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  1. If you find you need the packing pads between the van and the air tubes (ours fits better with them on our 2017 Coachman) don't buy the overpriced (very overpriced) Kampa pads. Get down to a cheap shop and buy a kneeling pad and cut that up. It's a lot cheaper (you can tell I'm a Yorkshire Man) and they last a lot longer. + You don't get too upset when they go missing.. have a good weekend.😁 Got to agree with ReggiePerrin on this. Most of mine have broke but I have repared them with superglue (other adhesives are available!) and they have lasted longer than the original. (Again it's a Yorkshire thing...😊) Apart from over-tightening them I think they get brittle with age.
  2. I did the same as Granpa Steve. Works a treat.
  3. Obviously it wasn’t closed when we came over it. 🤔 Plenty of others using it on Tuesday.
  4. We came back from Keswick late yesterday on the A66. It was scary at times but took it steady and had no problems. The main scares were caused by lorries that didn’t give a thought for others.
  5. Hi Everyone, We are just finishing a great break in the Lake District. Unfortunately halfway the the hols the fridge (Thetford) in our 2017 Coachman Pastiche 565 stopped working on mains electric. Checked everything, fuse etc. to no avail. But worked okay on gas. When I contacted the main dealer, from whom the van was purchased, I was informed that an “assessment” charge of £39 (per half hour) would be made and this would not be covered by the warranty. I was told the cost of any parts & labour should be covered by either Coachman or Thetford but not the “assessment “! 🤔 Surely, any costs incurred during warranty should be covered by the relevant manufacturers. Your valued opinions this please? Cheers, Yorkshire Man
  6. Thanks for the various answers and advice. We always have the van level (can’t stand sleeping uphill/downhill or rolling out of the bedside. 😴 ) Will check for any low points and have ordered some Fendox and will see what that does. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, We have a “drain” type smell in our 2017 Coachman 565 when it has been shut up for a few days. 😷We keep putting diluted disinfectant to clear it but it just returns. Anyone any ideas to clear it? Also, we notice when emptying the bathroom sink it occasionally backs up into the shower tray. Anyone had this problem and if so, how was it solved? 😟 Cheers,
  8. Thanks everyone. Looks like “caution” is the answer whichever way we choose. 🤔
  9. Hi Folks, Going on a trip to Scotland in May in two units, Caravan & Large motorhome, and heard there can be problems on the A82 near Loch Lomond with rocks protruding on road etc. Anyone, there must be someone among you great tourers, been on this road and found any problems? all advice greatly received and thanks in anticipation. 👍
  10. Hi Glen and Les, What response did you have regarding the cushions? Ours are less than six months old and already showing signs of “compression “. When I mentioned this to Coachman at the NEC last week I was told to refer the issue to the dealer who should put a warranty claim direct to the upholstery manufacturer giving me the impression they didn’t want to know! We hope you are still enjoying your “565” as much as we are. Cheers, Yorkshire Man
  11. Hi, We had this problem on our new 2017 Pastiche 565. Contacted dealer who arranged for it to be booked in on our return. Didn't take them long to get it sorted and not had any problems with the door since. Only water problem we've had since is with a "T" connection in the hot water system located in the bathroom cupboard under the sink which flooded the bathroom!
  12. We have used our new Kampa Rally Air Pro 390 twice once on a similar slope (see photo) as Lowlight with no problems of pooling only a small amount of "weeping" through the seams which from experience will stop. We had some heavy rain in Wales but thankfully no problems. Just Limpet marks as mentioned in another thread. 😠 When we put the awning up we just ensure everything is stretched as tight as we can make it and we use the Kampa packing pieces between the top air poles and the van. They do seem to make the roof tighter. Maybe that's the answer? 😯
  13. As I said earlier in #20 they have no idea what they are asking and really don't want an answer that may cost money or cause a problem to them. Masticman put it perfectly: "As someone who writes surveys for a living I cringed as I answered each question - very badly written questions, which means the results will be fairly meaningless at best or plain misleading at worst!".
  14. Completed but disappointed in the questions and the ability to voice specific points. Typical ".gov" survey to me - ask a question but they don't really want an answer that may cause a problem!!!
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