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  1. Did you spot the word ‘could’ in the quote?
  2. I’ve noticed underfloor heating features heavily in European vans, I suspect this with blown air heating would be more than ideal. I can’t really see the point in the Alde heating to be honest
  3. No, not in the wrong topic - Bailey have just released details of the Alicanto which is basically Unicorn spec but 8’ wide. A pair of single axles (Sintra and Estoril) mirroring the Brindisi and Rimini Pegasus Grande and a Messina-like Porto twin axle. The single come in at just under £28,500, the twin at a quid under £30,000. Look very nice inside and out, but then so they should at that money!
  4. I like the Bailey 3-window solution but agree overall; our lovely big single window is wonderful and the idea of having some millions in the way and the curtain clutter is of no real appeal
  5. I know it’s a long shot and probably not likely but have the hubs been put in the wrong way around and it’s on the offside? Either way, is just fit a Nemesis until it’s sorted
  6. Undoubtedly the water you are rinsing the car with is drying before you take it off - this is the main issue you have. Wash the car when the sun isn’t on it and you’ll be fine. I also vowed never to have another black car but couldn’t miss out on a great deal!
  7. I feel your pain. Earlier this year I bit the bullet and clay barred the Passat - I’d never done this before and was quite nervous but the results were astounding and the process simple enough. I then polished the car with Autoglym super resin and the results are astounding to say the least. However, this only makes it simple to clean which is where I think your issue arises. I always clean the car out of the sun - the front of our home is East facing so I either do it on an overcast day or in the evening, never if the sun is on it. I use Autoglym shampoo with a microfibres mitt and a bucket with a grit-guard in it, applied after rinsing the car. The nice applied this is washed off. Of the whole wash drying is the most important bit and this is why I avoid sunlight - I use two microfibres rather than chamois, one microfibres gets ‘wet’ (and ringed out continuously) the second removes the last traces of moisture and is, at most, a little damp by the time it’s done - this leaves the finish completely and utterly drip and streak-free. I polish the car every 3 months and intend to clay bar it annually. The end result - washed and dried when overcast, clay barred and polished when sunny;
  8. A few people have commented how they’ve changed a towcar and got a more or less stable outfit; problem is you can’t often test them towing! A Toyota Surf could be getting on a bit depending on which version it is - perhaps the suspension needs some work as it may be weak when dealing with lateral forces.
  9. It is! I did see an A7 towing a small van at 130km/h (even thought it was limited to 90) - he gunned it from a peage till all the way to top speed!
  10. Me too nowadays despite the same van - was mentioning the France angle as I know people think the world ends if you go more than 60 with a van on the back!
  11. You need to know what it’s gross train weight and gross vehicle weight is and you can legally tow the difference. Its not a powerful car and has little weight to it, I suspect you are looking at an Eriba Puck and making sure you have a lot of patience!
  12. I can drive quite happily at 70mph, I have towed at the same speed in France (legal under 3.5t GTW) and wouldn’t fancy doing it for very long - all stable and safe but the concentration was on a different level. Keeping the speed to 60mph does help hugely but it does eventually get tiring.
  13. My understanding is that’s 90km/h for the direction of travel the Mondeo is going due to two lanes and a solid line - the other direction is 80km/h. Must be the same for wagons on the A14 - there is a 40mph section near Cambridge Services and I was impressed with the effort a truck driver was going through to climb into the boot of the Golf in front earlier today.
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