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  1. Incorrect. You need to advise if your personal circumstances change.
  2. Our eldest Daughter is a Doctor and caught it in October. First signs were temp then a cough about a day later. She felt very tired for at least 1 month and now appears to have a dry skin rash on her legs which apparently is common. other than that all good.
  3. This is the Which survey not Whatcar "With all that considered, the XC90 gets three stars out of five for 0-3-year reliability. But that’s the good news. After three years, the car’s reliability goes into a tailspin......... ......It’s a hugely disappointing result for the luxury brand and its flagship SUV. Bottom of the survey, it gets a dismal one star out of five for reliability." For the full report go to the Which website (the article may only be available to Which subscribers) Which magazine also said that Eagle star was the bes
  4. We also looked around about 5 years ago and again about 2 years ago when we started with our caravan. Some of the options you have Skoda is a nice car but actually lightweight from memory which dissuaded us in the end. After numerous BMWs and Mercs over the years our Volvo has not so much as had a bulb blow so thumbs up for Volvo/ My ML merc exploded when the turbo sucked the oil out of the cylinder and punched the con rods out the side and the E class estate fuel pump went bang after just 6000 miles. It looked like I was James Bond spraying oil all over the show. Thank god there
  5. Thank you, I guess we must have a direct flush on demand in which case we have emptied the water.
  6. I cant see a hatch, Handbook is pretty useless to be honest.
  7. I have just drained down our van using a flow system which worked a treat 1.5 litres came out. My wife asked does that drain down the toilet system? Ours is a 2019 model and not sure if it has a tank or just on demand when you flush. Any advice from owners?
  8. Funny that, as we have had Q for a while now and just noticed the sync issues. It mainly appears on links to outside video. ie when doing a zoom call or with a reporter outside somewhere. As you probably know in settings there is a delay which you can adjust 20m.sec works for us
  9. https://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyres_For/Volvo/XC60.htm Lots of other car makes and models here
  10. We tow with Volvo xc60 and its a dream to tow with. The van is very stable and so far no problems yet.
  11. As we often g out walking when away in the Van we step in with muddy boots onto a separate bit of carpet. The problem is they stay soles down and dont dry and clutter the doorway. I came across these which are neat and tidy and enables you to hang your toe up and out of the way. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/bjaernum-folding-hook-aluminium-60152590/
  12. Not stuck as such, but our last outing was Damage Barton and we parked the van tow bar in for a fantastic view. The pitch had a gentle slope and was shingle base so motor moving out was all good until the last gentle slope and then wheels spinning. Thankfully van was out of pitch enough to get tower on the van and reverse out.
  13. I have a huewai 5577 with external antenna points and a panorama mimo aerial. I bought the 5577 on amazon£60 and a 8£per month sim . I transfer data from my phone on EE rather than buy a bigger data only sim (its generally cheaper that way) At East Fleet in Weymouth my samsung S7 could not pick up a signal at all but the 5577 could, albeit a poor one. I carried out a download test with aerial and without and without it was about 6mbs and with aerial about 14mbs. The aerial does work and we could use messenger video but not good quality. I bel
  14. Renewal has come in at £422 quid. For a Crusader Zephyr. We have alarm, tracker, and also but this seems very pricey.
  15. I am definitely an authority on this subject....New cadac and new awning= novice. Add novice to gas+ fire equals_ -eyebrows. Trying to light the cadac on the first attempt and the ignition button was not working so out comes extra long match and pokes through gap and it lit and blew the lid off and the smell of hair nose and eye brows for hours. Short answer is NO NO NO
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