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  1. We do a fair bit of touring in our Bailey Ranger, and we always have clothes in the rear overhead lockers. There are 5 of us in the caravan, so all space is very much needed! 4 of these rear lockers are open (no door in front), and clothes inevitably fall out as we travel. It also looks messy to me to be able to see the piles of clothes in the open lockers! Has anyone made a cover for these open lockers? I'm reluctant to do anything irreversible, but all ideas are welcome!
  2. I'm reading all your posts with interest, although no longer relevant to me as we've purchased a nice light weight van 😊 Love to see the Caravan Talkers have a good old debate 😉
  3. Thanks for that Flying Grandad - funny that having that steep hill warning isn't actually that helpful! Maybe that particular feature won't be high on my list of 'must have's' after all
  4. I just don't particularly want sat nav to direct me up steep hills, it's happened in the normal car sat nav, and I'd rather not tow up one. I'm not looking for general sat nav recommendations, I'd like to find out which ones have this particular feature - obviously it's an issue of concern to other caravanners if Garmin offer the information.
  5. I'm not sure Tom Tom is an option for us, it seems very expensive now with buying the caravan map separately. Does it give steep road warnings like Garmin does?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for the cheapest sat nav that has steep gradient warnings inbuilt! I think the garmin 660 has it. .. any others?
  7. Hi Les, can you provide a link for this model? Your description isn't getting me anywhere on eBay!
  8. THere are plenty of caravans for us below our towing limit, just happened to spy a bigger one last night that took my fancy - good thing it's above my towing limit AND budget 😉
  9. Thanks for all the contributions. The car is staying, it's the caravan that has to fit the car!
  10. It's a manual, and yes, and MPV. I think the 2L is 1650kg towing limit, not too sure about the others. We managed to offload the kids this week and swapped cars with our babysitter - a BMW 520 like your own. We weren't towing, but it was a very nice drive indeed
  11. That's fair enough - insurer's are likely to do pretty much anything to get out of making a payment
  12. It's a 2017 car, 136 bhp - I'm presuming a towing limit means the car is capable of pulling something of that weight? Yes, I'm sure you'll feel the caravan behind you, but, for us at least, a car has to do affordable daily life, school runs, as well as the odd weekend / summer holiday towing!
  13. Would you tow above the towing limit (by ~40kg), if the MTPLM was just over 85% of kerb weight? Not too sure of the legality/practicality of it, I'm new to caravans. Van - Bailey Pegasus ancona mtplm 1496 Car - Vauxhall/Opel zafira tourer 1. 6 cdti with towing limit 1450, and kerb weight 1706
  14. We've gotten our deposit back. The dealer didn't seem to even want to give us a damp report on it! The search for the leak-free caravan continues. ..
  15. Many thanks for all the replies. This is a 9 year old caravan, do you expect a caravan of this age to have no issues at all? I'm in the Republic of Ireland, and there's plenty of caravans alright, just plenty of doer-uppers!! Market isn't that great unless you're willing to spend >10k gbp
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