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  1. I tow with a petrol Hyundai Tucson 1.6 TGDI sport edition (now discontinued model) with 177 bhp. I tow a sprite alpine2. Car is only a year old and only towed about 4 times, but pulls well. I always use the speed limiter so I don’t exceed speed limit as it’s quite easy to forget you’re towing. Might be worth looking at depending on budgets etc.
  2. Unfortunately it’s in Ipswich, but Brian Park awning repairs, maybe able to help.
  3. I tow with a Tucson 1. 6t-gdi, but only started towing this year, towed 3 times, so still very much a newbie to this. when I have towed it seems to be stable, with no issues. I always use the speed limiter as its so easy to tow faster😕
  4. Thanks for the replies, I suppose, as I’ve only towed once before, I don’t want to overdo the nose weight and cause issues ( not sure what). But I’ll try different weights. many thanks
  5. JThanks for the replies, bit of a minefield. But think as I said I will empty out what’s in there then weigh it all as I put the essentials back in. Then look at nose weight of between 76-83kg. The towbar, car and alko all state 100kgs, but I’m not ready to tow to that yet. Also looking at the weights inc in the mass running order it includes 20kg for a battery so a bit more to play with. Again thanks for the replies
  6. Many thanks for all your replies, it gives me something to do on the bank holiday😉. I think what I need to do is maybe remove some stuff then weigh it as I put it back in, until I get the feel of what is what especially with not overloading as opposed to getting noseweight right. It is the sprite alpine with diamond pack and it has a mover (I’m not that good yet at reversing it). l’ll probably end up with clothing and chairs in the car. I haven’t decided yet if I want awning, cross that bridge when I get to it. many thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies, the tucson states 100kg, so does tow bar but I think I’m going to try it “fully loaded” as it were, and move stuff about as suggested, but aim for about 76-80kg. Thanks for the tip about emptying toilet and boiler, would save a bit. I had a motorhome for 10 years so this is all new to me, never had to worry about weight with the Moho, as such.
  8. Hi, yes I know, nose weight again, but I’m new to this game. Had my caravan about 4 weeks, it’s a Sprite alpine 2, 2018 model, with a max load of 1208kg. I tow it with a 2018 tucson 1. 6 t-gdi Petrol, with a kerb weight of 1495kg. The nose weight can be anything between 70 kg and 83kg according to who works it out. Tow car match etc. To get to my problem ( if it is a problem), my first trip away nose weight was 70 kg, but I only had 2 gas lite bottles and a few tools in the front locker, the aqua roll and waste water tank in the rear shower, no clothing but did have all crockery and cutlery etc. My return journey, nothing else added to the van and it was 76kg, I admit I did totally forget that the boiler is now full and so is the toilet flush. But how am I ever going to get anything also in the van? Or am I being daft by worrying about it all being in the front and nothing anywhere else, should I put more in the back as long as the front comes in at about 76kg. This was the first time I’ve ever towed, so not really sure what to look out for, I have viewed virtually every YouTube video and read most of the wealth of knowledge on here, but still feel confused. .
  9. Many thanks for the replies. Yes it’s brand new, I’ll give the dealer a call and ask, like you say I have nothing to lose and everything to gain for free🙂
  10. Hi, I’m due to collect my new caravan in about 4 weeks. A couple of questions if I may, will it come with gas fittings ready to connect to a gas bottle? I have read that it probably will not come with a leisure battery, not sure how they will show me the motor mover working. Probably silly questions, but I’ve only ever had motorhomes and they came with battery etc. many thanks
  11. Thanks John, that's what I'm thinking. I'm swaying towards something like a Lunar ariva/conquest elk or possibly Bailey Orion 400/2 So a slightly bigger car will be required. I'm in no hurry to sort it all out, so I can look around and find the right deal Many thanks Jackie
  12. Thanks for all your repliesI'm on holiday at present not sure what the kerb weight is, I'll check when I return. I'm looking at the moment, not had a look in any, so as you say I may well find them a bit small, especially after the Motorhome. Like I said it maybe that I have to rethink and change the car to be able to tow something I'll be able to live with. But keep the suggestions coming I'm all ears Thanks Jackie
  13. I currently own a Hyundai i20 1. 25 petrol manual car, just bought it. I currently own a Motorhome, but circumstances have changed, and I still want to travel. I was looking at possible caravans like a freedom twin sport or trigano silver. Does anyone have experience of these types of outfit or would it be better to change the car and go for some other unit. I would only need a 2 berth. Many thanks in advance Jackie
  14. Hi I currently have a Motorhome and may be looking to change to a small lightweight caravan. Personal circumstances have changed, but I still want to travel. I have recently just purchased a new Hyundai i20 1. 25l petrol car, so ideally would like to keep this, but am open to suggestions. I've looked online at possibly freedom caravans or trigano pop top, quite like the idea of putting it in the garage to store. . Any advice will be warmly welcomed Thanks in advance
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