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  1. My guess is you’ve simply been unlucky - a bit of towing clutch abuse on the back of a previous owner that rode the clutch; I’ve never rode the clutch and have no idea why anyone would but there is every chance the previous owner did.
  2. You should have kept the towed weight to under 100t, just to obey the 85% ‘rule’ 👍
  3. My understanding is the springs were damaged if the clutch is ‘banged’ together which causes premature wear. As for trickling a diesel off the line, I’ve always done this but it’s almost impossible in the Passat as the clutch is very sharp and it will happily stall at will - never sure if it’s the stop start causing the issue in some way though because if you depress the clutch it automatically restarts itself. Stop start is turned off when towing and I don’t recall this particular issue so it could be related.
  4. Absolutely, and to add I know many people who have replaced the clutch because the DMF has gone in advance; 80-100k seems to be common. We had a clutch replaced on our old C4 Picasso, Citroen covered the cost even though it was out of warranty as it had a FCSH and only 45k on the clock - the release bearing had collapsed and there was no sign of premature wear; they didn’t replace the DMF, which looked fine, but as I didn’t pay that didn’t bother me! I’ve developed a technique pulling away which may or may not help - quite a sharp initial release of the clutch followed by immediately dipping it again; now the car is moving I can bring it up as normal. Clearly this doesn’t work on hills but having only 1300kg on the hitch I’m probably not pushing the car much
  5. OP is used to towing but with tow vehicles over 3.5t - I suspect the E license isn’t an issue for them
  6. Are there alternative media sources that have different views or is it all one-way? In the UK you generally need to get a blend of outlets but they are each there.
  7. Sadly you are buying repairs consummate with a £40-50k car that is old - I’d personally buy a Touareg TDi but they aren’t everyone’s thing, or failing that an XC90 D5.
  8. Is that honestly real or your perception? In the UK many people Talk about the press being focused in one direction or the other but as somebody with no political persuasion at all I simply don’t see it.
  9. You’ve got your calculations right (nose weight is 80kg from memory), only caution is that a wobbly box at 95% of Mass in service is definitely on the the edge for an experienced caravan puller even for somebody with towing experience - I’d probably be tempted to get it to about 90% so roughly 1400kg MTPLM.
  10. ...and yet all of my Dutch relatives think the UK is barking mad so we could naval gaze all day long.
  11. None especially - however our old DS4 which was also a TT was a cinch where as the Passat can sometimes be awkward. It has once not properly twisted when I removed the socket although I don’t think this is TT specific; YouTube video and a flat screwdriver, job done 👍
  12. I spend 50 weeks of the year in the UK, as much as I enjoy it 2 weeks of France are essential. If I lived in Germany, the UK would also be charmingly rustic so I can see the appeal.
  13. Go to Aldi (or Lidl) - we can fill a trolley for £100 (well, we never spend £100 but 2/3 full is about £60) As a summer holiday location, it definitely is.
  14. Lots of Passat owners on the forum I use complaining about the 1.5 150ACT with a manual box being borderline underivable when cold and generally stuttering; DSG doesn’t seem to suffer though. I’ve driven both the 130 in a Golf and 150 in an A3 with manual gearboxes though and thought they were absolutely brilliant.
  15. It would be useful to know if the Tiguan is a 1.4TSi 125 2wd manual or a 2.0BiTDi 240 4wd DSG as there is about 350kg difference!
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