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  1. My car is leased, but lease company is a sister company within the group and my lease payments are funded. As per Gaz had to get 'approved' towbar but main dealer just happens to be 400yards from towbar specialist so I made similar saving. Towbar did not require bumper cut so no making good at the end of the contract (which is 30 months). No restrictions on use, company insurance covers 3 party only and is restricted to compnay employees only and spouse. Main concern from fleet department was that I should take appropriate driver training. Car choice is restricted to Ford group only, ie Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Mazda and LandRover. I picked Mazda 6 diesel estate and was pleased to see it voted caravan club towcar of the year this year.
  2. One of the features i'm waiting for is full 7 didgt post codes, it seems this function is not available on an exisiting GO with V5 upgrade, it needs the new maps that will arrive with the 300/500/700. I think I'll be waiting for the new models.
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    Carabiker. .... I'm very dissappointed in the list of references you supplied. .....my Great Auntie Edna from Scunthorpe has been making awnings in her parlour for 57 years. ....and you didn't mention her !!!!! That's one heck of a list you put together. ...nice one. .....
  4. Bronte We have the 'Aero' bed as advertised on TV. It does exactly what it claims to do. The 'Aero' is not cheap (around £100 ish) but we certainly rate it as excellent value for money. It has a built in mains powered pump with a switch that allows you alter the pressure softer - harder. Construction is first class, it is built to last. It is very comfortable. If I remember correctly it is available in different sizes, single, double and king. We've had less expensive ones before but for convenience and longevity this is the best!
  5. I mentioned in an earlier reply that we'd seen the Caravanstore Zip at GMEX show. The apearance of the '05 models seems much improved, curtains, window nets etc. It certainly does not have the rather utilitarian appearance of earlier models. As I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and asking questions I found myself 'voluteered' to help with a demonstration. It was very easy to handle. I think we'll be getting one of these for our van. Luckily we live near Camperlands who seem to be one of the main agents for Fiamma.
  6. jetA1

    Filling The Loo

    If you like playing with water I bet you don't want a solution!.....especially not one made up with water!!!
  7. There is a new generation of auto boxes from VAG, known as DSG 'direct shift gearbox'. In fact you can use them as a manual through to full auto. There are two clutches automatically operating a normal (ish) gearbox; rather than the 'epicyclic' gear trains and 'brake bands' associated with a normal auto 'box. These boxes are receiving praise from most sections of the motoring press. It'll be intersting to see how they perfom towing. Matt doesn't say what price point he's looking at, but if aiming high, then maybe VAG could be worth a look.
  8. Hey Bazcop, some gold plated observations there! Sad that some folks won't be told/don't want to listen. There's nothing like a trip to the mortuary to i/d, put is all into perspective. It's just a shame it has to be like that.
  9. IMHO having investigated rather more road traffic and industrial accidents than I care to remember it doesn't take long to find a mistake, error of judgment, oversight. ....or plain simple broken rule. ....as a root cause for the 'accident'. The chances of an unpredictable mechanical failure or perhaps act of god are, again IMHO (and experience), very small. As I said before, forums like this are very good at helping to promote discussion and debate, which then raises folks levels of awareness. That must be good whatever one's pont of view.
  10. Can of worms, yes indeed, where do we factor in the bull bars? I bet they reduce the figures to 20 & 10 respectively! Accidents don't just happen, they are caused. .....and more often than not by a human being; although 'we' are not always too keen to admit it. The fact that people around here are talking about these issues suggest that perhaps there is an above average level of awareness of the problems. That must be a good starting point in helping to keep the roads safe.
  11. I'll add my voice to the discussion that 'inapropriate' speed is the problem. The sad thing is that as individuals we cannot all be trusted to apply the same values in life, hence some take risks other don't. We really do seem to be becoming a nanny state, but i'm not sure how to avoid that. The truth is that 'we' in the UK accept the death of 3,500 people a year in road accidents deaths. If you are unfortunate enough to be related to one of those 3,500 individuals your attitude to raod traffic laws (and enforcement of them) is probably going to be different than most other people. The sad thing is that it takes involvement in tragedy to bring some people around to the right way of thinking.
  12. jetA1

    Citroen C5

    I think in the case of this C5 the difference is related to there being a newer model available. Carpages data fits with the original version but not new version, the 'cuddles' data shows both versions and therefore agrees with Carpages and Citroen. I've looked at the 'cuddles' data many many times and it always agrees with the manufacturers. I would assume (dangerous I know) that any data given in a UK specification refering to Kerbweight would be comparable? In terms of legality if stopped I would have thought that police (or other enforcement authority) would work on plated weights rather than any data offered by the owner/driver. ...any thoughts?
  13. Sadly diesel only available in manual, if diesel auto had been an option thats the one I'd have got. 136 manual is a great car!
  14. jetA1

    Citroen C5

    Just had a look at the Citroen website http://www. citroen. co. uk/level4/technicalS. ..hback&infoID=12 2. 0 HDI is 138bhp and 1498kg unladen, so if its the new version that makes it 91%, which sounds better. Also check out http://www. cuddles. abelgratis. net/citroen. htm#c54 The 1385kg refers to earlier model, Coljac says he just bought new, so more likely to be the heavier model (hope)
  15. A couple of thoughts spring to mind "Each to his own" & "Horses for courses". We will all make our own choices based on circumstances, and with the help of forums like this one, hopefully we will all make informed choices and be happy with them. To coin another phrase as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" then the value of a caravan is in the mind of the family that owns it.
  16. Geoff I have a Mazda 6 136 diesel estate, according to my documentation the kerb weight is 1547kg and manufacturers rated towing capacity is 1600kg I haven't towed with mine yet, but am pleased by all the positive comments made by others about towing. Very, very, pleased with the car itself Hope this helps. Paul
  17. Strange but true! Filling gas cylinders, that reminds me! I spent 3 years living and working in the USA (not far from Washington DC) I noticed that ALL portable gas appliances over there run on propane. Our barbeque (or grill as they call it) therefore ran on propane. The routine for refilling the cylinder was close to being d. i. y! Drive to local garage where they store propane in bulk; take empty cylinder to rear of garage and stand by the bulk tank; confidence inspiring high school drop out connects cylinder to refill line straight from bulk tank through pump and meter; places empty cylinder on old fashioned scales and set to zero; switch on pump and wait till scale tip 15lbs and switch pump off! Job done, go to kiosk and pay $12. The cylinder I had displayed a label explaining the overfill protection system; a ball cock device (similar to what you would find in a loo cistern) which would stop the flow when the liquid gas reached the safety limit!
  18. I'm looking for review/test on Fleetwood Sonata Melody, have done some searching on-line without result. Anyone like to suggest a good source for this sort of info. I don't mind paying for back issues of mags, if only I could find one!
  19. Definitely take a look at the 'forums' section of www. pocketgps. co. uk, there has been plenty of discussion there about TomTomGO and its main competitor the Navman icn510; they are both standalone/dedicated GPS and are both very popular. Also keep a close eye on claims for price and availability, these are very much the 'boys toy' of the moment!
  20. Thanks Brian, I've already started making lists of items to check and questions to ask. ..I'm a bit like that (in fact on the QT I'll admit to being an auditor at work ) I will be quite happy to take my time on the handover. We have chosen the insurance policy we intend to use, thats ready for when we have a collection date.
  21. There is a towbar specialist about 400 yards from the Mazda dealer, I know that he gets some work from Mazda; I'll see what the price difference is. Thanks for the encouraging comments about the '6' as a tow car, mine is a 136 also. I suspect it will feel more lively than the 60ton fuel tanks I'm used to
  22. Good info, thanks Paul
  23. We're moving to our first van, from camping and tralier tent. When we sold our trailer tent everything went with it. When we were discussing our new van we explained this to the salesman and said 'we want a price that includes all the essential extras' so that we can pick it up and use it straight away. Also, it has already cropped up in conversation that the delivery handover may take a couple of hours in order to do it properly. .....sounds good to me, but then I haven't done it before. ...does that sound about right?
  24. Yes i'm sure you are right in most cases, and that is the problem with commissioned based sales. ...but that's a different discussion! As someone who is clearly experienced in 'caravan matters' you may have more confidence when dealing with the pushy sales man than soemone who is looking for the first time. One of the values of forums like this (whether its caravans, cars or cameras) is that novices or newbys (such as myself) get to share the experiences and advice of the more expeienced mambers of the forum.
  25. Following mr december along the lines of customer service we have just bought at the show. We chose to deal with Moorland Leisue and have ordered our first van. The service we got from Moorland was brilliant, (they were on the Fleetwood stand) They were so helpful and our conversations were completely un-pressurised, they were terrific. During the past few months we've visited a few dealers and found ourselves under varying amounts of pressure, "waht can I do to get the business today" sort of attitude. Sorry that doesn't work for me. ..I sense pressure and run a mile!!!!! I hope soemone from GC becomes aware of mr decembers posting and has the good grace to call hime and put his mind at rest.
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