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  1. WLTP comes into play from April 1st this year, VED rates for a lot of new vehicles will change again
  2. Took the plunge at the recent Lawns Show & ordered the new Acadia 575 Just been looking through the options available & noticed the weight plate upgrade Has anyone done this? Not sure what the point is, can someone enlighten me? Many thanks
  3. Maybe not the cheapest option but what's another £46 on top of the price of a new van! https://www.al-ko.com/shop/uk_vt/products/caravan-accessories-1/corner-steadies-accessories/comfort-kit.html
  4. I'd gladly pay £4 more just for the convenience of being on site If the wardens then get the £4 then better still & good luck to them
  5. Hi Looks as though the air beam is not lined up correctly The valve should be straighter, yours appears to be facing downwards Should be easy enough to isolate the beam and release some air then realign the valves, the beam is attached with velcro & can be adjusted easily There will be loads of video's on you tube which show you how to do it
  6. We've a 2017 Pastiche & the Radio has never been any good, I've checked connections, aerial etc and all seems as should be. I gave up a while ago & just use the Radio function on the TV instead
  7. I don't wish to sound harsh but what do we really expect dealers to do with vans we have rejected? It's extremely unlikely a Manufacturer will take one back so it's down to the dealer to sort. They are not going to throw it away so it's inevitable it's going to re appear for sale. Many buyers state they will never buy new preferring to save a few quid on a nearly new van but ask yourself why has someone got rid after a short period of time? I'm afraid sometimes we are our own worst enemy
  8. I had a similar problem, contacted Kampa via Twitter, @KampaUK & they responded within the hour. They couriered a replacement tube to the site we were staying on, couldn't fault the service they provided
  9. Got to be Gloucester, not the cheapest but far & away the best Amazing food, not the normal Service Station fare Parking easy both North & Southbound
  10. Just 3 days into a fortnight in Cornwall & noticed Bulges in two poles in my Kampa Ace Air 400. Messaged Kampa via Facebook Messenger & got an instant reply advising to reduce pressure slightly in the affected poles, they then couriered replacement poles to the site we are staying on completely free of charge even though the awning is now in its fourth season! Just an hour to replace both poles on site with awning still attached to van and all back to normal. Well done Kampa, we are all quick to criticise when problems occur but with level of service Kampa have provided they have been nothing short of exceptional.
  11. Erect the awning correctly & you won't suffer any problems Had my Ace Air 400 for 3 years, initially had pooling issues but then realised i'd not used the webbing straps which peg under the van ensuring the poles sit correctly tensioning the roof Any awning which is made from Waterproof material (not breathable) will suffer from condensation. Use the cotton roof liner not the nylon one, this will soak up any moisture & it will dry off during the day Can't see the point of the Limpet system, by having a slight gap against the van increases the ventilation thereby cutting down on the amount of condensation
  12. I had a Breeze which was worse than useless, took a while to convince myself to invest in the Gale but glad I did! The screw adapter for the inflation point is genius & inflates my Ace Air 400 in 5 mins max, would highly recommend It might be noisy but who cares when it's so easy to use!
  13. This has been highlighted for some time, as i understand it the struts are only there to aid lifting & prevent the base from banging down when released. I don't consider this to be an issue, certainly not one that Trading Standards will be in the slightest bit concerned, i would suggest using the outside locker door for far easier access to the under bed storage area.
  14. There does appear to be quite a lot of confusion surrounding EV's & their range capabilities. I drive a plug in for my company car, you don't have to charge the vehicle at all if you don't want to! I can drive around all day long running on a mix of Petrol & Electric power without any re-charging at all. The car charges the batteries as you drive giving a seamless mix of power & an average consumption of 60 MPG, bearing in mind petrol is a lot cheaper at the pumps than diesel it's a no brainer! As long as their's petrol in the tank the car will not stop even if it's never charged, don't get too hung up a lack of charging points, you really don't need them at all
  15. We use the cupboard under the sink for towels, keeps them lovely & warm!
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