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  1. Update: Van serviced yesterday on the drive by Dan of Perfect Tow. Great job. He explains everything he was doing & why, also pointed out a few things that wasn't done on the last service. ( some pretty obvious when shown to me!) No running 40 mile round trip, ability to watch was happening ( Dan didn't mind ), a lot cheaper and confidence the job was done right. I'll have Perfect Tow back next year. (I have no connection in any way with Perfect Tow except for being a very satisfied customer 😀)
  2. From Coachman website: Annual services that were due between 1st November 2020 and 31st March 2021 can now be carried out at any point up to 30thJune 2021. Providing the annual service is undertaken by a Coachman approved service partner then your Coachman warranty will be unaffected. Please note that future annual services should be undertaken in line with the original date of your vehicle’s registration and the standard terms and conditions of your Coachman warranty apply.
  3. Thanks for the advice Legal Eagle. I notice DTH as recommended by Yorkyguy & KnausCol are AWS members. thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give him a ring.
  5. Hi, Can anyone recommend an approved mobile service engineer in South Yorkshire? After last year’s fiasco don’t want to use the purchase dealer if possible.
  6. We used Exhaust Ejector Co when our main front window delaminated in our previous Bessacarr. Being not to far away I was able to drop it off on the morning and pick it up that afternoon. Great job done at a fraction of the cost of a new window. (I have no connection with the company)
  7. Hi gwallwin, Our 2017 Coachman has been waiting for exactly the same thing since early June as it is being dealt with as a warranty claim from Al-Ko. But, according to the dealer, Alko have not fully returned and therefore cannot deal with warranty claims. It appears the problem was caused by faulty shoes badly damaging the drums. Could it be there is a inherent problem with these brakes? I'm aware there was\is an on going problem with squealing brakes (which ours also suffered from) and surely at only 3 years old yours should be covered by warranty? (Assuming all Services have done to d
  8. Thanks Alde for the info. I'll give it a blast routinely as a matter of course. Won't do any harm anyway. I wonder how many don't bother, especially anyone whilst in hotter climates?
  9. Hi, Has anyone actually used the legionella function on the Alde wet system? if so, how often?
  10. Mine was due for renewal two weeks ago, again to cover two cars and the caravan. As non of them are going very far at this moment in time I also am leaving it till we can be out and about with ease. Why waste money! But I also have renewed club membership.
  11. Our previous Bessacar had the same problem occasionally. As Lockin says, a good clean always did the trick. Always worth a try.
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