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  1. Issue with most estate cars is they don’t fit three kids in the back unfortunately. Need something big enough for three kids in the back.
  2. Hmm, well I could get an manual but to be fair love the hassle free of not having to keep changing gears and using a clutch.
  3. Thank you for replies even 64 plate only has 25k on all Ford services. Ford even replaced belt etc as must be on service plan. Trying to find out if ford would have replaced the oil as standard.
  4. Another local place charges 45 an hour. I was hoping for less than 200 really.
  5. No not seen Friday one. Sent engineer to check over for damp and general wear and tear. No electric to fully check though. Seen one up here same style but that one had damp so like the style and the Alutec. No it’s in storage I think the one we like near us. I think if could go and see before Friday and check might be tempted to take that one.
  6. As you may be aware I bought brand new 2018 tamar it’s been a nightmare so far. Should be after 7 months fixed next week. I know it could be a good van but I am sick of it. So think going to try and sell it but not sure how to value. Tried on eBay at 14k but not had any serious interest am I over valuing it? What would people put it on for ?
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