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  1. Hi all hope someone with more knowledge than us can help. We have a Bailey Unicorn Cartegena series 111 2016 and we thought that we would be able to use the external satellite point to watch our tv through instead of having to run cable through the window and then have a draft ( I know it's not the biggest problem in the world ) So we plugged the cable into external point from our freestanding satellite dish on a tripod and then hubby tried every combination of unplugging cables from the amplifier box in the front locker but could we get a signal on the TV. We used a cable like this. to plug from tv point 1 to our satellite box but could not get a signal at all. We eventually had to revert to plugging directly into the satellite box and running cables through window again so frustrating as I'm sure we are missing something hope this all makes sense and any help is much appreciated thanks
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