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  1. My tyres are 65psi cold, I've seen a rise of 10psi on hot days but in the wet sometimes no rise at all. I was quite surprised to see how much the pressures and temperatures can change, even during the same journey. I wouldn't worry about pressure increases, your tyres should be checked cold and are designed to heat up. For me the tyrepal's real value is warning of a puncture.
  2. Lol, I experimented once with my first Makita impact driver, reasoning being it's smaller and lighter than the drill. Never again, the leg came down an awful lot quicker than expected and looked like it was trying it's best to launch the van over the fence! No way I'd risk that again. My wife usually does the legs and prefers the winder so we don't bother with a drill, the batteries are handy for the Makita cordless vac though, which is powerful and pretty cheap. When the time comes that we can't physically manage by hand I wouldn't hesitate to use the drill, I've got my
  3. That's a new one on me, I wear polarised most of the time and have never experienced this phenomenon.
  4. Probably averages out nearer the mid 20s right enough, high 20s on the long average speed camera section of the A9 isn't unusual though. It's a reasonably heavy car with 700NM and 340bhp which only gets about 33-35 solo so I'm pretty happy with it's towing figures. Mind you I've run a couple of Scoobies in the past so anything over 22 solo is a bonus.
  5. I get mid to high 20s pulling same weight, I don't hang about though so that mileage could no doubt be improved upon.
  6. A 'proper' factory fit HUD doesn't have a reflective patch on the windscreen and seems to project the image in front of the car so there's no need to change focus, the info is just there, directly in your field of vision. Absolutely brilliant IMO but unfortunately the aftermarket stuff isn't nearly as good or I'd have one already.
  7. I'd be interested in a good aftermarket HUD, I've driven a couple of cars with factory fit and was really impressed but unfortunately the aftermarket stuff that I've looked at doesn't compete, hopefully that'll change.
  8. So long as your wall will take the weight of a 43 any style would do for a static I'd imagine. Just check the Vesa size (bolt socket pattern on the rear of the telly) and pick the style of mount you want.
  9. Only time I've had a flat battery - less than 3V- was when I'd forgotten to completely remove the key with the van in storage. Unit was switched off so no idea how it caused it, but it did.
  10. Our van is over 7 years old and is still on the original Banner Running Bull Leisure battery (92ah). Van, for various reasons, sat in storage from Oct 19 to mid August and the battery was still in 'the green,' just shy of 13v and able to power the movers. As a newbie I once forgot to remove the isolator key and totally flattened it over several months in storage but a smart charger brought it back. Not the cheapest but they are very good batteries which require minimal maintenance and it will be replaced like for like when the time comes.
  11. The main advantage (on my van anyway) is that they are also a fair bit longer so you don't need to bother with additional blocks. On an uneven pitch last month our FNS leg was extended to almost straight down, the van on the pitch next to us had several blocks of wood stacked under the small leg/foot and didn't look nearly as solid. I find (well the wife does) that if you keep winding they sort themselves out, never had to touch them TBH.
  12. Alko big foot, fitted as standard to the heavy duty steadies on our van, they won't sink. https://www.tauntontrailers.co.uk/al-ko-big-foot-4-corner-steady-pads-1212458-1575-p.asp
  13. Maybe we've been lucky but we've had a Kampa 260 air awning for over seven years now. 99% of our trips are in Scotland so, needless to say, it's been exposed to some very severe weather, it's been bent at some incredible pole snapping angles but has always bounced back, it's never leaked, required any sort of fabric treatment, blown away (parents been there) or caused any damage to the caravan. Admittedly it's looking a bit tatty now (TBH it's probably been a bit neglected) but that's mainly due to being flooded out by a burst river last year and then, unavoidably, being taken down in les
  14. I've got a Westfalia on my A4, it's a good bit of kit and would be my towbar of choice when lugging a caravan. Thule was for a luggage trailer or bike rack. The Westfalia (on the MK6) would still have required the new valance, both brands are vertical.
  15. I had a Thule fitted to a Mk6 Golf, a tidy setup but I had to buy a different rear lower valance from VW with an access hatch (about £70), don't know if the newer Golfs are the same though.
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