months western and southern France can have some notable spikes and troughs; I. 2019 we basically went for the first two weeks of August, through mid July the Vendée has been hot, into August it cooled and shortly after we left the last two weeks and into September were hot, and this included further up the coast too - but other years it’s been reasonably warm then got hotter whilst we are there - it’s just the way it is.
  9. yip, the Dutch use them (and other VAG 1.4TSi hybrid’s) extensively
  10. Legal, yes (assuming your car insurance doesn’t have a restriction as a few do). Wise? No, caravans are not the most stable things to tow hence the guidance of 85% of kerb weight for those new to towing up to 100% for those experienced which, for the purposes of guidance, is not based on a loaded weight.
  11. Agree that cars a being produced to pass the tests but it can depend on your driving how suitable they are for you. My role will change at some point but at the moment I drive 28 miles a day (town at the beginning and end, dual carriageway in the middle) and use my car for business use 1-2 times a week; I am convinced a hybrid such as a Passat GTE would do most of the work I need it to on battery alone - a tank of fuel would last months! Fairly confident I could get close to the claimed position over a 12 month period even using it as a tow car.
  12. ...and the future is brighter still; https://www.alko-tech.com/en/trailer-platform I think you’ll need a B+E, mind!
  13. Not sure about the others but PSA (Peugeot Citroen) stopped making diesel hybrids a few years ago - the cost and complexity of achieving EU6 emissions and hybrid Powertrain was making them too expensive. There will be a price point that’s more viable but the current hybrid PSA products are petrol
  14. I’m not sure it matters though, my Passat is plated to just over 2000kg but there is no chance I would tow a caravan of that size behind it. 1600kg in a Passat GTE would be more than enough, likewise plenty of people seem to be happy to tow with Outlander PHEV’s - it only becomes an issue if you are into dragging bungalows around.
  15. Depending on the model there is a light switch just under the kitchen worktop edge on the left hand side which is a master switch for the lights but I can’t remember which lights it specifically controls!
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