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  1. Very worrying. I’ve never checked mine. I will do so NOW. How old was the pump ?
  2. In the Dordogne, near Sarlat, I recommend Le Moulin Du Roch. On the other hand, La Rochelle is very nice with many very good campsites nearby.
  3. Can someone post a photo of this, please. It’s not something that I have heard about or come across and I’d like to check my van (Coachman Pastiche).
  4. Halfords may be a bit more expensive - but my view is that you get what you pay for.
  5. For what it’s worth, we love our Coachman. It’s well built and has the feel of “a nice van”. I also give a thumbs up to the Caravan Company. We brought our first van from them - they are good people to do business with.
  6. Many thanks for the very quick replies. I intend to invest in a couple of the quick release fasteners suggested by Jaydug. This won’t stop me having to bend / re-route the leads but they should make the whole process easier and the leads less susceptible to fraying.
  7. I’m looking for a bit of advice. First the background:- I keep my caravan in a storage compound and I do not have a solar panel. So, in order to keep my tracker and alarm up and running, I swap my battery every 6 weeks or so (I have two batteries for precisely this purpose). This isn’t an arduous task and it gives me a reason to visit my ‘van every now and again. The battery terminals are the circular ones – please see the attached pictures of the type of terminal and cover. Now, here’s my problem. One of my batteries has the +ve terminal on the front right side, while the
  8. We brought a replacement ‘fat bowl’ and BBQ plate for our (5 year old) Cadac !
  9. Hi, We’re members of both clubs. It gives us a bigger choice of sites. We find that the Caravan Club sites are, on the whole, better (cleaner and better facilities, better kept grass etc) but the Camping and Caravan Club sites tend to have more availability due to them charging a deposit. It’s usually difficult to book a Caravan Club site for the Bank Holidays, should you wish to do so. The Caravan Club sites tend to cost a tad more, though. If you intend to use your Caravan a lot, then you will recover the membership costs by the reduction in pitch fees. Whatever you
  10. Can’t agree with your sentiment. France is a wonderful place. Biarritz, here we come, again. Well said. I couldn’t agree more.
  11. There are lots of other posts re Air Awnings but my recommendation is a Bradcot Modul-Air
  12. I was also taken ill in France and needed hospital treatment - including two emergency ambulances. I showed them my EHIC and my passport (to prove that I was who the EHIC said I was) and I was not charged anything. I also received very good treatment for my kidney stones. Thanks very much to Angloueme hospital! When I returned home, I received a bill for about £25 to cover the costs of my food while in hospital. I paid this willingly. let’s hope that the new system is as good as the EHIC
  13. The V2 is a Mk2. I have the V1 and it is fully interchangeable with the V2 extensions, windows, and Annexes etc. Another vote for Bradcot from me !
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