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  1. The beauty of the XC60 AWD is it comes with the 2.4 5-cylinder engine where as the FWD has the 2.0 4-cylinder engine - I know which one I’d rather have which also gives you AWD capability.
  2. I wasn’t towing last time but 120km/h was as much as I did (and very little appeared to be 130km/h), Dutch motorways feel like a demolition derby so 100km/h wouldn’t be a bad thing
  3. Don’t do the lottery tonight, I feel that may be a couple of quid you won’t get a return on!
  4. Folkestone and Portsmouth are about the same distance from my home but only one option avoids driving for hundreds of miles on France and lets us travel whilst we get a decent nights kip! 😂 It’s usually the other way around!
  5. You can still get good deals via CMC in the holidays but it is on limited crossings - when I price checked we could have had a really good deal but the timings meant we would have lost 2 days holiday - to some that would be worth accepting but not to me! Andy kindly gave me his discount code but in the end I bit the bullet and went for £150 Club Voyage - the price was pretty close but in future it will be like a 20% discount with the fee. If I wasn’t restricted to school holidays and especially if retired the CMC option would probably smash CV out of the park!
  6. 235/45 is not really low profile - as you are probably aware the tyre wall is the first number (the width) multiplied by the second number as a percentage, so 45% of 235 is 105.75mm. My Passat has exactly the same size and they certainly don’t look or feel low profile in-use although mine only has 18” wheels (assume you’re tyres are more stretched in some way). What matters more is does the manufacturer ensure the spring and damper rates are appropriate for the wheel and tyre combination and in this respect Ford have been getting it spot on for nearly a quarter of a century (thank a chap called Richard Parry Jones). It’s worth mentioning that tyre walls that are too-tall risk inducing too much flex - lovely in a blancmange less so in something that needs to go around corners, especially with an extra 100kg sitting on it and 1500kg + pushing against the back of the car!
  7. As somebody who crosses in the school holidays (and having done the comparison) direct is still substantially cheaper but as always caveat emptor!
  8. Between 7pm and 6am so really won’t affect many people at all. Lots of Dutch motorway is under 130km/h now with 120km/h being more common and 100km/h mostly near built up areas already I doubt anyone would radically notice a difference
  9. Sounds like you had a pup in that case. I noticed when looking that the full-fat D5 models don’t have much more torque than some of the less powerful 5-pots, hadn’t twigged it was the ‘box
  10. The electric heater in my A2 is wonderful. I think the Passat has one of sorts; heated bum warmers help though!
  11. They don’t send one! I book mine in early summer for the service (9th September is the annual point so book it in for the first chance after the school holidays)
  12. One of my team has a Zoe, and she can either set it to heat at a certain time or press an app on her phone and the car is 21C when she gets in it on a morning. My car has an electric heater (early A2’s have a diesel fired Webasto) so is toasty warm a couple of minutes after starting the car when OAT is 6C or less
  13. We use a cover for the Passat, bought from Lidl for less than £10 The A2 lives in the garage.
  14. Our sons bedding is kept under the front seats when on-site, put on top of our bedding when travelling
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