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  1. I'm a photographer, and was shooting a wedding at Wortley Hall, Sheffield on Saturday. I have done a couple of weddings there before, but didn't have a caravan last time I was there. Of course, my caravan senses now are in full swing and noticed there was a lovely little CL just behind the hall. I went up for a little walk round, and it is beautiful. No toilets that I could see, but the cemical disposal and water points were immaculate and fantastic hard standing pitches, some with electric. We will be trying it this year.
  2. It's awful when you get that first reading, and very easy to panic! 70% is high, anything over 30% will damage internal boarding. Is the wood soft where you have found the highest readings? What year is your Senator? Does it have the joining strip between the rear ABS panel and the roof? I have a 2005 Bailey Pageant, and that has the joining strip which is usually responsible for damp in the top rear corners. I have just run over that with something called Eternabond Tape, which is like a roof flashing tape! This should hopefully seal it for longer than we keep the van. It may a
  3. Discusting that they have done it though! You must be fuming. .. I know I would be!
  4. You can use deoderant to remove spray paint!
  5. Do you have some leveling ramps? I have used these before to get mine over a kerb. Worked a treat!!!
  6. Thanks for all your advice! It is deffiantely water ingress, I can replicate it using a hose. We we sleep on a night, all windows are on vent throughout the 'van. I have applied a thing coat of vasaline to the rubbers and that seems to have helped, but we still end up with a tiny amount. I will have a look at the top of the rubber and see if I can see anything. Thanks again.
  7. We have recently upgraded our van to a Bailey Pageant Bretagne, which has the 3 split front windows. In pouring rain, we have noticed that water seems to some how end up inside sitting on the window rubbers. I have hada quick search on the internet and it seems quite common. Has anyone had this issue and come up with a solution? I suppose I could replace the rubbers, but was hoping someone has come up with a less drastic solution. Thanks in advance.
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