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  1. It would be good if it didn't keep crashing. I've now uninstalled it.
  2. I have said this on another feed, this is called 'Caravan Talk' for a reason - to Talk about caravan related things! Come on moderators, do your job! Cliff
  3. On the few times I have looked at the caravan parking bays, I find they are not big enough. Now we head straight for the HGV parking. Cliff
  4. Our current van is the first we had with a dual fuel hob and I was looking forward to using it as it would save gas. On the first use it struggled to warm baked beans - just not powerful enough. If you had 4 electric plates that were powerful enough to be useful, how many amps would the hook up have to be? Stick with what we have got. Cliff
  5. Don't you think, as members, we should have been consulted before any renaming? I have always felt that motor caravans were welcome regardless of the name of the club. Maybe I should say I have a touring home. ..! Cliff
  6. Thanks for the replies. I take your points about batteries but at SOME point they will fail and leave you in the dark. If a wind up goes out, you stop for a few seconds and wind again. In these days of not throwing things away (and batteries have a lot of nasties), a wind up is more environmentally friendly. Cliff
  7. We have kept a wind up torch in the caravan for a few years (always ready when taking the dog out for a last wee and changing the gas etc). It has worked well until recently when the winding handle broke - it is only plastic. Can anyone recommend a more substantial one please? Thanks Cliff
  8. No! You should never use the steadys to lift the caravan and yes, the tyre change is well overdue. It is recommended that they are changed between 5 and 7 years old regardless of wear. They perish. Cliff
  9. Does anyone know of a way to, legally, boost a mobile phone signal? We frequently stay on CL's in the middle of knowhere and the signal is poor. Would need to run on 12 volt as we are, sometimes, off grid. Thanks Cliff
  10. Isn't the fridge CLOSED while in transit? With the setting on 12v ready to be cool on your arrival? Cliff
  11. Many years ago we stayed on a site in Devon for 2 weeks. During that time the caravans kept arriving . In the end the owner took out a fence post and rolled back the wire so he could use an adjacent field - he got up to 14 in the end!! There are rules which should not be broken - we book a site knowing there will not be more than 5. If the site licence is withdrawn we all loose out. Cliff
  12. I would think most hoovers would be too powerful to run from a site bollard. Cliff
  13. This does sound good but how much does it weigh? We have a very useless payload to start with! Cliff
  14. I have had mine topped up by Audi. Each time they have charged for the Adblue only, the last time it was £18. 00 for 11 litres. Cliff
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