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  1. I would look at your fan belt. clean the pulley area with a dry cloth. If it spins you get that whine. Had you driven through water or heavy rain.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OaZU9p42lM Techies version and latest of 4G equipment
  3. We have stayed in static vans in france who have Calor....
  4. So are you saying France don't have Calor bottles?
  5. We currently have a 6kg calor bottle but having watched a youtube on safe fill it appears a better option. 2 questions. 1. Is calor freely available in France to swap a 6kg. 2. If we opt for safe fill is it freely available in UK and France to refill.
  6. I think you misunderstood my answer or my grammar was poor. Brokers do not pay claims and that is why brokers make a lot of money. All of the commission is paid to them. They do however have to pay compensation if they have not acted correctly and a complaint is made to the ombudsman and found against them The insurer however has no liability for advice nor is it having to pay for the broking other than commission. In Insurance terms the money is made from brokers and the company i used to work for made over 5million in profit. The insurer is responsible for claims and much of the risk is farmed out via Lloyds of london to spread the risk.
  7. Premiums are not cut to the bone trust me. General Insurance is very profitable as many brokers don't pay claims and Insurers like to use brokers rater than have a direct arm. If you use brokers you don't have claims against you, only the broker does. And the broker is regulated by the ombudsman.
  8. I,m 100% right as I used to write up our responses to the ombudsman and write the cheques. Aviva however are a rule unto themselves (not literally) my wife used to run the southern half of the Woolwich IFA services and Aviva are shocking and known through out the industry. They have to try and resolve it first but just say not happy we will go to the ombudsman and they will waive or they are just plain stupid.
  9. I used to be a Director in the insurance industry. Pension Mortgage etc and the best way to deal with this is very simple. Ask them to log it as a complaint. Insurers have all complaint resolution dealt with by the ombudsman which costs them £550 quid just to defend them selves win or lose. They will waive it in a heart beat
  10. Well, My logic is...The van is sort of compartmentalised in that the under seat area or underbed area is vented, its unlikely that the sides are vented unless you have had a visit from machine gun kelly. In which case don't worry about the dehumidifier. The upper compartment has a citadel like pressure higher than the cooler vented areas. This upper area is the one that is dehumidified. When i breathe, shower, cook I give off vapour that with the best will in the world won't sneak out via its own designated escape route for vapour. It is most likely to be absorbed by whatever is around it, clothes curtains seating etc. So my pitiful dehumidifier takes on the challenge and is not strong enough to suck up the air from below the seating, beds etc and concentrates on the air its puny motor can suck up. Interestingly the water smelt of cooking..ish so maybe another benefit. Is it scientific...no...Do i pay for it when on EHU...No so despite the naysayers it will stay in my van.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Finether-Dehumidifier-500ml-Air-Moisture-Damp-Dry-Home-Bedroom-Bathroom-Kitchen/27035045748?iid=123375620788&rt=nc I may well be preaching to the converted, especially as a newbie . However i have used these in my garage to keep the moisture down and reduce damp and rust on my Motorcycle. I have put one in the van and in just 3 days it was half full. Imagine where that moisture would go if it wasn't there! Before anyone asks it was not as a result of heavy breathing...
  12. On the 2018 model you can have comfort/eco 4wd/dynamic by rotating a roller on the centre console. I'm told that it is in perm 4wd but rotating roller and selecting it limits slippage and changes engine mode.
  13. I drove over a muddy field in Cornwall no problems, you have to select 4wd!
  14. I have had the earlier xc60 and the current and one. Both have been great cars. Suspension was a little choppy on the 2015 model and turning circle was poor. New model has better turning circle and better, smoother suspension. I tow a Crusader Zephyr and it pulls it with no problems. From memory i think max tow is 2400kgs but car weight is lower so Zephyr is above the 85% guide. But it tows really well up hill and never had a feeling of the tail wagging the dog. Consumption is around 38mpg and towing around 28, although i did get 35 when driving like a nun.
  15. I have to say that i was not looking forward to fitting my twin axle alko wheel locks but its a doddle. Fit one wheel as normal the jack van up which is a 2 minute job and spin wheel to get number 2 in place.. It will no doubt be a bit more tricky if the van is on levellers or maybe not. Lots of videos saying how difficult but i thought it was easy on a new Crusader Zephyr.
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