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  1. AJGalaxy2012

    Hello! We're new members...

    I have a Bailey at the moment but will be changing to a Hobby or similar. Seems an odd state of affairs that you wont insure a particular make, there are many in the range that are within our dimension limits. AJG
  2. AJGalaxy2012

    Hello! We're new members...

    Its often been asked on here and no expert definitive answer has been forthcoming. The question relates to European Caravans, namely a Hobby Caravan. Some models are slightly (10cm) over the UK maximum length for towing with a car. Some people risk it and have done so for years without issue. In the event of an accident not related to the slight over length would the insurance still be honoured? Welcome to the forum BTW, glad to be able to ask directly.
  3. AJGalaxy2012

    Can´t control speed on fan

    Its a straight forward PWM control of motor speed, if you know anything about electronics you will find your way around it easily. Is it in both auto and manual that the speed doesnt adjust?
  4. AJGalaxy2012

    Fuel consumption

    1900Kg Bailey Senator Wyoming behind V6 VW Touareg 24 mpg at best 22 at worst. Speed does make a massive difference, above 60mph it drinks the fuel, 56 mph seems to be the sweetspot, 6th gear anywhere. Touareg now gone, 4. 4 V8 Range Rover, I havent towed with it yet but solo is way better than Touareg in MPG's so I'm hoping the same will be true for towing (700 nm torque). Both of these are big heavy cars yet seemingly will perform better than the Shogun.
  5. They are also specified on new, clean threads and seats, add a bit of corrosion to the mix and the tensile stress in the bolt would be reduced.
  6. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    I was in Dortmund last week on business and took the train up to Bielefeld, thats a nice quaint town, great architecture and eating establishments, lovely people, great time.
  7. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    I agree, I avoid London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Brussels too. New York I enjoyed and the American people in general seem very relaxed and laid back, no complaints with the Greeks either. Its not an issue for me, I dont like their ethos I dont go there, pretty simple really.
  8. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    I did spend some time in Paris and I agree they do seem very rude. The countryside is amazing but the French ways kind of make it a no no for me.
  9. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    Not at all, I avoid at all costs
  10. AJGalaxy2012

    Nice to have a “Handy” neighbour

    Who sees it LOL
  11. Not quite sure why it would do that but the pressure in both pipes should be equal, they come from the same source and expansion wouldn't cause it in that short time.
  12. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    I agree with what you say about France, their attitude is the very reason I no longer visit there. plus I tow a twin axle anyway.
  13. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    All the more reason to avoid France.
  14. AJGalaxy2012

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    VW did that as standard 😎
  15. AJGalaxy2012

    Van Man

    Some fellow caravanners are quite stand offish too. I spent a week at Clumber Park and exchanged the usual good mornings etc with my neighbours, on one side they completely blanked me. After about 5 days they were moving on but they had problems with their electrics, they were faffing about for an hour, I was about to go out but asked them if they needed a hand. They reluctantly spoke to me and said they had a problem with their caravan lights. I got the tools out of the van, found their 7 pin plug had burned up and melted the earth pin, the socket on the car was OK, I had an old but good 7 pin plug in my van, I swapped it over, everything working as it should. Mrs Grump Neighbour had made a cup of tea and they both apologised for blanking me, they admitted they thought I was a traveller and wanted nothing to do with me. I explained the use of my van was to transport around my model aircraft, when they looked in the back they were amazed. They offered to pay me but I refused just suggested they made a donation to Lincolnshire Ambucopter which they did £30! Vans are great tow vehicles, the stereotyping can get in the way though. AJG