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  1. The clutches you refer to are Brake Bands and they are easily changed and adjusted. The real gain with a torque converter is that it too acts as a gearbox and increases the torque available when moving off.
  2. A conventional auto (not dsg / auto clutch type variants) has significant advantages due to having a torque converter as it's name suggests increases the torque at the wheels while ever it is 'slipping'. As the drive is transmitted through oil there is very little wear taking place. Amazing devices and very old technology!
  3. That part of my post was alluding to changing the shower controls (the tap inside the shower) to a thermostatic one as an alternative option.
  4. Thanks LE, explanation appreciated. AJG
  5. Hi John, I dont know your caravan layout, what I did with mine for similar problems was to pipe the TMV with copper pipe (much tighter bends and 'T's etc, the valve then fitted in quite easily with the caravan flexible piping running straight into it. The other option of course is to replace the shower valve with a thermostatic one, some of them can just have th einner cartridge replaced to make it a thermostatic one. Thermostatic valves not only maintain the temperature but also prevent very high temperatures too, even if you turn them to fully hot. You can often move a peg around to set the max temperature the user can select, maybe this would work for you?
  6. No problem, it works for you and thats great! The problem definitely is there, just not for your actual use but it will manifest itself for others and for you under different situations.
  7. I must be lucky, I have 320w of solar up on the roof flat, only clean them once per year and they just work, I do use quite a bit of power (3kw Sine Wave Inverter) for the microwave and the TV in the bedroom and we simply dont need hookup at all, overcast days are fine, we get plenty of charge. Depends a lot on the quality of panels how successful you are I suppose.
  8. Not the daily Mirror M'lud but many publications:- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/money-saving-tips/11296784/Shops-accused-of-denying-six-year-warranty-right.html https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/somethings-gone-wrong-with-a-purchase/claim-using-a-warranty-or-guarantee/ https://www.resolver.co.uk/consumer-rights/product-manufacturing-manufacturers-guarantees-warranties-complaints http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8253915.stm just sayin...........
  9. As long as your conditions meet the requirements for the driven wheels thats fine. There are many conditions where it wont and then youre down to pushing and pulling, good luck.
  10. The OP said "Can anyone give me some advice on if it is possible to fit a panel, or if this is even a sensible idea?" You dont fit a free standing panel. I was responding to you and your comments about free standing is more efficient merely pointing our for convenience roof mounted is so much better and if you increase the size to compensate for less optimum alignment its a no brainer really.
  11. There is another solution that on first siight is very techy but the reality is very straight forward. PLEX is a media server that will run on many different devices, I run mine on an Intel NUC (a tiny computer) but it will also run on NAS box such as a drobo. Thats the heart of the system akin to a Sky box. Plugged into the network is a 4 channel tuner receiving Freesat. The user devices can be TV's, ipads, phones, computers just about anything you want. Any device can set up recordings, any device can watch the content that has been recorded or stored on the disks. The plex server will also stream content down the net to you remotely and you can also export to disk drive for use whilst away. The system can see programs recorded on my Humax box which is another bonus. I can successfully get programs from Amazon TV and record them into the system and apart from Amazon Prime it's all free.
  12. So as soon as the front wheel goes up an obstruction (as per the video above) youre stuck.
  13. Soldering is not the best way, the soldered joint creates a hard point on the flexible cables which eventually fractures, thats why it's not used by the likes of Airbus etc. Crimp lugs are the way to go, quick, convenient and reliable. Use a decent quality ratchet crimp tool and all will be well.
  14. Televisions and the similar are covered for 6 years under EU law no matter what the dealer or the manufacturer may like you to believe.
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