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  1. Except the neighbours who recognise you and the postman who delivers whose mate is a plumber and has a brother called Eric the burglar
  2. If you don't mind me suggesting that saying your away is not a good idea unless you like being burgled, much nicer to tell us you had a great time when you get back.
  3. We bought an Elddis Crusader Zephyr with single power touch mover on twin axle and initially found it difficlt to move on the shingle storage ground. Solution was to fit a Kart wheel from CMC club and the difference is night and day. Also because we are newbies we didn't realise that you could press the fwd right button and backwards left button at the same time so one roller goes one way and the other roller goes the other way. Now we know its even easier. Hope that helps
  4. Or this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panorama-Antennas-DMM-7-38-2TS9-Vodafone-Gigacube/dp/B07YBHNY3B/ref=sr_1_21?crid=3K6UCRDOMQZO3&dchild=1&keywords=4g+antenna+ts9&qid=1593599688&s=computers&sprefix=4g+antenn%2Ccomputers%2C135&sr=1-21
  5. Check if your router has an option for an external aerial. If so that is an option that we use and it works pretty well.
  6. Just looking at the french adaptors and not sure how they fit. Does it screw into the bottle as it looks like a cup
  7. I did buy a set of these black and red ramps 23 quid and they don't fit our Elddis Crusader Zephyr. Probably an inch too long. Hey ho back to the wood blocks
  8. Like this maybe LINK The only comment i would make is that the floor has to be silky smooth. I tried to move my Harley on one inside the garage and the wheel catch on the slightest of ripples in the screed.
  9. Just found this. Loud alarm or dong as you choose with remote. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B076ZL1G88/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza?th=1
  10. Our caravan, like many has an intruder alarm but having read lots of posts about being broken into whilst abroad and sleeping it has got me thinking. I am proposing to fit an internal infra red alarm pointing into the sitting area (we have end bedroom) and remote alarming when we retire to bed. Other options are the Milenco window alarm (but they look ugly) Has anyone used a particular type/make that they would recommend or alternatives.
  11. Rewire security do a couple of alarms that may fit the bill. One sends an SMS message if anyone breaks in or another sends one if the van moves. As i live 5 mins away from storage the question is "Do you feel lucky Punk"
  12. I don't suppose you have the link to the correct ones to buy "I bought two transceivers for about £7.50 each. One plugs into the USB and headphone sockets on the radio, and the other into the same on the living room TV, the TV one set to transmit while the radio one receives. That way we can listen to Freeview radio stations through the proper cabinet speakers." This works well for us (using the aux. function on the van radio), and avoids having cables running from the radio to the TV.
  13. Yep, thats what we do 3.5 mm to radio from headphone jack on Avtex to 3.5mm radio. Good sound
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