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  1. I'd also say 'go for it' - our first tow car was a 3.0tdi A4 convertible, got some funny looks but it coped well with the Hymer.
  2. When I was looking for a new car the A6 Allroad bitdi was on the short list, it's a cracking car but we decided it was way too big for our needs, certainly felt a lot bigger than a Passat, so went for the SQ5. If the A6 has been well looked after and serviced I wouldn't anticipate any reliability issues and it'll be a cracking tug. I think drivetrain wise it's similar to the SQ5, ie permanent torsen 4 wheel drive and 8 speed tiptronic gearbox. If so that's a pretty robust combination.
  3. This looks like a decent petrol tug https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/lamborghini/urus
  4. Steve05

    BMW X5 or X6

    I'm sure it's a great drive but the X6, IMO, is a bit like the first Porsche Panamera, lovely on the inside but you won't want to be driving by too many shop windows .
  5. Issue would be that a 6amp MCB will take over 6amps to trip, ie 13amp load would probably trip it fairly quickly but, say 8amps, that would take a lot longer. No guarantees that it would trip before the one in the bollard either, a 5amp might work. Just been researching MCBs to sort out 'inrush' with a new 24v LED lighting system in the house.
  6. If your car can tow 2000kgs the Coachman won't be a problem IMO, our Hymer (first/only caravan) is 1800kgs, 100% of original tow car's capabilities and it was fine. You'll get used to towing the bigger 'trailer' pretty quickly.
  7. My van has a long drawbar but I didn't order the amplifier, works OK, in fact the head unit could pick up the signal from the bottom of the back garden, probably about 35m. I've found it to be very accurate as well, certainly worth it for peace of mind with a SA.
  8. Possibly because the Touareg can tow a lot more?
  9. Strange coincidence, I towed with a 3.0tdi A4 cab and now use an SQ5 - still got the old bus actually. Back on topic, the A4 has an aftermarket bar with no cooling upgrades and didn't overheat, despite towing at 100%. The SQ5 has a factory bar but there was no mention in the specs of it having cooling upgrades either, it was a £650 option, if fans/radiators etc had to be uprated I think it would probably have been a lot more. I think the A7's cooling will be fine, should be a good tow car IMO.
  10. https://www.repusel.com/ENGLISH/catalog/subcategory_display.php?categories_id=15 I use a set of Repusels because I got fed up with the Grand Aeros vibrating. in my experience you can screw them up a lot more tightly because they're not squashing the mirror casing, I've found them pretty decent. Could it be that the car mirrors aren't rigid enough to cope with the extra drag and are wobbling? As a test you or your passenger could grip the car mirror base and see if that eliminates the problem in which case one of the additional braces they offer could be an option? Must admit if I had known about EMUK earlier I would probably have got a set of those, no repeated adjustment appeals to me.
  11. I'm 6'8" and the fixed bed in the Hymer is spot on for me - I'm 6'01" when I take my heels off mind you
  12. My Audi's factory retractable bar was about £650 which I thought was pretty good value, it was only partially wired as well but I got the dealer to include the extra wiring as part of the deal. He said it was a cheap/easy upgrade (think they farmed it out to a towbar specialist) so there's probably the option to get it fully wired if you want to.
  13. Cool, got your costume sorted
  14. Renovating my house at the moment, should have the wood burner installed in time for it to be banned
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