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  1. I have a huewai 5577 with external antenna points and a panorama mimo aerial. I bought the 5577 on amazon£60 and a 8£per month sim . I transfer data from my phone on EE rather than buy a bigger data only sim (its generally cheaper that way) At East Fleet in Weymouth my samsung S7 could not pick up a signal at all but the 5577 could, albeit a poor one. I carried out a download test with aerial and without and without it was about 6mbs and with aerial about 14mbs. The aerial does work and we could use messenger video but not good quality. I bel
  2. Renewal has come in at £422 quid. For a Crusader Zephyr. We have alarm, tracker, and also but this seems very pricey.
  3. I am definitely an authority on this subject....New cadac and new awning= novice. Add novice to gas+ fire equals_ -eyebrows. Trying to light the cadac on the first attempt and the ignition button was not working so out comes extra long match and pokes through gap and it lit and blew the lid off and the smell of hair nose and eye brows for hours. Short answer is NO NO NO
  4. Now i realise you are not supposed to brake when you detect a weave but does the ATC light up a brake light? I can't see any brake lights come on here.
  5. East Fleet. Chesil beach is about 100yds or Weymouth pier.
  6. PM sent Can get there tomorrow if urgent
  7. We are off to France in a couple of weeks and Devon this week whilst it is scorchio. I was wondering if anyone uses a Tarp to provide a sun canopy over the Van We cannot suspend anything from the trees but would like a simple cover that allows a pole in each corner or maybe 6 poles to provide shade. Cant find one on the net so question is Does anyone use one and if so any suggestions.
  8. In deed that is what quarantine means. But we have a freezer and home delivery plus my Daughter who is a Doctor lives up the road. We have been sticklers for quarantine thus far and will continue to be. Just for information. We have spoken to CMC this morning re trip. If we cancel then Brittany keep 25% and we get 75% or we can book for next year and pay whatever the difference in price is Vs this year. As for the sites we have booked then CMC will liaise and we may get back our deposit (we have only paid a Deposit) If The FCO advise then same for Brittany but we wi
  9. Retired here so quarantine is just another day
  10. Site is fine and situated all along the beach, we are second row back. We are taking two stops down and the same coming back so about 250 miles per day which is easy in France. From what we hear it about 50% full in Port Grimaud but even at 100% the beach was not full so distancing should be easy. if anyone gets to close i will cough lots and that should sort it.
  11. Off to Port Grimaud in September. Literally on the beach. If we stay safe and use our own facilities then I don't see any different problems than here in UK except France seems to be without yob culture that the UK Cornwall has picked up because they can't get to Spain. Easy trip down on quiet sites and fully insured in case the worst happens.
  12. We have just booked a site for next year and they asked if we wanted our EHU post to have a TV booster connection. My question is are these coaxial type or sat type. Ie screw on
  13. A relative newbie here as well but. Things to consider. 1. Awning rail height as some awnings are bigger than other (Height wise) 2 Weight of the awning to lug it around and load up etc. 3 Access. ie do you want to open it up with just fly screens if you go abroad so it can vent but still retain an element of midge proofiness. Just made that word up.. We have a blooming big awning and purchased a small canopy with sides for stays of 3 days or so. Outside of that so long as it is no longer than your van then it should be fine. Useful if you can have
  14. Genuinely asking for a friend. A neighbour asked me to hitch up for him today as its his first trip out. Motor mover isolator key was missing so he nipped up to buy one from a local caravan shop. Turned it on and with rollers engaged (manually) nothing happened. Mover remote was on and working but still zip. I turned the isolator key and heard that distinctive sound and found that i need to push the key in even though it was in the on position. Any ideas..Are all isolator keys the same size?
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