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  1. Yes i'm sure you are right in most cases, and that is the problem with commissioned based sales. ...but that's a different discussion! As someone who is clearly experienced in 'caravan matters' you may have more confidence when dealing with the pushy sales man than soemone who is looking for the first time. One of the values of forums like this (whether its caravans, cars or cameras) is that novices or newbys (such as myself) get to share the experiences and advice of the more expeienced mambers of the forum.
  2. Following mr december along the lines of customer service we have just bought at the show. We chose to deal with Moorland Leisue and have ordered our first van. The service we got from Moorland was brilliant, (they were on the Fleetwood stand) They were so helpful and our conversations were completely un-pressurised, they were terrific. During the past few months we've visited a few dealers and found ourselves under varying amounts of pressure, "waht can I do to get the business today" sort of attitude. Sorry that doesn't work for me. ..I sense pressure and run a mile!!!!! I hope soemone from GC becomes aware of mr decembers posting and has the good grace to call hime and put his mind at rest.
  3. My experience quoted above was more about using a generator than how it may help caravanning. I'm not sure I would buy one to go caravanning. If I was in need of 240v in the middle of nowhere I'd be more tempted to use a 12volt -> 240 volt inverter. I supose the main creteria would be what 240volt equipment you might want to use. High wattage inverters are not hard to find, but you need a heck of a battery to run one; I suppose that's the downside to consider against the possible noise of a generator.
  4. Just returned from the show at G-Mex Manchester where we spent some time looking at the Caravan Store - Zip. We were told the '05 models will include curtains, window nets and better materials but that none would be available in the UK until sometime in March. We were talking to a guy from Camperlands who reckoned that they are one of biggest UK Fiamma dealers (does that mean he knows what he is talking about- hope so!) They were cutting some deals on 04 stock, but we'll be waiting for 05 stock. H pe this helps. ...
  5. I'll add another thumbs up for Honda. I ahd one, only a 1kw, but whisper quiet and power was smooth enough to run a desk top computer on (which I did weekly for 3 years without a problem) I've seen that B&Q (amongst others) have 7/800 watt 2-stroke available for about £65, sure it does a good job, but probably not quietly. ... Remember if you are looking to compare 'db' noises ratings and increase in '3' on the value of the rating is in effect a doubling of the niose level. (if I rember correctly!)
  6. Wigleywoo. ... Looking to get first van, Zenith 5 is on short list of vans we want to look at, we like the double diner layout. Looking at the Lunar website I'm reading it that the Z5 is new for spring '05, however since you have one already does that mean they were released early or have they changed names/models Also do you know MTPLM, it is not quoted on their website? Thanks
  7. jetA1

    Aquaroll Tampering

    I don't think its a case of not trusting 'fellow vanners' more that other folks (dare I say local yobs) might see it as a pastime. However decent the folks within the caravan community may be there are many other groups out there who are not so decent. Isn't it similar to locking and imobilsing the van, not that one would worry about a fellow vanner stealing it, but there other groups in socitey who have a different agenda!!!
  8. Have one friend with 2. 3 petrol Galaxay (01 model) no problems at all. Have another friend with Alhambra (having previously had a Sharan) boths diesels (all the same vehicle aren't they?) He has had air-con problems, ICE problems and ECU problems!
  9. Got my Mazda 6 diesel estate last August, at the time the towing requirement of the car was not really a high priority. However things have changed and we are looking to buy our first 'van. I was rather pleased to see that the Mazda6 Estate took the '05 Tow Car of the year award from the CC. Has anyone here got experience of the car? Also my first task is to get a towbar fitted, is there anything to bear in mind when deciding whether to go to the dealer or go to a specialist towbar dealer? Intend to look at at least a couple of shows, G-Mex and NEC, are these a good place to buy as well as look? Thanks Paul
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