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  1. We have recently had fitted an extra set of motors to make it 4wd as a few pitches we hade been on had been wet or sloping to the extent that a single set of drivers struggled. Whilst we were in France we had fun and games with the movers in as much as both sets engaged and worked but only for a limited time. On leaving our beach side location it was a nightmare and eventually they just packed in. International rescue came to help in the shape of the Brits and we rolled out a Crusader zephyr to hook up. At our stop on the way home I phoned power touch who went through some basic tests and he cast doubt over the battery. 115amp and just 2 years old. It has always been charged with solar panel at home and now changed from a ppm controller to an Mppt. My question is could i have kept the van plugged into elec hook up until we had moved of the pitch or would it still draw from the battery and not ehu. Incidentally the Mppt is putting more charge in than the pwm.
  2. If you have an accident then you may want to claim it existed if it needs replacing. We had our car broken into in Vancouver 3 years ago and Aviva wanted proof of everything we claimed for. They even wanted proof that we actually went, even though we gave them the crime reference number. In the end they only paid out on about 50% of our claim and issued a bank transfer with no explanation as to why. From then on they kept lying to me saying we are dealing with it and Have you not received our email.
  3. Bring in the services. As an ex RN guy I recall doing the Green Goddess's in around the 77 mark up in Grimsby.
  4. I have just returned from driving in France in the dark and the answer of a Volvo xc90 B5 is yes and no. If you brake gently then its just a case of the throttle is backed off but if you need to brake suddenly ie a deer pops out then it applies the brakes. Guess how i found out.
  5. The highest court is the Supreme Court, followed by the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the County Court. The High Court, when not acting in an appellate capacity (from the County Court) and the County Court are known as Courts of first instance.30 Apr 2020 The Doctrine of Legal Precedent: When is a Court decision ... https://lexlaw.co.uk › Civil Litigation Search for: What court can set legal precedent? Is a precedent law determined by a court case? What court Cannot make precedent? Crown Courts, County Courts and magistrates' courts cannot create precedent and their decisions can never amount to more than persuasive authority.
  6. I can help you with that.The ex development director of comparethemsrket used to scoff at the IT guys he worked with and comp use one type of info gathering page to collate and send it down the line. Your contract is with the insurer not compare or whatever.
  7. I don't wish to upset anyone but you feeling doesn't wash. Legal Eagle will no doubt correct me but precedent can only be set by a judge of the highest order and not a local court so I suspect that in view of the claim value very little precedent is set. If you tow then the risk changes up or down will depend on the insurer and their claims experience or indeed their risk portfolio. But it is a modification and needs to be mentioned. After all if you crashed and your car was written off you would want to claim for replacement.
  8. Fact... I have seen many insurers refuse to pay out because a material fact was undisclosed. Utmost good faith is the term used. Insurers will wriggle if they believe you will either roll over or it will cost you to win.
  9. As I also ride a motorcycle I often read comments by a Lawyer and Barrister called Andrew Dalton. It is often cited that a motorbike insurers don't pay out unless you declare a pillion passenger if you carry one as any claim could be higher ditto modifications even if they don't enhance performance. Ie a set of panniers designed specifically for that bike. It will be up to a judge to make an assessment of reasonableness and for that you need to engage a lawyer to act against your insurers who won't pay up. Problems is being misled when telephone advisers make comments like it should be OK......
  10. Interesting comments about cover. As a retired Director from the Financial services company I maybe able to shed some light. Firstly if you intend to tow then you must tell your insurers as the potential payout could be higher. A towbar is a modification so again you must tell them. Aviva is a large company but one that most IFAs avoid because administration is poor. And last but not least your telephone advisor is not qualified to make decisions for the underwriter of any claim.
  11. We had fun and games getting onto our pitch when the recently installed 4wd mover decided to unsync. Both rollers engaged but only one actually driving so 2nd was acting as a brake. Anyhow all sorted. In a few days we repeat by unpitching from deep sand and jockey wheel ploughs deep. Can I lift the jockey wheel completely and drive out using mover. It is a t/a
  12. Ok so I an enjoying a drink on the beach which is 2o ft away from my van in Port grimaud. Satellite dish 55cm set up and tuning in and avtex tell me 75% quality and strength. And tune in to a Satellite which tell me that loads of channels available on FTA but then all set up and no ci module installed message comes up.
  13. Thank you gents for this very useful info. We sail tonight from Portsmouth
  14. I live the other side of Fareham and do know Port Solent reasonably well. Parking with Van maybe difficult as spots are tight and it is usually busy. It is also next to Paulsgrove which is a rough area. Also the local councils have put height barriers around(not sure about P/solent as we have travellers from time to time.
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