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  1. colin h

    Tyre pal

    The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO 2001) also suggested that hot pressure can be up to 20 % higher than cold and that under no circumstances should hot tyres be pressurised to the recommended cold tyre pressure given by the car manufacturers. When the temperature increased to about 10°C the pressure is increased to about 0.1 bar. It is the rule of thumb that the tyre pressure increased by 0.1 bar for every 10°C change in ambient temperatures even when the tyre is not driven. If the pressure is measured at +20°C (garage temperature in the morning), tyres should be inflated at recommended manufacturer's tyre pressure (for example, 2.0 bar). If the temperature drops to 0°C, pressure of 1.8 bar should not be increased. If the outside temperature rose to +40°C pressure of 2.2 bar should not be lowered.
  2. We have an Avtex Tv and use a 3.5 m cable routed around the door and into the radio. The sound is so much better. Cost is £3.58 from eBay. no audio sync issues either.
  3. We recently bought an Elddis crusader Zephyr which has a 10 year warranty on water Ingress. Bailey have 6. If they are not confident in their product why should I be? We looked at Adria whilst at the NEC and quality does appear to be better.
  4. colin h

    NEC Show

    Went on Wednesday, Pretty busy. Good deal on a tyrepal 4 sensor unit at 110 quid
  5. colin h


    I contacted tyre pal today to ask a few questions about the kit and they advised that they are having a SHOW SPECIAL for a 4 wheel kit at £110. Thats 60 quid lower than CMC are offering. as they used to say in the Navy....Fill your boots
  6. I am looking for a tpms but wondered why Tyrepal. It appears to be 4 or 5 times the price of models on Amazon and I suspect made in China like most electronic bits these days. Please enlighten me before i go to the show this week to splash the cash
  7. Booked our Portsmouth Caen trip in September and saved nought. Exactly same price.
  8. Ok, holiday to the south of France booked for September and our first trip this year in sight. We have a Volvo xc60 (2018)with Volvo assist for uk and Europe but this will only cover us for issues relating to the car. It will however take car and van to safety. It won't cover us for the van breaking down or theft etc from the van. CMC are quoting 138quid for a single trip and only cover car and van. Uk cover will be extra should we need it. Who do you insure with and what do you pay for car and van for A Uk and B europe
  9. ACF 50 all the way. But buy spray bottle not canister, aerosol as it losses pressure if you don't use it often.
  10. Thanks guys, We have phoned and all ok...
  11. We are in the process of booking a couple of sites for our stop off en route to Port Grimaud. One site near Bourges, campsite Robinson states no twin axles which appears to come up quite regularly in France. Is this correct or just a deterrent for traveller gypsies Any personal experience of this.
  12. They provide and underwrite their own cover for their members. It is administrated by a third party. Letter to CMC Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your comments and agree that a determined thief with an angle grinder could gain access but they are the minority. Most thieves are casual spur of the moment and the caravan is easy pickings. These are a few of the comments from Caravan Talk forum and there are lots more. As you can see access was gained due to poor quality locks. Caravans cost as much as a car and yet the car industry is making every effort to prevent theft with the use of integrated appliances such as radios and sat nav as opposed to the old stick your sat nav in the glove box days. My Volvo has tracking as standard. Items like https://www.ultrasecuredirect.com/wireless-indoor-alarms/shed-garage-alarms/battery-gsm-wireless-ultrapir-alarm/3g-battery-ultrapir-gsm-alarm-007-1150-p1167.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInoaYkfyC5wIVWeDtCh0WHgk2EAQYASABEgK-XfD_BwE are cheap and give immediate warning to owners and far better than a simple PIR installed. Like wise items such as microwaves could be integrated to stop simple removal. Lets be honest caravan manufacturers are still churning out high margin items because no one holds them to task. I was hoping that you may take on board my comments but it sounds to me as if you have rolled over on this and not representing your members. Colin Hodgkinson This was my response to Martin the Technical Manager at CMC.
  13. Can you use a Roku stick and connect via wifi or use sky Q via wifi?
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