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  1. Hello I'm looking for recommendations please, last year we ventured to France for the first time and had a lovely time in South Brittany. This year we'd like to go further South to the Vendee (around St Jean de Monts), can anyone please recommend a site: On the beach With entertainment Food on site Walking/cycling distance to a town Don't want to come across as fussy but we loved Camping du Letty last year and would like something similar. Thank you
  2. The webbing has a hole at the caravan end which is supposed to be pegged in line with the side of the van which as mentioned above is supposed to keep the awning in alignment, especially when the doors are removed or annex fitted. I peg this out on mine and it fits a treat - no more trip hazard! This is mentioned in the manual and also on the Kampa YouTube videos. Personally I wouldn't modify anything as it could affect the warranty. HTH FJ
  3. Thanks for the comment/assistance! So it looks like a viable option. Might get one from Amazon and see how easy it is to align and send it back if it's rubbish! Personally I think they look a whole lot better than a traditional dish. FJ
  4. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of using one of these? http://www. systemsat. co. uk/flat-satellite-dishes/selfsat-h21d-with-single-lnb-flat-satellite-antenna-slimline-model. html I've invested in a 12v TV with built in Freeview and Freesat and would like to have the option to use the Freesat functionality when terrestrial reception is poor. It will be for mainly domestic use to watch the F1 for me and CBBC for the little ones. I have considered the mini dish route, but even the smallest models seem to take up more room than I'm willing to sacrifice during travel. Also I like the look of the flat solution and it will be easily stored in a locker. Question is are they any good, easy to align and give a decent signal? Out of interest how far south would it work norther France for example? TIA, FJ.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I too use a Bose Mini for streaming and playing Spotify, Sky Go, etc. But I'm quit a keen listener to the radio and wanted to improve the sound quality from the installation. Anyhow, this weekend I took a knife to the panel and removed the cups behind the speakers. All I can say is WOW what a difference! Best modification so far and didn't cost a penny! Sound is so much improved, rattles reduced and much, much clearer. Now for the next question, I think this one may be in need of another thread. .. We are currently in Anglesey staying on a CL with limited facilities our first time using the van properly. A basic field site with electrical power, waste hole and a tap, as close to off grid as I'm prepared to go! The site is actually really nice and views amazing. We have a 4YO and we also had a couple stay with us for one night with another child. As you can imagine the aquaroll/waste has been up and down quite a few times and the van has at last had some proper use! Anyhow, whilst the shower was being used - with curtain, I decided to empty the cassette for the toilet. Whilst round the side by the shower I noticed water leaking from the seam/join where the underside of the van meets the side rail. I can only assume that the leak is from round the toilet area (van has combined toilet/shower). Needless to say I'm quite concerned and unhappy with this discovery and the future damp problems which may become apparent. Am I correct in assuming that the whole shower and toilet area should be sealed i. e. The shower curtain is really only there to prevent water ingress through the solid door into the van and the toilet getting wet? I've checked under the fixed bed and there are no further signs of water ingress. I will be speaking to my dealer on Tuesday to ascertain the best course of action, but reading some of the comments on here, I'm not to excited by the prospect of being without the van for weeks on end whilst this is resolved. Any comments advice from the community would be greatly received! FJ
  6. First post so be gentle with me and I'm new to this caravanning lark! We've just taken delivery of a new Swift Wrenbury (Dealer special from Leisure Sales) which I think is based on a Quattro FB. Only used the van a couple of times and so far so good! Don't think we'll be at home for the weekend much anymore! Just wondered if there it a way to improve the sound quality from the fitted speakers? I have already swapped the stereo and speakers for some better ones I had kicking around but I think the problem is more to do with the fitted location. I did notice that the moulded/vac formed trim panel at the front has no holes in the back behind the speakers apart from small ones for the cables. I was thinking of carefully drilling the back of this out with a hole saw (80-100mm) to increase the volume behind the speakers. Has anyone tried this? Obviously I don't want to damage anything behind! I don't want it to sound like a disco and I'm no audiophile, but I want it to sound better than a pair of headphones on high volume! Other option is to mount some in the doorless lockers at the front, but I'd prefer not to have to run cables etc. Thanks in advance any recommendations appreciated!
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