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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Really helpful. I'll have a good look around the furnace and check for pipe connections. I'm hoping it's nothing mid-pipe, as that's behind plastic conduit that runs through the toilet/shower cubical. Absolute nightmare getting to that! Thanks again. Jonny
  2. T Thanks for the reply. Yeh I've tried closing all the front vents and it made no difference. Still very little air coming out the thing, although now you mention it, the little are that did come out wasn't too hot. Cheers Jonny
  3. Does anyone own the Pursuit 560/5? The vent at the rear end of the van (the kid's end) doesn't seem to vent off much hot air. I've not checked for internal blockages, so will do that at the weekend, but I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and what I might have to check. Technically the pipe run is not long; it passes through the toilet/shower from the furnace at the front end of the van, and isn't as long as the vent opening at the door, which passes around the front of the van through the kitchen units. This one blasts out air and is the longest pipe run. Any suggestions very much welcomed. Cheers Jonny
  4. I own a Pursuit 560/5 (2015). I stuck another shelf in the cupboard as we never hang clothes on hangers. Great for towels etc. I also put a shelf inside the front nearside cupboard so our muddy boots/hiking shoes can sit on that without sitting on top of the bits and pieces I need to pitch up with. Used to really irritate me having to heave out boots to get to my hook up cable etc. The top sits on sides that are attached using hinges that can fold flat, so it can go inside the cupboard door and open up. Works a treat and has added much needed room for dirty stuff. I also added two wooden rails to the four plastic brackets that hold the table under the rear nearside bench. Again this used to really irritate me as the table weighs two thousand kilos, and was supported on four small corner brackets. So you had to have someone hold the bench/slats up while you struggled to get the table set on the four brackets. I made two plywood runners with sides, and screwed them onto the front and back bracket, so all you need to do is set the table on to the runner and push it back into place. You can do this on your own now. Put up some suction cup hooks for towels etc, as the ones with the Pursuit are the worst hooks I've ever seen. The person who designed them must've been given a brief to design a hook that doesn't hook!!! I'm thinking about installing a plug at the back end for the kid's devices. Cheers Jonny
  5. I currently own a Navara and I'm thinking of replacing it next year, so was glad to read your post Northman. I've spent the whole weekend looking at the Transit Custom double in van and I've made up my mind. Can I ask you if you have the L2? (the long wheelbase version). I can't make up my mind between the short and long wheelbase versions. I really need to go for a look in the flesh. I agree, we need more reviews on the Custom as a tow vehicle. Regards Jonny
  6. Sheltie

    Locked out

    This is interesting as we had the same issue with our Pursuit while we were visiting the Lakes a couple of weeks ago. Sitting at the BBQ and the wife went to fetch something out the van - couldn't get in!!! And the key was in the van. I wouldn't care, it's happened before when the van's been parked up at the house, and for that reason I've always kept the key on me when we're out and about. But that time I'd left the key inside on the shelf above the door. A good slap on the lock area seemed to do the trick. Had a heart attack wondering how we were going to get in. Thanks for the tips. I'll be having a proper look at it at the weekend - so the file may come out!!! Jonny
  7. Sleeping with your eyes closed is overrated!
  8. Yes I can understand why. I've noticed grass pitches with dead patches. We switch the furnace off and use the hot water to wash the last of the dishes before heading off, and dump the cold water out the furnace.
  9. On the subject of emptying water out of the caravan's furnace/hot water tank before leaving the site. I'm sure I read somewhere, that some site owners don't like you emptying furnace water onto your pitch. I can understand with flush water - which I empty into a jug - but furnace water is clean and usually cooled down before we set off, so I generally empty it out onto the pitch before heading off. Maybe I'm wrong doing that. Jonny
  10. Ha ha ha ha - fair comment there. I should've mentioned that the toilet/shower is mid ships, and the door isn't what you call flush to the jambs! So a tonne of light streams out of the top and bottom of the door into the sleeping areas (from that pesky little skylight with no blind). Here in Shetland during the summer (the Simmer Dim), it never gets dark, so getting your van dark enought to sleep in is a pastime here. Jonny
  11. This is a really good post. We had the light in the toilet skylight problem on our last trip - for some reason Bailey haven't included a blind - the van is only 4 years old. So a lot of faffing about with kitchen cloths. So I too cut a piece of card when we got back home ready for our next trip. Now to figure out how to shut the really really loud dove up, that seems to follow us to every campsite we go to. Jonny
  12. We are well into the third season with our caravan and I've plugged, unplugged, stowed, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, unplugged, plugged, stowed. ............. many many times now. .................and have never noticed the blue retaining clip/hook on the handle until I read your post and checked!!!!! And by God there it is - like magic the plug has a new thingamy on it that I'll use for ever more. And right enough I remember seeing the pump looped around and hooked onto the plug in a sketch in the caravan's manual. God I love this forum!! Thanks for posting that Dee Tee - really appreciated. Jonny
  13. Yes it is - kinda I think. The S value on my Alko stabiliser hitch is 150kg, but the van has an Alko chasis which is rated at 100kg. Hence Bailey's warning. I think!!!!!!! I keep it to 100kg or there and there about as it keeps the noseweight within the 5 - 7% range. Dear God it's confusing.
  14. I’ve been reading this thread with interest. It’s true that you don’t miss what you’ve never had. Our first van was bought three years ago new and is the Pursuit 560-5. Ticks all the boxes and more for our family, however I do crave a big old side locker for muddy boots and other large dirty paraphernalia. My in-laws have a four berth Pursuit that has a large outside locker at the rear, which I don’t understand why Bailey omitted from the 560-5. I’ve lost count now the caravans I’ve seen at sites, with front lockers with two gas bottles in them, packed to the brim with everything under the sun. I often wonder - not if - but how many KG they are over their nose weight, with many of the vans being towed by cars with (and I guess here) 70 – 75kg rated tow bars. I use the two lockers at the front sides of the Pursuit for water/waste stuff on one side and electrics, chocks on the other side. My hitch lock and hand drill go in the gas locker (sited next to the axle). We often travel with one gas bottle, so as previously mentioned, it leaves you a bit of room for heavier stuff (currently stapped with kids' outside play stuff!). My only alteration was to add an internal shelf in one front locker to place muddy hiking boots on (see my comment re. lack of mud locker). We are very frugal and sensible about loading, and I can regularly hit 105kg nose weight – and I tow my van with a pickup with a hitch rated at 160kg. We try to stick to Bailey's "don't exceed 100kg nose weight or you will all die" warning, rather than my Alko hitch's 150kg max rating. Like many who have commented before, I clean down the wastemaster and water barrel with my ‘dirty’ chamois and we stick them in their bags (kept under the back benches). They both sit on the floor at the rear of the van with the barrel pushed against the back wall by the wastemaster. I’ve driven many a small winding and very bumpy road (probably too fast at times) and they’ve never moved an inch. But like I said, you don’t miss what you’ve never had. Jonny
  15. I own a Pursuit 560-5 and follow the same tap procedures as outlined previously - hot first then cold. I open and close the tap as I hear the pump filling the furnace - as it fills you need to let the air escape from the pipework. For me it's the kitchen sink that's the farthest away from the pump, so it gets opened first. For what it's worth, I read on this forum a couple of years ago now a great tip of wrapping the tap with a sink cloth during the coughing and spluttering bit. Saves water getting sprayed everywhere. Jonny
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