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  1. Given the choice I'd go 4WD (or AWD) every time. Biggest advantage, particularly when towing, is moving off in wet conditions where a FWD is much more likely to spin up. Fitted with winter tyres it's also reassuring to know that I can still be mobile when 99% of traffic is grounded. Admittedly it's only an advantage on fairly limited occasions but once you've got used to it there's no going back.
  2. If you go for the A6 Allroad I'd recommend trying out the Bitdi, it was on my shortlist but we decided on an Sq5 plus. More or less the same bulletproof engine and gearbox with lots of power, the torque shove really impresses, one of the best diesels out there IMO.
  3. Just had a week under the trees at Glenmore, one of our favourite spots, very relaxed and just a stone's thrown from the beach. Spending this morning cleaning bright purple bird poo off the roof wasn't so enjoyable though.
  4. Ours has the ginormous A frame as well, actually spent a lot of time standing on it today trying to get some bright purple resinous bird poo off the roof, god knows what the birds at Glenmore eat. It's great for standing on and makes for a very stable tow but with the van's noseweight being 100kg (the car's max) I don't see how bikes could be legally mounted on it without having to seriously backload. The distance between the hitch and axle is probably about 1 1/2 times greater than from the axle to rear of the van so if my man maths are correct every 10kgs on the hitch would need about another 15 hanging off the back.
  5. They don't have a strap, it's a metal bar lined with rubber which is formed to fit snugly around the car mirror and held in place with a small clamp/thumbscrew. Having tried other brands I'd 100% recommend the EMUKs, they are very good quality and actually look like a factory option. They're very easy to fit, secure, wobble free and won't damage the car mirror casings.
  6. Better check your dates, if you leave on the 31st of September you'll be a day late
  7. Our van has an on board tank which I personally think is pretty handy. We travel with it empty but fill it with a hose just before pitching and top it up with the aquaroll when the display drops to about 1 bar. The van also came with some sort of solenoid valve with jack plug and hose attachment for direct connection to the mains (I think) but I've never actually figured out how it works - at handover we were told it was a pump which led to fun and games the first time we tried to fill the tank! It's been in the kitchen drawer ever since. Should really get round to trying it again, mind you in 8 years we've never stayed on a serviced pitch.
  8. My van is 1800kg, the 8 year old sub 100ah Banner still moves it fine. Not the cheapest batteries but they last, I'll be replacing like for like when the times comes.
  9. Certainly can't with mine, I had to change the jokey wheel recently and the only way to get it out was to put the back of the caravan almost to the deck. I'm a big fan (now) of the AL-KO premium, it's got the weight gauge which is handy but the spring in the weighing pivot means that when it's wound up tightly it's never coming loose. Also, it's longer and a lot stronger than the standard set up which means you rarely have to loosen the clamp. I was plagued with jockey wheel issues, this is the third I've had and is one of the best upgrades I've carried out.
  10. Maybe another brand of battery would sort you out, my van is over 8 years old now and is still on the original Banner Running Bull which, IIRC, is only about 90 or 95 ah and still shifts a pretty heffty van on the movers.
  11. If their attitude stinks before they've even got your money imagine what it'll be like come after sales. Personally I'd walk a mile, there are better options than MG.
  12. Here's an (apparently) extremely rare shot of an Audi with towing mirrors attached. PS EMUKs don't fold at any speed
  13. 100% agree with this, vehicle specific so they are rock solid, take seconds to fit and you won't risk damaging the car mirrors. Repusel also make decent generic mirrors which grip both top and bottom of the car mirror but EMUK are the best IMO. I didn't like the Milencos, the clamp system always looked like it was going to crush the mirror housing(Audi A4) and the car lens couldn't be adjusted properly, they were wobbly as well - binned them years ago, the bag is handy though, the EMUKs didn't come with one.
  14. The plywood bases on my Hymer are supported at the back by a chunky piece of timber which runs right around the U shape. The bases are all hinged onto that timber, never had a problem with them moving.
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