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  1. You guys rock, thank you for all your advice and information.
  2. Hi Wellys and Mac, thank you for the offer of the poo lol, with respect, i will give it a miss. I have heard about the bulging!!
  3. I don't have the wheel lock issue, but ooh errr, not sure about the slipping off issue, would plastic chocks on either side of the opposite wheel help do you think?
  4. Hi All, I have started looking for a caravan leveller, I have Milenco plastic wedges, but sometimes find it is a pain getting them lined up and slippage etc. Airbag V aluminium lifter, what do you think??
  5. Hi hp100, Thank you for your reply. There are two blanks at the front of both side walls of the draws, these house a nylon cog, but I think this is only to tighten the front of hte draw onto the sides. I will look for the internal screws. Kind regards Ricci
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a front drawer which is loose and slides open when in transit. Are there any videos or pics that could show me how to remove the drawers to fix the problem? Cheers Ricci
  7. Ricster

    Solar Power

    Dear All, as always, the Caravan community is full of help and advice, thank you all. I was meaning to use it for topping up the battery so the Motor Mover will operate, lights and maybe the other half's phone. ..(unable to function without it apparently ) I will eventually have one hard wired in on the new van, but I have a couple of little trips due soon. Thank you all x
  8. Thank you Les My dog loves having medication. ....only because I wrap it in ham and throw it in the air for him
  9. Hello All, Any advice on what power solar charger would be best for the Caravan? My last van had one installed, I haven't got around to fitting one on my current one. I am thinking of getting a portable one in the meantime, but not sure of the wattage that would be best?
  10. Ha! didn't think of that, I will check out his sea sickness tolerance
  11. There are so many issues with this topic. I have a 2010 second hand caravan bought in good faith from an established dealer with the usual 6 month warranty. I have had a few minor snagging issues and of course they seem 'reluctant' to sort the issues out, they have been 'seen to' once by their service engineer, but some of the issues were not resolved to my satisfaction. . now the obligatory slow to reply to emails etc. .... does the CRA cover second hand goods as well as new??
  12. Hi Chad, Thank you, will check this out Hi Stevan, Yes, I agree but my old dog (the four legged one) finds it difficult to get in and out of the van so enjoys sleeping in the awning which is a problem if the weather is so bad all his bedding gets soaked
  13. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if there is an inflatable awning available with a sewn in ground sheet? Is there any reason why this would not be something manufacturers would do? I recently stayed in Norfolk with my Kampa awning, good quality, but the rain was so persistent, my ground sheet and carpet was soaked from the ground up
  14. Thank you for the advice and prompt reply Tourershine
  15. Following the theft of our beloved swift challanger, I am looking for a storage area in or around Bristol. Do any of you lovely people know of anywhere? I have been looking in yellow pages and online etc, but the community may know of somewhere not listed. [/font] Thank you Ricster
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