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  1. Over nearly 30 years I have never had anything stolen or interfered with, maybe I'm lucky but I tend to find that fellow campers are as honest as the day that way.....
  2. “Dear Customer, In August 2019, Lunar Automotive was formed to continue the manufacture of Lunar products to ensure that a brand that has been in existence for 50 years remains in the touring caravan market. The new owners are fully committed to ensuring our brand and products remain a strong choice for the caravanning public. We are also very aware of the discomfort that many existing Lunar owners may be experiencing, specifically regarding any warranty provision. Following extensive discussions and review of terms and conditions, Lunar Automotive Ltd have made the decision that, as a gesture of goodwill, they will endeavor to support claims for caravans sold by the previous company, Lunar Caravans Ltd. Please note this cover commences as from the original date of purchase and extends to models manufactured within the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons only. The caravans must be register with a full-service history to enjoy this warranty. Full Terms and Conditions will follow shortly. For a claim to be submitted, your caravan will need to be assessed by your supplying dealer who will have to be a continuing Lunar Automotive dealer. Please speak to your dealer to check their current status. We are aiming to restart production of caravans and parts as soon as possible but there will be a short term impact on deliveries following orders being submitted, meaning parts may not be readily available to dispatch straight away, further updates will be provided to the dealer network as soon as possible. The new owners of Lunar Automotive would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience during this period, we do recognise that this has been a distressing time for all involved, but we can all now move forwards to a bright and successful future together. Best Regards Lunar Automotive Ltd
  3. I'm not in control of schedules - I can 100% say as I have been in the Lunar Factory many times, that wood product arrives in 8 by 4 sheets, is cut and router to size / shape has edge trims applied etc etc. They make the chests in house. The wood shop supplies the line and builds according to production demands, I guess warranty requests get attended to in-between - Exterior lockers are Thetford etc so outsourced. The floors are assembled and pressed in house. I would suggest you were not told the truth about the delay - this time last year all parts, even the outsourced ones were 16-28 weeks. Customer required parts were only added to the assembly line supply orders for bulk.
  4. This is not correct, Lunar, Bailey and Swift all have in house furniture shops. Lunar is no different all interior wood work, doors worktops cabinet frame works indeed anything wood etc are all manufactured in house, infills for locker doors the same. Lunar bend all their own awning rails, Plastoform make the front and rear panels however without a constant supply order from Lunar they soon wont, For the victims of accidents who have had a side replaced they will no longer be available as they are all done in house. Dometic polyplastic etc window manufacturers make windows in batches of a 100 - they will not make one window on an adhoc basis. A lot of parts are common across the industry but there is still a large amount that are Lunar specific and will become extinct.
  5. https://www.lep.co.uk/business/142-production-workers-laid-off-as-preston-company-lunar-caravans-enters-administration-1-9881326
  6. 12 months from new warranty on battery boxes with Lunar ......
  7. If its turned on by the fob then it wont turn off by the switch and vice versa - whatever method you turned it on must be used to turn it off.
  8. Unfortunately you will find that the front and back panel are only covered for 12 months from new, as are the water and gas outlets. You will need to approach the selling dealer under their warranty to get these items replaced.
  9. The warranty transfer is done direct with Lunar, if the supplying dealer is AWS approved they can make a claim direct to Lunar for the required work.
  10. Since November 2018 Lunar have undertaken a radical new approach to parts supply and are currently operating in line with other mainstream suppliers time wise for supply. Anyone who is still waiting should contact Lunar customer care as there are a few orders that may have dropped through the cracks so to speak however in the main the service has improved tenfold.
  11. Early Alaria had an issue with the windows cracking from the clamped area, Lunar and Dometic are both aware - you will need to contact a dealer to make a claim.
  12. pondskater292

    650 Elite

    Great layout with end bedroom and centre bathroom
  13. Great layout with end bedroom and centre bathroom Click here to view the caravan review
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