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  1. And its too big to be towed by a car, it needs a commercial vehicle above 3500Kg due to body length.
  2. Does it not have a leisure battery etc? Why only 20A ?
  3. It wouldnt be the thermocouple, the pilot light would extinguish if that was at fault (assuming it has a pilot light and main burn type situation).
  4. I had a similar issue with a gas valve (not caravan related), I took it apart and flushed the metal items with carb cleaner, the amount of gunge that came out was incredible, reassembled - perfect.
  5. Sounds almost like it's running on a pilot light only rather than the main burn of gas. I dont know if this fridge has a thermostat for it's gas operation or not though. Thermostat / gas valve issue resulting in pilot light only?
  6. Remember caravan walls are only wallboard and a wooden frame, to attach to wallboards can be quite a trial, the butterfly type cavity wall fixings will work or identify where some of the wooden frame is behind the wallboard. As Stevan said, photos would really help.
  7. Hi Nellie, welcome to CT, your post seems to have got cut off, the bit where you say "And we have a special offer for all CT members in our inaugural opening season of....."
  8. The braid is there only to evenly space the slats along the runner when you pull them out, it needs re-attaching for it to work. It's not there to provide any strength.
  9. Sorry to hear that, it is a real shame this situation exists. Sadly it does exist because many buyers seem to accept that there will be problems, they will spend weeks going too and fro from the dealers or they will have to make a few adjustments / repairs themselves. Have you now successfully managed to reject the caravan and get your money back? Would you care to share your experience? AJG
  10. Sound advice from Mr Plod there, there are many people who live in caravans choose Hobby, it must be for a good reason!!!! Some of them dont have the appropriate electrics for UK, some dont have a 12v system, double check everything. There is another recent thread on here by somone who's just purchased a Hobby Van and is on their first trip away with it, it looks lovely. Edit: Heres the thread AJG
  11. Thank you for the insight, it does look very nice and comfortable.
  12. Exactly, just where Im going too.
  13. Oh my word, apologies for not being as regimented as you feel is necessary. This forum IS a good forum, a very social forum, many of us like it to be as such. Apologies it doesnt meet your sterile requirements.
  14. Far from ill considered, simply watching the caravanning world for a good few years. Hearing of various problems from ALL UK manufacturers that stem from poor workmanship, poor design, poor materials, the real problem is the attitudes of these manufacturers who do little to look after affected customers. I currently have a Bailey Caravan (Senator Wyoming) and it's been widely commented that the Senator series was the best of the Baileys, after that they went down hill, this statement seems to be born out - Wheels falling off, Roofs Leaking, Excessive sealant in awning strips, bathrooms that requires a radiator fitting at owners expense etc, the list goes on. So it is with a lot of research and serious consideration, when I retire this year I will be buying a non UK manufactured caravan, I'm voting with my feet. The UK caravan industry is very much like the UK motorcycle industry of the 70's, they turn out relatively poor caravans. Along comes a credible alternative and the UK industry was dead. IF a competitor arrived on the scene with good designs, good workmanship, good materials at a decent price they will clean up in no time. Thats great that youve got a good British caravan, you say people experiencing problems shout the loudest, why should they have to shout? there IS the problem. Look how people on here over recent months have rejected or are rejecting new caravans, what a dreadful state of affairs. Sorry were off topic with good old fred drift. The Hobby caravan pictured above looks superb inside much better quality than ANY UK caravan that Ive seen.
  15. Some of the interlocking anti slip flooring tiles would work well, ebay / machine mart have them.
  16. Common sense isnt a gift it's a punishment because youre surrounded by people who dont have it and have to deal with them. But I try, I really do try
  17. I have that problem all of the time, big fingers, small keys = SpOoLiNg MiStOcKs
  18. That all looks really nice, I'm heading in the Hobby direction soon when I retire, UK caravans have nothing but poor quality to offer. What mods did you do?
  19. Dont quite know what to think about that comment........ I do thermal imaging of turbine blades using a bespoke drone. The bespoke thermal camera allows us to see the structure inside the blades to evaluate whats going on with them, what repairs are needed etc. AJG
  20. I cant see why anyone would want a fixed tow ball, why on earth do you want an ugly lump of pig iron stuck out of the back of your car with two thumping great big nuts and bolts fastening on to a lump of angle iron that goes rusty in no time? Add to that the number of times you bang your shins on it, no thank you. Looks more agricultural than anything else, dreadful.
  21. Not really apples and pears Lutz merely highlighting that very low numbers of degrees in certain circumstances can make a significant difference. The 15cm on a 7m caravan is much nearer 2 deg BTW Anyway, we still need to try and resolve the OP's problem with a caravan which isnt nose up anyway so all of the theories relating to this are irrelevant anyway.
  22. IF the Westfallia ball is fitted correctly there is no way it can drop out of the tow bar unless theres a massive amount of wear. I have towed for many years 2 tonnes around with these exact detachable towballs, I have also seen the mechanism inside and it's nigh on impossible for it to fail if fitted correctly. Lifting it up would only prove trailer to ball connection not the ball to car connection. Sounds like you had a lucky escape, it can have been so much worse. I certainly would like to hear the consensus of opinion from the tow bar company.
  23. Absolutely. Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do As long as the suns out we'll be fine. In actual fact Ive been very surprised how little wind needs to be blowing for wind turbines to work. Ive just started contracting in the wind turbine industry and theyre nothing short of amazing machines. Next to no wind yet churning out 2 Mw.
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