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  1. As the van was under waranty it first went back to the dealer. They could reproduce the fault but tried the "your holding the ignitor on too long" card. This I told them was not going to make me go away (All parties from this point on would try this on as the resolution, but I stood my ground). The fault then go refered to Elddis who eventually admitted they could reproduce the fault in their factory and that it would be handed over to Whale and Thetford. Thetford told Elddis there was nothing wrong with their cookers and the way Elddis had installed it. The problem
  2. Whilst owning our new van (Elddis Avante 586) for 5 months now I have only just diagnosed a fault I think it has had from day one. I have always suspected a problem with the Whale iVan control system but it is only recently we have been using the heating system where the fault was easy to diagnose. The problems we have had are: finding the water heater off, when it was previously on, and the space heater turning itself off for no apparent reason. The last couple of times we have used the van I have set a timer to turn on the space heater prior to us getting up. The heater would start
  3. The battery locker input will be for the satellite sockets (F type connector) I think. To use with "normal" coax connectors you will need some adaptors of have to wire your own cables.
  4. Again, thanks. Indeed the van is single axle. I concluded myself,based on the bracket options AL-KO currently provide, that the single bracket would be OK but just wanted some reassurance. If I can pick up some cheap inner brackets at some point I will buy them.
  5. Thanks. I should have mentioned the weight of the van is 1500Kg.
  6. My last van had an AL-KO 2 ton jack with inner and outer jacking brackets fitted to the chassis. Before trade in I tried to unbolt the brackets to transfer onto our new van but could not get the bolts to budge so had to let them go with the van. I have now bought some brackets but they are only the outer brackets (the one the jack engages with). Will they be OK without the inner brackets or do they need to be fitted as a full inner / outer pair? Bearing in mind they would only get used in the event of an emergency wheel change.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I thought this would be the case but thought I'd check just in case there was some weird potential for trouble, as the gas switches from one to the other, at the appliance burning the gas.
  8. I have a Truma auto changeover regulator off my previous van. I will at some point fit it to my new van. As I have at present a Calor 6kg propane bottle and a Calor 7kg butane bottle would it be OK to have both bottles connected to the changeover regulator at the same time? I am switching over to propane from butane as we use the van in winter. I have a good 3rd of a bottle of butane left and would like to simply fit the changeover regulator connect both bottles and when the butane runs out (and switches to the full propane bottle) exchange it for a 6kg propane bottle. I already ha
  9. Mine appears to be fine but I've got it booked in for the check / repair. Workshop told me that Elddis have instructed them to fit screws to all vans they inspect regardless of if the bonding has failed. Told them as I was not happy about the use of screws as they can become a source of water ingress to which they replied that it was under instruction from Elddis so must be OK. They advised me not to use the van in the meantime, but if I did, not to use the skylight. I am away in it all next week so no chance on not using the van, but I will keep the skylight shut.
  10. Got my letter this morning for our dealer branded 2017 Avante 586. Not good. I'll check the van tonight and speak to the dealer tomorrow about the priority of getting it looked at. More hassle I could do without. I'll report back on how this pans out.
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