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  1. https://www.tauntontrailers.co.uk/al-ko-big-foot-4-corner-steady-pads-1212458-1575-p.asp Our van came fitted with these, never had any issues with them sinking.
  2. Hymer are built to last, ours is coming on for 7 and still looks almost as good as new, all going according to plan we'll have it for at least another 7. In 2013 it was in the same price range as the Coachman VIP but new prices have gotten a bit silly now. Not many used ones about though.
  3. Cheers for that, van is 8ft but I'm OK with the standard length.
  4. Ignore my last, I (wrongly) assumed the XL referred to the length of the arms, looks like it means the head
  5. My mirrors are in storage with the van so I can't check the length, if you're unsure it's probably a safer bet to get the XL, it would be easy enough to trim them down if too long.
  6. Bought first and only van in 2013, my mirror history : Milenco - wobbly, fouled the car lens, always worried they would crack the car mirror, lost one - blown off. (I've got a set of Grande in the garage which I got as part of the deal, I'll happily give them away for free). Repusel - massive improvement, no danger of coming off or damaging car, happy with those for a few years until someone on here mentioned EMUK. (keeping those for spares) EMUK - got a set last year, great bit of kit, look like factory, rigid, fit in seconds, no adjustment needed. You've got a really nice car, albeit it's a BMW , it deserves the best.
  7. That's a bummer, must admit I was never that comfortable with the Milencos' clamping system, mainly for the same reason as you, but I also found them quite wobbly and actually lost one on the A1. I bought a set of Repusel which are much better but after finding out about EMUK on here I eventually bought a set of those. Admittedly it was quite an expensive journey, Repusel and EMUK were about £100 a time ( Milencos were free) but I think it was worth it, car mirrors are silly money now, EMUK are vehicle specific, neat, solid and won't damage the car. An added bonus is you don't have to adjust them at every fitting.
  8. Nice outfit BH, but surely another Audi would suit the van better though?
  9. Factory fit swivel on mine was £650, really neat and a bit of a bargain IMO, certainly not 'silly' money!
  10. I use a pressure washer for the pre-scrub and then to rinse off. It's good for getting the gunk out of the awning rails but I don't go too close and point it away from the window seals and vents, it's been fine.
  11. I can see why these gadgets could be useful in a MH but don't get why it's so important to get a caravan level from the driving seat? If the pitch is that uneven/sloped what's the chances of it's sweet spot lining up with the wheel locks? FWIW I get the lock lined up, check side to side level then, if necessary roll it back or forward, insert the ramp and realign the lock. Jockey wheel fore/aft obviously.
  12. Steve05

    Walking Etiquette?

    Inconsiderate walkers are annoying but it's the ones blocking aisles in supermarkets that really get my goat
  13. Surely it's pretty much common sense that shock absorbers/ rebound dampers or whatever you want to call them are beneficial to any vehicle's handling, even my mountain bike's got them? I'm open minded though so would be interested to learn the physics explaining why they might not be a good idea and indeed a link to any of the published research on which you've based your assumption. My first trailer tent had no shocks, it bounced all over the place, my second (NR Awnings) had proper shockies, it was like towing a magic carpet. Needless to say the caravan's got them as well.
  14. Our Hymer is plated at 1800kgs, A4 was at 100% but towed it without issue. Got a few funny looks mind you!
  15. Our van came with a duckboard as standard equipment, works well.
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