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  1. I agree the Land Rovers are a great tow vehicle but no better than many others eg VW Touareg, Audi Q7, Audi Allroad, XC90, its definitely not head and shoulders above. The one thing that does let Land Rover down is quality, they're truly shocking for a top dollar car you get bottom book quality. Reliability leaves a lot to be desired.
  2. Well done and it sounds like youre hooked! Welcome to the forum, many different views here, loads of skills, one common interest..........
  3. There is no way that you would have liquid propane in an open vessel.
  4. They do work as long as theres a temperature difference where the level of the gas is and the ambient temperature. If a bottle is in a stable temperature area then they wont work, they sense the difference in temperature above and below the liquid level.
  5. As soon as the pressure is released it does boil instantly taking the temperature down as it goes. Propane is an excellent refrigerant gas.
  6. Unless it was at -42 deg C or atmospheric pressure was circa 200 psi that would have gassed off instantly, no way could you simply pour it out. Whatever it was, it wasnt propane in liquid form.
  7. Tony, Have a look at the breakers in your van, there will be one that bigger than the rest, which is one that detects an earth fault, it will have a push to test button on it. Make sure it is switched on (probably up), if its in the middle or down it's in the off position. Try switching it on, if it goes on OK try the push to test and should trip, if it doesnt, you have no power from the bollard or the breaker is faulty. If it trips straight away, switch off all the other breakers in the board and try it again, if it now sets, switch on the other breakers until it trips and let us know which one trips it. It's also helpful to switch off loads like heating and water heating whilst doing this. The most likely culprit is the water heater. Take a photograph of your distribution unit (fusebox) and post it here to help future discussion if you can. AJG
  8. I do the journey back in one day but going I just take it easy and really enjoy the drive north of Gretna winding my way up into the highlands. I just find it relaxing to break the journey.
  9. Maybe not the seals on taps, I do think pumps are potentially affected though. I do a few trips up to Scotland circa 450 miles and I like to set off around lunchtime, stop around Gretna usually in the not too glamorous motorway services and then on the next day to complete my journey. I usually have just over 1/2 tank of water and that is plenty for the whole journey.
  10. Alutech was Baileys answer to damp caravans, the wall structure is now not affected by the leaks. Theyve treated the symptoms rather than the cause. The biggest problem that I can see with ALL UK manufacturers is their complacency with their position in the market place. They ignore customers to a point of arrogance and offer little / no support. There are a few dealers around that do a good job turning a poorly designed and built caravan into a useable item but theyre the exception. From looking round the German caravans do seem much higher quality and very few have the leaks that are almost standard on UK vans eg Bailey and their roof seams etc. I retire this year and I will be buying a German caravan for my retirement years.
  11. For breaks on the way to make a brew, for an overnight stop to allow drinks / shower the next morning. Stops seals drying out in taps and pumps. It works for me.
  12. Not quite, the C-Tek does resume the mode it was in following a power failure but it also monitors the rate of voltage increase and correctly analyses for shorted cell situations in which case it gives an error. Furthermore the accuracy of the A to D converter used is way ahead of the LiDl / Aldi chargers. The cheapo supermarket ones are excellent value for money but better than C-Tek? - NO
  13. Be very careful you can potentially wreck your caravan if it's deflating, it may overload the corner steadies and mountings.
  14. Surely that would have boiled off once disconnected?
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