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  1. You can get some cracking deals on the xc90 at the moment. Bought mine from Cambridge Volvo Portsmouth
  2. We had the same problem and just recently purchased a Volvo xc90 b5. So far we average 41mpg and 27 mpg whilst towing a T/A Elddis Zephyr. 100% recommend Volvo. This is our 3rd and not so much as a bulb blow.
  3. I will add an article from Plastics today which is an industry magazine which you may find useful. This article continues our series of troubleshooting reports from one of the leading on-the-spot problem solvers in the molding industry. Bob Hatch is manager of technical service and customer support for Prime Alliance, the Des Moines-based resin distributor. Before his present assignment, Bob managed a molding operation for 25 years. I received a box the other day that was so big I thought there might be a pony inside, but when I opened it and dug through the packing materials,
  4. We have just purchased a Kampa Dometic pro windbreak, not the inflatable. £200 after we saw one on site last week. It has a clear see through panel and is the most sturdy windbreak ever invented. If Carlsberg made windbreaks...!!. Difficult to get hold of but the 5 pole version was found at https://www.becingoldmells.co.uk and the service has been fantastic.
  5. Just back from North Cornwall and surprised to see it relatively quiet on the roads. The site was probably 60% full and local hotspots at Tintagel were empty, relatively. Great 5 days away and the weather was excellent. Even managed to burn my follically challenged noggin.
  6. We have an Avtex and I must admit I cant fault it. It has other features not mentioned here, easy tuning for different sites, Signal strength meter for Aerial and sat. Sound could be better but wired into radio speakers and its fine. To be fair though we only ever watch the news are we are too busy
  7. Now back in the day when I used to set faults on aircraft whilst teaching sprigs to fault find circa 1979. You have already been given the correct way to go about this by Mr Plodd. You need a multi meter and just keep following the wire (pos) from the last point you have power. All the way along check tightness of any connections and check for any corrosion. Give each connection a gentle spray of WD40 and wipe. Occasionally jiggle any connection and follow it to the switch. Sometimes under load it won't work even though you have a connection so it will need tightening up
  8. I have just come across a video by the Trudgians detailing how you can fit an extra fan to your fridge to cope with the higher temps. We plan ( I can dream) to head off to France in September and wondered what other peoples experiences are. Will the fridge keep things chilled when its very hot outside or does it overheat and is this is a sensible mod?
  9. We have had our France ferry rolled over to this year and spoke to them just last week. They advised that if booked through CMC then refund is available if journey cancelled. I will check again.
  10. Surprised to hear Volvo taking a beating from JLR. I have had 2 xc60s with not so much as bulb blow and just purchased an xc90. Time will tell.
  11. Can anyone shed any light on this and do you do it? HPSCAN_20210303211236595_2021-03-03_211411568.pdf
  12. As an ex 70s Fleet Air Arm engineer I recall 2 things that govern flight...Aerodynamics and friction. There are other components but they are enveloped into these headings. A Caravan is aerodynamic..er not. Friction engine, tyres, etc. Ps I don't want my caravan to take off.
  13. We know its the law but the quote was if anybody has the appetite to enforce it. As an ex Financial services Director we often reported stolen data when advisors left the company and took records of the clients with them, Nothing happened not even a phone call.
  14. Data protection is an EU law so it remains to be seen if the UK has the appetite to enforce it it.
  15. We are considering a new xc90 as an upgrade from our xc60. The reason being is that in a year or so we may look at a Buccaneer van which is that much heavier. Does anyone own the b5 diesel version and can advise fuel consumption and pos and neg about the car.
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