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  1. I now park the van nose down in storage, it seems to reduce the number of black streaks. Brought it home last week but hadn't realised I'd run out of my usual cleaner. Tried a few other products I had lying about the garage and discovered that WD40 is really good at removing the black streaks, so much so that I'll stick with it. Spray and wipe down the streak with kitchen roll then wash/ rinse as usual.
  2. Depends on whether or not they were fitted before balancing, if not I'd guess 'probably but miniscule' and nothing to worry about. I didn't even consider that when I fitted mine TBH. The only way you'll know for sure is a before and after test on a wheel balancing machine. It's a really good system, having got used to it I wouldn't be happy towing a single axle without it now.
  3. Or A9 down to Kingussie then Laggan to Fort William. Towed along both routes, Loch Ness seemed to take much longer but that was because I was stuck behind a very slow camper van driver all the way from Inverness to Bunree.
  4. What'll they think of next
  5. EMUK are the best I've tried, vehicle specific so you'd need to check if they do them for your car. I've a set of Repusel as well which are a generic fit and also pretty good, the strap system is very secure. My first set were Milencos, included free with the van, they were binned long ago.
  6. LOL, maybe counterintuitive but it's actually pretty good, the speakers being so close to the listening position probably helps. I'm normally quite fussy about AV but it is just a caravan.
  7. Same thing happened to us, IIRC it was showing 3v and the intelligent charger wouldn't recognise it. Thought it was toast but stumbled over a video where the flat battery was also connected to a good battery by jump leads which fooled the charger. I connected it to the car (whilst charging) and in a couple of hours it was recognised and then I left it on charge as normal. That was over 5 years ago and, touch wood, it's been fine ever since. Battery is now 8 years old and after 8 months in storage was still in the green, well it was last month, should really pop back with the multime
  8. Same here, very neat little set, sturdy and good picture quality, not sure why anyone would describe it as 'junk.' Ours sounds not too bad but I also connected the headphone socket down into the back of the radio so the sound can be left low, the radio speakers are right behind where we sit.
  9. Just a thought, there are 4 Hymers on Autotrader, although one's a fair bit over your budget. They're well built vans with long A frames which can take a bike rack. Loads of storage in the rear, particularly the 545, which would potentially allow you to get the noseweight to where you need it.
  10. I think you could be struggling with the bike, 25kgs is heavy, if you can't carry it in/on the car your only options for the caravan would be a drawbar rack or a rear carrier. Drawbar ideally needs a long A frame, like the continental vans, but that would impact adversely on your noseweight. A rear mounted rack is usually quite high up and I think it would be a struggle to get an ebike up there without help strapping it on.
  11. Good roads all the way to Ullapool where there's a decent sized site which is a good base for exploring the best (IMO) parts of the route. Edit - still probably best to leave it until next year though.
  12. Tapping the brake drum with a hammer usually frees them off.
  13. I don't know if you've ever been up there but upgrading that road would be a huge task.
  14. Would changing the caravan hitch be an option?
  15. I've had 3 cars remapped, 2 petrol Subarus and my current diesel Audi A4. All three were much improved performance wise but there was no improvement in fuel consumption, still well worth doing IMO . As others have said, go with a reputable company and get an insurance quote beforehand. Admiral will cover a remapped car.
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