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  1. The T5-R was indeed the range topper for a while, famously in a custard yellow colour (although you could get black and green) - they were 245bhp. However these were replaced by the 850R (which wasn’t available in yellow) with 250bhp for the manual cars (240 for the auto) and a rise in torque over the T5-R. The B5234 engine can be heavily tuned and there are examples out there with 700bhp! Yes, I’m not a fan of glass that turns vehicles into a van and the ‘Amber’ interior in Momentum/ Inscription is stunning.
  2. We (allegedly) had 10A in France this summer but for the 5 days it was low 30’s the fridge struggled - I’ll be putting it on gas if the same thing happens this year
  3. Current R-Design models have black seats, black dashboard and door trims, black roof lining - they've dropped the old white/ black interiors a few years ago. The only exception (I think) is the XC40 R-Design which can be had with red carpets.
  4. My friend has a V90 D5 ‘powerpulse’ AWD ‘Inscription’ in Osmium Grey, it’s a wonderful piece of kit - he regularly does 200 mile journeys in it and finds it superbly comfortable. He doesn’t tow but when he changes it and be got first refusal.
  5. It’s basically a spec level that looks ‘Sporty’ as an alternative; usually has bigger wheels, coal-hole interior and external body add-on items.
  6. Indeed, on some occasions fight fire with fire - it’s the only language that’s occasionally understood when some are bereft of decency and I’d suggest an ignorant, arrogant driver like that would be one.
  7. I’m 6’4” and the lengthways bed in our Pursuit is 6’3” - I don’t lay rigid like a board so I’m probably about 6’1” in bed and find it extremely comfortable, I sleep on the outside at a slight angle (due to the chamfer) and Mrs FB who is 5’3” sleeps next to the wall.
  8. Seemingly parking appropriately isn’t required, so what’s the issue?
  9. I’ve never had a parking dent when parking properly. If I had an old banger I’d park it ‘right’ next to the drivers door on that so that you’d severe a cigarette paper trying to get it in between 👌
  10. Milenco Grand Aero’s for me - I forgot them when picking my van up from service last year and got some of the strapped mirrors - they worked...just. mirrors always kept in the van now!
  11. Yip, charge them for two plots Across the front of the van taking up two spaces!
  12. Good for you, but it is only a view no more or less. Anyone that want to buy a motor mover - crack on and be happy. The don’t have one and don’t currently need one - might do one day though.
  13. It’s very simple really, and I am sorry you don’t understand - your interpretation of risk is just that, an interpretation - you are welcome to it of course but please do not project this as ‘a’ stated reality as many others have different experiences; I’ve made it clear on numerous occasions that a motor mover might suit but it is not default essential. That you think so is your opinion, which you are entitled to, but of course you are wrong. I was a ‘newbie’ and my caravan is still in one piece...
  14. Nope. It is a personal choice - not for a moment would I criticise anyone for using a motor mover but the over dramatic representation in your post does need reigning in to planet reality. As said, if I end up with a heavier van we may get one fitted but the assumption of ‘need’ irrespective of anything else is absolute rubbish.
  15. Yup, and I wonder how he makes sure it’s safe to get out of bed...or drive his outfit on the public highway....and so we continue.
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