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  1. All I really need external access for is the bits that are used regularly- most stuff under the bed is removed when we arrive and put back when we leave; toilet chemicals and probably the waste hose in case it drips.
  2. Lying down on the bed, with the doors to the toilet open (which is how we would usually have it), the room didn’t feel at all claustrophobic. I think I’d prefer a Bailey Phoenix 640 if it wasn’t for the interior finishes - I don’t like the dark wood and dark worktops, hopefully they’ll change it at some point in the next couple of years and this would become an option. I think having the underbed inaccessible from the outside wouldn’t be a drama, so long as you could access under the beds (sadly an option on the Elddis Avanté).
  3. Thank you all for the wide feedback, some useful thoughts - one thing to note is that two single beds for my wife and I is an absolute ‘no’! Had a look around what could be our perfect van yesterday, there’s an Elddis dealer not that far from us - vans I’d not previously considered; by chance they had the ‘550’ layout in the entry Avanté, Affinity and Crusader Aurora - the layout is spot-on at pretty-much every level for us although the difference between them all was interesting; Avanté - really nice inside, liked the finishes and the general ‘feel’ of the van. Downsides possibly the rear bedroom with blown heating might struggle if it’s cooler. Affinity - my favourite model, Alde heating and nice finishes - downsides were the sky window thing over the kitchen that robs a little too much headroom for me (I am 6’4”) and it being off centre played with my OCD a little Crusader Aurora - really didn’t like it, far too busy and fussy, couldn’t see what you’d gain over the Affinity. All were 2019 models, sadly nobody anywhere near us sells a dealer special on the Avanté which I think would be good balance, lack of Alde heating notwithstanding (the Affinity is quite a bit more!)
  4. Genuine question - why would that be? As they are enhanced spec surely at the least they should trade at the same price or is it affected if the interior finishes are a bit...erm...odd?
  5. The article isn’t actually right in that respect, otherwise the simplest solution wouldn’t be to nick them off a 10 year old Prius but a 2 year old anything There is a design weakness in the Prius that was available about ten years ago (mk2?) that means they are incredibly easy to steal - we’ve had a few stolen in the work car park (in fact one person has had theirs stolen twice!) and it’s always been a Prius of this age.
  6. Agreed - there is a perception that low revs = better but it’s all about using what you’ve got to the best of its abilities, ask any 2CV6 owner!
  7. We’re doing Italy but at Easter - far too far to drive for a couple of weeks in the summer even from Cambridgeshire, staying at Camping Fabulous outside Rome and flying on Ryan Scareways, no way I’d take the van for a couple of weeks. For a couple of weeks I’d not bother flying and just drive but without the van!
  8. It’s a superb site, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and it’s a great location to get to all the landing beaches. Make sure you book one of the full pitches rather than touring pitches as they are quite small
  9. I am sure they do, but for reasons of compromise a decision needs to be made about a multitude of things, sometimes it probably doesn’t end too well but that’s life. There are a few things I look at on my caravan that may appear odd but you can kinda work out they are like that for a reason and also ask yourself if it really matters. We have a clear loo window, we just put the flyscreen down during the day and the black out blind at night, neither of which is a perfect solution - however, I am very grateful for it as I can stand out the back of my van and shave my head looking in it as it doubles up as a wonderful mirror so every cloud and all that...
  10. Result. I’ve seen a few Tiguan Allspace’s around, they do look slightly odd with that extended rear door but I guess it’s the easiest way to get sufficient space for 7 seats in - it reminds me of the long wheel base original Mercedes A-klasse which always looked like a bit of an afterthought (because it was!).
  11. I didn’t really like the Alicanto for a number of reasons, lack of window in the loo wasn’t one of them mind! It came across as a whole hill of money for something that’s not especially special but then I can’t really see what the vans around £30k give more than those £5-6k cheaper - much prefer the Unicorn - I feel the same about the more expensive Swift models and the Buccaneer models (that are heading towards £35k for reasons I cannot imagine). But if people want to spend their money then that’s fine. We have a loo window in the Pursuit, it’s good for ventilation (we use the shower so it works with the roof light to get flow through) but I don’t suppose it’s the end of the world not having one as the shower is never left on for long or that hot!
  12. Thats a Defender - it’s the same one behind him in the BBC story linked above.
  13. I had two pumps fail in 2018, both seized impellers - the second one only lasted 6 months and I make sure it’s dry when disconnecting it. You can sometimes free the impellers with a little olive oil if you have some to hand. My current one has lasted nearly 12 months! The green light would come on for about 5 seconds then blow the fuse. I now carry a bag of fuses, thankfully the site I was on first time (Kelling Heath) had a well stocked shop although I did need to take a drive out for a replacement pump the second time to a Bailey/ Compass caravan dealer near Evesham whose name escapes me (edit; Cotswold Edge) but they stayed open on a Sunday until I arrived. Don’t know if having a Pursuit is the link mind! I am thinking of just buying another one to keep just in case.
  14. They are available for viewing on Fantasy Island
  15. Try camping port’land in Port en Bessin - wonderful location and the indoor pool certainly has steps into it, can’t remember for the outdoor pool though. The site can be booked through the CMC too. We were there in 2018 and going back next year
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