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  1. Pageant, Pageant, I used a laptop-based system for about a year before moving on to a Tom Tom GO 300. For the laptop I bought a package of Infomap Navigator and a wired GPS mouse (the sat receiver) the total cost was just £120. It worked exceptionally well and the mapping software was very good considering it was about £35 of the cost. It also had voice directions built it in and full 7 figure postcodes. As a tool to navigate, create waypoints, route plan before getting in the car, monitor speed etc, etc, It was as good as you could want. The only down side is the portability / practicality of dealing with the laptop in the car. There is no doubt that all these portability issues disappear when you move to a Tom Tom type device. A smaller Tom Tom type device can be easily and safely mounted in a position where the visual display can be seen without causing a distraction from driving. That is not true for the laptop solution, although because Infomap has voice commands it is a useable solution. I still use the Infomap software for off-line journey planning; I travel a lot and often to new locations so the ability to plan on my desktop is quite useful. However, once on the move the Tom Tom wins hands down.
  2. Very sorry but I cannot agree. ...The leisure industry is a service industry and sadly that means long hours, and in fact long hours are fact of life for most working people these days. Now I would accept that you probably don't want folks arriving and pitching at 10-11pm, but for many folks who work hard for their living 7, 8, 9 pm is just not that late. If we were all retired or worked very 'neat' 8-4 or 9-5 days that would be great, but that it not the reality of the world today. I'm very lucky in that I work for a large 'blue chip' company but even so these days you just can't stop work at 4pm or 5pm. If we're only going away for the weekend then of course we consider traffic, distance and all the other variables that might affect us. BUT the last thing I want, when the car is full of family and the van is on the back, is the pressure of meeting a deadline to arrive at site, which may well be caused be something outside of my control. The sites that we use will be those who accomodate our requirements.
  3. Sorry I don't have a Sunncamp so not sure about the 3 grey plastic strips, however it's only a few months since we put our awning up for the first time. When you start to unpack the awning you will feel like the whole world is watching your every move. ....just waiting to see you make a mistake. Just remember you are NOT involved in a time trial, you ARE out for a relaxing time, and you know. .....if you do make a mistake. ....what the heck and it will only be you that knows it anyway. Accept the help of your wife. ...graciously. ...work as a team. ...you are not trying to prove anything to anyone. ....A glass of wine may help you relax, but avoid consuming the whole bottle before the awning is in place. ...Good Luck!
  4. Just completed a return trip to Bristol, from home in Manchester. I travelled down on Tuesday evening, just north of J14 on the M5 yesterday evening (Tuesday) came across an accident 11pm. .ish. A single artic involved. The vehicle had run off the motorway up a long shallow embankment on the left hand side; it had rolled onto its right hand side. There were a number of emergency vehicles on scene but it seemed like the driver was still in the cab. It made me feel quite sick as I drove past, I know that the number of truck drivers who wear seat belts is quite low, and seeing it had rolled to the right it didn't look good. I hope the driver was OK. Then coming home this evening, (Wednesday) travelling north on the same section of the M5 (probably 2-3 miles south of the same location) came across a hold up, I'd just heard Sally Traffic mention the hold up on her travel news, lane one blocked and all traffic slow and passing by in lanes 2 + 3. The cause of the hold up. ....another sickening site. ....a single axle touring van on its side and a Land Rover Discovery (detached from the van) and also on its side. .....personal belongngs from the van spread all over the place. I sincerely hope no one was hurt but what a dreadful sight. I don't know what happened, on the face of it, it was just a beautiful sunny afternoon, the carriageway was straight and level, it just didn't seem like the place for an accident; but it happened. I'm sure that amongst forum members and visitors we're all about to set off and travel thousands of miles between us, I hope everyone remains safe and accident free.
  5. For a few minutes I sort of . ...paced her. ......thought I might be able to provide a witness statment if it all went wrong. ....then I gave up. ...
  6. jetA1


    Just had a phone call from the dealer (parts dept.), the window that I was told was ordered about 3 weeks ago has not been ordered. The phone call today was to ask if I wanted to order it!!! So that's 3 weeks lost, what a farce! Phoned the saleman up and he said he'd sort it an make sure the order was placed, but there's nothing he can do about the lost 3 weeks. This sort of event does nothing to help the blood pressure. ..........
  7. Frustrating isn't it, there's never a set of blue flashing lights around when you see something like this! You just have to hope that when he (she) finally does come to grief they only hurt themselves and not some innocent bystander The other day I was passed by a young girl in a Seat Cupra on the M1, I guarantee that she was travelling at least 90mph, she had her handbag on her lap, and was reaching into it. She pulled out a note nook and pen and started writing, supporting the notebook on the steering wheel. She then swapped the note book for some sheets of paper which she again held across the steering wheel. ......and then got our her mobile phone. This went on, all in lane 3, for about 5-6 miles and all at 90+mph !!! UNBELIEVABLE
  8. Thanks, heard about this on the radio, then promptly forgot! Have done it now, made three entries, ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3, that way you can cover several options landlines, mobiles etc. .....
  9. Last night I saw a 'vey large' Swift twin axle van fitted with a mover, nothing strange about that. ..but. ..in fact it had two movers fitted, I haven't seen that before. It had two RK's fitted one ahead of the front axle and one behind the rear axle. Is this the ultimate solution for fitting a mover on a twin axle? By the way the tow vehicle was a brand new Range Rover so I'm thinking this was someone who just knew what he wanted and. ..got it! (probably not on a restricted budget!)
  10. This motorhome ???? is for sale at $A175,000 + plus shipping from down under. .... More details at http://www. robgray. com/index. htm and follow, motorhome link. .....
  11. Ouch . ..... that hurts. I didn't spend all that hard earned cash on a mover to impress others!
  12. Clearly this situation would not happen to a customer of Mr Sheens, which is great. But just how much searching should a punter have to do to check out the credentials of a dealer or even the supporting manufacturer/importer? In my own case I need a replacement window for a 05 van, not a single one in the UK and the importer doesn’t carry a stock; 8 weeks plus on the slow boat from…..? I am lucky that the damage has not put my van off the road, but if it had no one gives a ****. I’m now wondering just how long the list of qualifying questions will be if I choose to change my van in the future? I am an auditor, I can make up a checklist, my findings would probably put me off buying another van. How do you inform potential new 'first time' punters that there are some dodgy dealers around? I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that if you carried out enough research prior to purchase you might be forgiven for thinking that the whole industry stinks. ......and ultimately that could cause a problem for the good guys. The comparison most of us are likely to make is with the retail car trade; to be honest the caravan trade makes the car trade look good. When you're away in the van, on a pleasant site with good surrounds (and probably a glass of wine in hand!) There is tremendous feeling of satisfaction and contentment with the world. .......but for some people (too many) the problems they have to overcome to get there is bound to make them question -- 'is it worth it' and the answer would be an understandable NO. One factor that differentiates caravan from cars is that buying a van is entirely for pleasure (where a car is much more of a necessity) Spending on a leisure activity just should not give rise the levels of aggravation that are experienced. Sad thing is probably nothing will change, there will always be a hard core who put up with the problems and/or are lucky enough to have a good dealer, and there will continue to be a transient population of folks who have a bad experience and give up. Sorry this has turned into a bit of a rant, but that’s what this topic does to me. If there is a bit of a down turn coming lets just hope that it is some of the cowboys who loose out.
  13. I was begining to think I was odd man out. ....my Mazda 6 diesel holds the same temp in all conditions
  14. Nice one GentleGiant. ..... I'm annoyed I didn't see that in Maplins, thats a great price. Still glad you posted it since at that price there is no excuse for anyone not to have one!!!!
  15. jetA1

    Synthetic Oils

    oscar That website is very good, well worth a visit!
  16. jetA1

    Synthetic Oils

    I don’t think synthetics are a fad. Just as technology brings improvements to other features on our cars it’s the same with lubricants. The newer technologies seem to work well together and "get the best out of each other". A friend of mine has a new (less than a year old) Vectra with the V6 diesel in it, its first service was at 30k miles; this sort of performance is the result of improved lubricant technology. At the very top of the range are lubes that are specifically designed for turbo diesels with particulate filters; they are developed to prolong the life of the particulate filter (I think it is BMW and VW that are first down this road) But while synthetic might be the best (and only) lubricant for the very latest designs of engine, it my not be appropriate for all engines, so it important to know the specification of the oil required for the motor you run.
  17. gio hope you get the elctrics sorted, I always use one of those plugs with the 3 neons, it shows that all the connections are correct, I use it as soon I connect to the mains supply and before anyone gets into the van. ....forget what they are called but cost about £10 in the accessory shops. sparkey i'm sure you know what I'm talking about, I put a lot of faith in this device. ....is that wise? the van is new so i have no reason to expect any problems. ....
  18. Tell me about it, i'm on an 8 week wait (but don't hold your breath) for a window from fleetwood, ***** ridiculous!! And how's this for a trick, fleetwood can only be contacted on and '0870' phone number, now that just adds insult to injury. ......and another also, they say you have to deal through a 'dealer' they wont deal with individuals, what a stich up. ......
  19. jetA1


    We have an 05 Fleetwood, which of course is an Adria. After 3 months we have no warranty issues (fingers crossed) and my impression is that build quality is quite reasonable. There are a couple of matters that require dealer attention, a section of pipework in the gas supply to the heater was secured with considerable 'tension' in it, this is down to poor installation, and the position of the waste water outlets is rubbish, too far in from side of van and set too high up. Apart from these no issues. HOWEVER, we have a need for a new window and thats a different matter. Not a single spare window in the country, and quoted 8+ weeks delivery. ...but don't hold your breath. Spares are apparently sent inside vans that are delivered to the UK. I regard this as pathetic to be honest, lucky for us the van is still usable. I don't know if other manufacturers are any better or worse, but I am shocked to be quoted 8 weeks. I have made many, many phone calls pursuing the window and have spoken to several folks who suggest that spares back up is a known problem. When we come to change our van we will be more searching in our questions about manufacturer support.
  20. We've had an auto (of one sort or another) in the family for 17 years, our experience is that some auto's do have reduced towing limits. Might be that newer technology means this is less of an issue, but its probably worth checking if you have particular models in mind.
  21. Tony It really depends what you want, and why? We are one of three families who are very close friends, we have a van, another family has a van and the other a motorhome. We often go away and meet up at the weekend; most important thing is we all have fun. The family with the motorhome (2 adults + 1 child) are very lucky that they are able to use the motorhome purely as a recreational vehicle. There are two important factors a: mum and dad have a car each so they don't rely on the motorhome for day to day transport, b: they have the space for the motorhome and their cars on the driveway. We have noticed that since buying the motorhome they have spent the most time away. They have also found thmeselves using buses and trains for local transport when 'pitched' since this avoids the problem of parking the motorhome (which can sometimes be a problem) The motorhome certainly encourages touring; it has the ultimate convenience in stopping and setting up then packing up to move on. Believe it or not the only draw back they’ve come across is the difficulty in using supermarket carparks! There is no doubt you’ll have to spend much more money to set up with a motorhome, we’ve looked and would say £25k+ is the starting point. Just last weekend we were on a site next to a motorhome rig, which we would have said, was ideal. Picture attached.
  22. jetA1

    Porch Awning

    I am sure you will receive many different views on this. ......I'll start the ball rolling. Remember the windows are plastic and are more prone to being scratched than say your glass windows at home. If you overlap the awning with the window (and the awning is in contact with the window) there is a chance that any movement between the awing and the window may result in marks on the window. This may, or may not, be an issue for you; we have our first new van so are sensitive to any little mark. Perhaps others take a different view. ...?
  23. jetA1

    Help Please

    I chose a Witter fixed ball because there was no bumper cut. ...after several outings and 600+ miles was fed up with noise from the towbar. ....took it back to outlet that fitted and without asking me they cut the bumper. ....the fit is very, very close on my car (Mazda 6 Estate)......that cured one noise then ended up with a 'clunk' which was fixed after a second return. ...But still getting a lot of noise from the Alko hitch now. The alko ball was cleaned with extreme care, the inside of the hitch is cleaned every time, but i'm still getting noise which is clearly coming from the Alko hitch. This is very distracting when towing. I've noticed some scoring on the ball, which I've cleaned off several time with abrasive cloth; I've also noticed that there is a samll amount of vertical movement in the Alko hitch which prodcues an audible 'knock' when moved by hand. I've towed before with non-Alko and never had any problems, are Alko hitches prone to these irritating noises? My wife is getting fed up with me stopping en-route to check/clean the hitch. ....what on earth am I doing wrong??
  24. Just for INFO. ... I've recently tried to upgrade to version 5. 100 of Tom Tom and had some problems so I thought I'd share. ..As I have said previously the SD card which comes with the Go 300 is only 128mb, and with a few poi's added I found the upgrade to operating system 5. 100 impossible; in fact the Go 300 locked up and gave me big problems. ....anyway I bought 512mb card, loaded the full back up and the situation improved. Then applied the upgrade to the 512 card and all worked well. Hope this helps. ...
  25. LED lighting ceretainly seems to be a win-win option. I have a couple of LED torches, they are low current drain, therefore long battery life is a great advantage. No more flat batteries. They certainly appear to be finding a huge range of uses, torches, household lights, vehicle lights I've even seen them used on camcorders as the subject light.
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