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  1. Water heater or hot water storage? Theres an easy way to create more hot water compared to installing an additional water heater.
  2. Interesting when you disect the manufacturers blurb...... The traditional batteries may never be discharged under a 60% of it’s capacity. Well Ive always been told 50% rather than 60% EmergoPlus has a solution for all these problems: PowerXtreme, LiFePO4 lithium leisure batteries. All 1 of them? The PowerXtreme batteries are ultra lightweight batteries with extreme power that will never let you down. Really? thats an interesting statement. The going rate generally for people offgrid will be 110a mp/hr battery, that will give a usable 55 amp/hr. The battery theyre talking about here is 20 amp/hr, or even the X30 at 30 amp/hr I suspect it will most definitely let you down if you rely on 55 amp/hr usable. When compared to a similar lead-acid battery of 20 kg’s the PowerXtreme X30 weighs less than 3 bottles of water: 5,6 kg’s and can be used for the full 100% without being damaged or getting lazy. On the website it states the weight is 10Kg, assuming it is 5.6 Kg there is a substantial payload saving The battery comes with a built-in charger and is not only very light in weight but also compact, easy to carry and will fit perfectly in any battery compartment. Smaller battery because it is much smaller in capacity too, built in charger does that fir with all caravan and car charging systems? The price may seem steep but when considering it’s lifespan; it is 3 to 4 times longer then that of a regular battery; you may call it a sound investment. LOL really, how so? A good quality leisure battery costs around £90 and in all likelyhood will last around 5 years, the powerxtreme battery is 4 times that amount and I seriously doubt it will last 20 years. The sound investment really isnt that at all, its a gamble and one that should be considered very carefully especially with the much lower capacities involved. For most people the battery will last the rest of their caravanning life; it is now one of the items you will take along into a new caravan. Well in some cases that may be true but in many xcases it wont, people will have more than 20 years caravanning life left in them assuming tow vehicles are still around in 20 years. Technology will also develop during that 20 years that will provide much cheaper, lighter and more powerful solutions to the caravan power source. The PowerXtreme is suitable for every type of mover and the X30 can also be used as an on-board battery too. The thread started discussion about the X20, this final statement kind of states the X20 isnt suitable as an on board battery? It seems to me that it isnt really a solution yet, it's getting but there is a way to go, you really should consider very carefully your capacity requirements before making this relatively large investment that doesnt produce any savings other than some weight.
  3. The buzzer sounding in the event of an issue isnt an acceptable way, it doesnt show a positive condition i.e. the lights are working. For example if the buzzer was to fail the driver would have no knowledge of a bulb failure. The buzzer should sound when the light is illuminated, theyre triggered by the circuit taking current and therefore demonstrate the circuit is working correctly.
  4. Well not quite right. Air source heat pumps are less efficient when it gets below zero outside but no worse than 1 to 1, get above zero and anywhere up to 4.5 to 1 is the norm. They do freeze up as you say but they dont use electric heating elements to defrost they run the heatpump in cooling mode for a short time which heats up the unit outside, melting the ice. I am well aware of air sourced heatpumps having used them for last 30 years, I also have ground sourced heat pump but that is only used for heating.
  5. Apparently they dont tend to be purchased in the UK.........
  6. The traveller 'aquire' them for very good reason, theyre roomy, reliable and well finished. You dont see very few Baileys and Swifts etc on their sites.
  7. Theres a very good reason why Hobby caravans are the caravan of choice for some people that live in them 24/7, go figure!!!!
  8. When I towed with a LWB Sprinter, the caravan only made 2 mpg difference to the journey average, I assume most of the air had been moved out of the way by the van itself, the extra fuel used only overcoming the mechanical friction and bit of it due to the extra mass involved.
  9. It certainly hammers the range, down to 50%, the important question being what range do you have to start with. A Tesla with it's 300+ would be OK, especially with the 'Superchargers' the Audi with it's 200 mile may start to get a little tiresome and any less would be a right pain. Thanks for the link, interesting reading.
  10. Interesting point about cobalt and all manufacturers are developing batteries which dont use it, several solutions have been found but not in production yet. Cobalt is of course used in many other applications - laptops, phones, power tools etc. I'm not glossing over it nor am I going to not have an EV because of whats happening, the mining companies need to make a stand to improve conditions and we have to pay the price, the latter being not popular with all of us!
  11. Very effective. Consider, green energy solar / wind etc, where a power station is used it is run in the most efficient way with minimal emissions. Every way you look at EV's they improve the overall emissions.
  12. I am completely aware of the emissions of car manufacture, I specifically said no emissions at the point of use which you suggest I'm wrong, kindly explain with your greater knowledge. Certainly from the tyres but no worse than any other car, brakes very little due to effective regen braking, I dont use the brakes on my i3 at all other than in an emergency stop situation, regen braking does it all.
  13. If you read what I put "zero emissions at point of use" there are no emissions from electric vehicles.
  14. Why? The charging points will increase in number, it is possible to fuel electric cars with 'green' energy, energy isnt wasted when slowing down, emissions are zero at the point of use, and you think it's a step backwards? really?
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