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  1. Potential overloading of the axle?? Fit a mover, its then easy and a lot less hassle.
  2. When I was an ADI I suggested to DSA that the laws were changed to allow 16 year olds to undertake driving instruction with an ADI in a dual controlled car and that they were not allowed to take their test until age 17 and a minimum of 16 lessons spread over the 12 month period so that they experienced a wide range of weather and lighting conditions etc. It invoked a few comments but nothing serious.
  3. If it's only the green light flashing the mover is saying the battery voltage is too low. 12v isnt enough.
  4. It seems that the Institute of Advanced Motorists dont rate intensive courses.... https://www.regit.cars/car-news/graduated-licence-proposal-to-cut-young-driver-deaths_72541?utm_campaign=regit-100919&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter A graduated license too.
  5. As requested earlier, what colour is the flashing light? If it's a red one its the PCB overheated, if it's a green one its the battery voltage is too low, see the table above. Without more information were just guessing here.
  6. Every time you switch the mover off it loses the power completely so it wont be caused by the leisure battery being disconnected. We need to know which light is flashing and what the sequence is if any. I think that must be a yes, flashing light? I think that must be a yes, flashing light? What colour / sequence of lights are flashing.
  7. Your 7N plug needs attention It will allow water ingress etc, it looks like the cable clamp has failed in some way.
  8. Yes and superb sound too, not the cheapest but theyre very, very good.
  9. Easy way to improve sound quality is to install a car underseat compact sub woofer, it will improve the mid range and bass which is sadly lacking in the standard setups. If you want a bluetooth speaker, go for Bose, absolutely amazing for the size.
  10. If it has a USB input get a 2.5" Disk Drive and dump your Blueray onto it, lighter, easier to carry lots of media around on a single drive.
  11. Any worse than people sat around in awnings, talking louder and louder as the night goes on and their alcohol intake increases? Why? Its almost like some people consider TV to be anti-social, why on earth would you not want to take TV? I have a media system too installed with loads of music and DVD's, I can have whatever music, film, documentary or TV Box set I fancy when I want, enhances my holiday etc.
  12. 3Kw gennys are on the heavy side, mines a Honda EU20i, easily manageable. I did always wonder about my state of mind LOL, my awning is under the bed.
  13. Let me assure you that 4wd mover, especially turning my 1800kg caravan is just a tad more than 20A, much nearer that per motor! Generator is easy, in the back of the car and on occasions Ive used it mainly for charging aircraft and drone batteries but it's there if I need it!
  14. I have no experience of the mechanism used on the Bailey, the Ford Galaxy MKII however had a spare wheel suspended underneath by a wire and a winch type mechanism. As with all things underneath the weather took it's toll and rendered the wire rope useless. Ford wanted silly money, I purchase 3 metres of suitable stainless steel wire rope from a local ironmonger for £3 and overhauled the winch installed the new wire and it was still working fine 16 years later!
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