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  1. What about motor homes on site going out after lunch? Returning back before lunch? If the access is so poor, planning consent shouldnt have been given or a traffic light system as used at Bunree should be in place. I think what youre doing is fine, it will probably stir up the jobsworths but dont let that worry you.
  2. This is what I do too, nicely made, well done that man!!
  3. Sounds perfect LOL Bring back hanging thats what I say...........
  4. I'll give that some thought, the missis wont be happy though its a long way for her to climb up.
  5. Correct ! Good job I wont be losing any sleep over it with all of the caveats explained earlier
  6. Agreed, put the 13 amp fuse back in.
  7. Probably here but it doesnt sound like the switch. https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/gas/caravan-gas-fires/truma-fires
  8. And you find this funny? really? how sad.
  9. Its not really the topic thats ended up being discussed here GPS, "Do you consider parking across two marked bays inconsiderate in an empty car park away from the store entrance" would be more accurate. It probably wont make any difference to the ones incapable of reasonable thought though
  10. I would suggest the fuse may have blown, 5 amp isn't enough for 2Kw heating assuming that's what youre talking about. 10 amp would be the minimum.
  11. Perhaps you could tell us a little more background about the problem you have, why do you need a transformer? is it only the bathroom lights? etc.
  12. Well a change is as good as a rest, soon the lorry drivers will be blocking the arterial routes so we'll have loads of parking spaces, the whole of the M1 / m25 / A1 etc, the government are trying to get parking meters installed in readiness. Work in progress Its nil / nil due to the offside LBW rule.
  13. You dont have to cross it, put one wheel on either side, simples
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