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  1. Adventure Caravanning - Shock News! Bailey Unicorn Vigo joins the Mile High Club! Have a read. https://worldwidewalkies.blog/2019/12/05/towing-the-transfagarasan-joining-caravannings-mile-high-club/
  2. https://worldwidewalkies.blog/our-exit-before-brexit/ Join us on our Out of Season Odyssey to make sure that our four dogs could get INTO the EU before Halloween, come what may!
  3. Hi Colin - France does not have Calor bottles. We have been using a Safefill all over Europe for the last 3 years and are delighted with it. If you are interested, here is our comprehensive review. https://worldwidewalkies.blog/2018/03/10/safefill-refillable-gas-bottle-review/
  4. A caravan/moho specific satnav is one of the last things that I would leave at home while touring. With Black Friday on the horizon, if any of you are thinking of taking the plunge, I thought that you might appreciate our honest review of the device that has guided us from Hungary to the UK then back to Italy in the last year. https://worldwidewalkies.blog/2019/11/24/caravan-motorhome-specific-sat-nav-tom-tom-go-camper-review/
  5. Some pictures from our travels around Europe
  6. Don't let what happened to us happen to you! Most leisure vehicles are stolen from storage. As the season closes and many of us are putting our caravans and motorhomes to bed for the winter, it's a great time to review your security measures to make sure that next season doesn't start with a shock! https://worldwidewalkies.blog/2019/11/17/5-ways-to-improve-caravan-or-motorhome-security/
  7. Have you ever thought of quitting the rat race to go and tour full-time? That is exactly what Mark and Jackie Lambert did with their four dogs in tow. 'Dog on the Rhine - From Rat Race to Road Trip' is the true story of their second year of Cavapoo and caravan-based adventures. This time, the Doodles explore Deutschland, go for a Bark around the Balkans and Bohemia, get evicted from Austria and recommend a few places that are definite GOBs – Get Onyer Bucketlist! Including tips on travel planning and a Barrel of Brewing Wisdom (the author was formerly a prof
  8. Hello lovely people, have any of you stored your caravan abroad before and if so, which insurer did you use? Most UK insurers seem uncomfortable with storage abroad, but we plan to have a head start from Italy to head east to the Baltics and maybe Russia next year! We have found an insurer called Flux who will insure us for storage abroad. Have any of you used them and are they any good? And if anyone has been caravanning in Russia, any advice?!
  9. We had rather a steep learning curve - deciding to go from First Timers to Full Timers in just a month. .. Of course we paid FAR TOO MUCH for EVERYTHING in our first year - so I thought that I would share with you how we saved literally thousands in our second! If you have any killer tips, please do share them with me! We quit our jobs to tour full time, so every penny counts. ..! https://worldwidewalkies. blog/2018/03/18/10-tips-to-save-money-while-caravanning/
  10. We bought a Snooper Ventura caravan/motorhome-specific Sat Nav to guide us on our travels. We have got rid of most of our possessions to travel full time, but this is one of the last things that we would ever give up! To find out why, click the link below. https://worldwidewalkies. blog/2018/03/07/caravan-sat-nav-snooper-ventura-pro-2700-review-warts-all/
  11. “Electricity is really just organised lightning.” George Carlin And that is why you need to be rather respectful of it. Especially in a caravan! To find out more, click the link below. https://worldwidewalkies. blog
  12. We bought a Safefill a couple of years ago and we are delighted with it! People often ask us questions - how much do you save? Is it easy to refill? Are you allowed to refill it? The answer is that we have NEVER had a problem, but here is a comprehensive review based on our experience. https://worldwidewalkies. blog
  13. Hi Everyone UPDATE ON BAILEY ALKO AXLE PROBLEM A copy of an email was published on Bailey UK Owners Facebook page on 9th March 2018. It seems to suggest that Bailey are now addressing the axle problem IF REPORTED, however I am not sure of the source! I have received some reports that when weighed empty, some Bailey caravans exceed the permitted laden weight. So it may pay to check! The link to the FB page is in my blog https://wordpress. com/post/worldwidewalkies. blog/5859 PS I am flattered that you think my blog was written by a bloke. Cheers! Jackie :-)
  14. I understand the chairman of the Bailey Owners Club is running a list and survey for Bailey HQ to get them repaired, best to contact Alan White the chairman and he can get your details to Bailey to get it sorted.

  15. I am trying to find out and share details of the problem and outcome from anyone who has suffered problems with an Alko chassis, particularly on a Bailey caravan. We currently have such a problem and are battling it out with Bailey I think that there is a problem which should be covered under warranty, but am being blamed for causing the problem. We were due to pick up our 2 year old Bailey Unicorn Vigo from its service last week. They called us to say it was ready, then called us 10 minutes later to say that it was unfit to drive!!!!! The word 'axle' was mentioned, as were the
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