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  1. Its not the 4WD system that distorts the tyres, it's how tight a turn you're doing. 4WD will do a tighter turn than a 2WD system on a twin axle. Its all well and good having 2WD on a twin axle until you meet something like a dr=opped kerb etc, uneven ground you will lose drive from the mover as the non driven wheel takes the weight. Maybe it doesnt happen or you dont cross uneven ground etc. For me 4WD is the only way to go with a twin axle, no point in having a mover that cant reliably do the job.
  2. I havent found a single one not working so far.
  3. It's funny all the Talk about the charging infrastructure, since having the PHEV I've taken note whilst at services and in car parks etc, only once have I seen another vehicle on charge, there's plenty of availability at the moment!
  4. Absolutely, oddly, when running as a hybrid, it's more efficient when the batteries are not full. When they are full theres very little regen braking, it has nowhere to dump the energy.
  5. The problem is the test for Hybrids is meaningless. Mitsubishi used to claim 168 mpg for their Outlander PHEV, absolutely pointless figure and one that will never be achieved. With a PHEV they are allowed to quote MPG with full batteries well what's the point in that? What they should do is constant speed MPG on engine only at various speeds plus a mixed one and publish the electric range, then people could make some sense of the figure instead of the outrageous claims we currently have.
  6. Not all are like that, my Touareg simply recognised the towbar module added to its canbus and already knew what to do with it.
  7. I have a Bailey Senator Wyoming, 2006, dry, solar, motor mover, fixed bed and large fridge. Looking for £5500 with everything, 2 x TV's, Awning with 2 x Annex etc. 4 new tyres fitted 18 months ago, only used twice since then.
  8. Have a look at ASDA, they do some amazing prices, fitted at your local tyre centre. https://www.asdatyres.co.uk/ AJG
  9. Not sure about that statement Stevan, as most people break speed limits, should they be abolished?
  10. Dont be ridiculous..... of course you need to overtake if theres a caravan in front (and slow down once youve got in front)
  11. Outlander PHEV can work in 3 modes, Electric driving the wheels, engine driving the generator the power supplied to the batteries and the motors which drive the wheels and engine driving the wheels and the generator with the motors also driving the wheels. Known as Electric, Series Hybrid and Parallel hybrid respectively.
  12. You are quite right, where do we draw the line? Speed limits again you are correct, slower equals less deaths BUT theres also the country's economy to consider, the need for transport and the throughput of the system so of course it would be ridiculous to ban transport, cars or indeed reduce overall speed limits. Comparing that to ones 'need' for a glass of wine with a meal and the 'need' to drive afterwards bears no comparison at all.
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