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  1. Wispman, sadly the Sorento had a front prop shaft broken (now removed completely), rear axle needs replacing and oil leak from transfer box. With it being an old girl, it would cost more than she’s worth. The weights are are I think 1400 max technical permissible laden mass for caravan and 2000 for the car, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s not an auto Sportage I’m looking at, husband wants to go back to manual, as Sorento seems to drop gears rather a lot (Sorento is an automatic)., hubby works abroad so I’m trying to get things sorted for when he comes home. hmmmm hadn’t thought about nose weight thingy. Just trying to save abit on cost, wasn’t sure if a 2014 model was better?
  2. Hello everyone. i pulling my hair out. My 2006 Kia Sorento is poorly 🙈, so poorly the garage have told me that I need to get a new car. ive been looking, and am considering a Kia Sportage 2litre CRDI KX3. 2012 my dilemma is, will it tow my bailey pageant burgundy series 6 2008? I’ve looked at all the weights and I think it will be ok. But, I was wondering if anyone out there could reassure me this is a good match. I’m hoping to slightly downsize as there’s only the 2 of us now but still want the Kia comfort. any input would be really appreciated thank you
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