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  1. You probably won't, I've been there and wondered the same ... but then in the scheme of things I decided it really didn't matter. In the overall scheme of things the weight variance is not significant and in terms of gas cost, then gas is such a small cost in terms of owning/using a caravan. I decided there are too many other things to concern myself about.
  2. Exactly, for this reason there simply can't any hard and fast rules, our bodies are all different AND they can behave differently at different times. It is all about known the warning signs from your body and acting accordingly. I now have a fairly regular 260 mile (each way) trip to visit family/friends since moving. The best time for the journey has been 4hr 15 minutes, all factors lined up feeling great, clear roads and good weather. The worst time for the journey was just a couple of days ago where it took 10 (yes ten) hours!, this was due to the clockwise M25 being closed J8 - 10. Once something like that (totally outside your own control) happens then however well you're feeling fatigue becomes a major player. I had two significant stops on the way up and needed 4 on the return journey (plus a one hour turn around). Variables like this can make journey planning for a specific arrival time very difficult, the only option being to build in plenty of slack time up front. But where there is no specific arrival time then there is time to react to situations which occur on route. Self imposing a minimum journey time for nothing more than personal convenience seems very selfish. My voice is with several others who have already commented, yes, do something stupid that harms yourself by all means but you can't guarantee to do that without involving others, which is selfish.
  3. After much thought I've just relinquished my HGV1 driving privileges (I'm 63), I've been on 3 yearly medicals for the last two renewal cycles because of a heart attack; this last renewal I decided not to go through the medical assessment. I spoke to the medical unit at DVLA who were quite insistent that if I wanted to bring the HGV back to life all I would have to do is comply with the medical requirements. I'm not sure if I will ever need it but it's handy to know I can renew if I want/need to.
  4. Sadly, the clue is 'unattended' ... there is criminality everywhere.
  5. I'd put my money on that being a taper roller bearing, maybe needs a 'tap' to release, but should easily dismantle after that.
  6. The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, the umbrella organisation over most UK classic vehicle clubs, published a letter which could be shown in any 'enforcement' situation clarifying the position of MOT exemption for those not familiar with the precise detail.
  7. I also agree with you and Moorgate about Clarity and Nationwide, we too have both. However, I think you're missing the point, they are credits cards, there are many and various reasons why some people don't want, or can't/don't have access to credit cards. That is who pre-payment cards are aimed at. Against that background and providing you go into a pre-paid card fully aware of all the t's & c's they have a place and usefulness for some people.
  8. I listened to the broadcast and was also concerned at some of the experiences that were described. I thought the lady defending the industry position had her work cut and I was less than convinced by some of her answers. There appeared to be two types of problems firstly the charges associated with using the cards and secondly the reliability of just where the cards would or would not work. It appeared that determining where the cards would or wouldn't work was unpredictable and not something that could be determined by research which was a bit alarming. The matter of charges was something that could be calculated in advance by looking at the t&c's small print but it seemed that there was a charge associated with almost every transaction (both placing money on the card and using it or even reclaiming an unused balance) making the card expensive to use. Personal experience is that one of our daughters used a pre-paid card while travelling in the USA a couple of years ago. She didn't have a credit card at the time and the prepaid card appeared to offer security. We fully understood that this came with a cost but in the circumstances we knew what we were getting into and accepted it. Also to be completely fair she did not experience any problem using it. However, that is at odds with other people's experience so does add to the unpredictability argument. In certain circumstances these cards have their uses, but you have to do the research to know exactly what you are getting into. They can provide convenience, but it comes at a price.
  9. jetA1

    Rear number plate

    As a former plod, I have a good idea about enforcement works, thanks. I quite agree that a tow car not displaying a rear plate where it IS displayed on the rear of the combination is far more unusual than the trailer simply not displaying any plate at all (or the wrong plate). The fact that a driver had taken the trouble to make their combination legal by removing the rear car plate and positioning it on the rear of the combination suggests that there is an air of someone trying to be compliant which may influence the conversation if stopped by enforcement. Granted there are no guarantees but when assessing a situation that would be a factor to consider. Checking if the towcar is stolen or has a marker for other interests can be achieved swiftly and establishing what the driver knows about the caravan can again be swiftly established. Of course, if the 'customer' has something to hide and is objectionable then these checks may take a very long time to complete, but if the customer is straight and has nothing to hide then they can be on their way with little delay.
  10. jetA1

    Rear number plate

    I'm not sure where you get the idea of 'lengthy' delay and I'm not sure about being stopped because the tow vehicle has no rear plate where the rear plate is displayed on the trailer.
  11. What on earth are you talking about "rich folks" ... it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get a decent data allowance on any mobile phone these days. Mobile maps don't use that much data anyway Regardless of the above, there must be a value to having 100% up to date traffic info, which the likes of Google can provide, I'd say that was well worth the cost of a few MB of data .... if needed anyway.
  12. I couldn't agree more, it is fantastic. The one thing I'll never forget is how 'chatty' the lady surgeon was who carried out the stenting, She encouraged me to watch what she was doing on the monitor above the operating table.
  13. Case by case, I don't think there are hard and fast rules, in my case it was 4 weeks.,that was information given at time of discharge.
  14. I have one stent from my heart attack 5 years ago. I really can't see it's had an impact on my car insurance I certainly haven't become uninsurable. Also, I've driven HGV's with stent fitted (that is a different and notifiable condition). As for travel insurance, all perfectly doable, possibly a bit more expensive but I buy insurance for each trip because nearly all my foreign travel is for work and I recharge the insurance cost per job I do. A recent 8 day trip to Tanzania was £17 I think, hardly a deal breaker. I 've done a 3 week trip to Australia a couple of years back, I really don't remember what the cost was other than to say it wasn't so high as to make me remember it. The insurance questionnaires all seem pretty similar once you have seen a few., they are required when you have pre-existing conditions. You'll be asked how many stents and about your medication regime. If similar to me that means you'll be taking medications which are certain to be asked questions about. At the end of the questionnaire you'll see a summary of what you have declared which makes it easy to check you've mentioned everything. Since having the stent fitted I've probably had around 30 single trip policies, all my travel insurance has been with a company called 'Southdowns', it has been a piece of cake and I would say at a reasonable price.
  15. How do you work that out? I know two people who own statics, yes they are an expensive pastime and yes the deals are always stacked in favour of the site owner. I know of four renewals across the two people, they have never been depreciated to £1000. I don't understand how you can put a figure of £1000 on any deal without knowing a lot more.
  16. I think you have misunderstood the point, we all know that new tyres should go on the rear for exactly the reasons you say., there is no disagreement with that. The biggest problem is that many people don't understand that and tyre fitters do not explain the reasons why.
  17. Last week I replaced the tyres on Mrs JetA1's car. I knew the fronts needed looking at because of wear to the sidewalls, the tread depth was fine but the front tyres are used as 'parking sensors' so the sidewalls always suffer more than tread depth. The car is 15 years old, we've had it for 10 years, the fronts have been replaced a couple of times but I thought I should check the rears. Still plenty of tread depth, no splitting in the sidewalls or tread groves, but then I thought I should check the date. Oooops ... 1704 ... they were the original tyres from when the car was new. All four tyres have been replaced
  18. My aircon stays on all the time, I understand it must use some power but I'm reluctant to accept it is a measurable amount in terms of normal use. If measuring everything in 'lab type ' conditions then I'm sure it is measurable. The car is 12 years old, German 2.1 diesel auto and has returned 37.1 mpg over the 25k miles, very comfortable, miles I've covered in it. Many people seem to associate air con only with it's cooling function. I find it helps when using heat as well, particularly in humid and wet weather.
  19. It is all down to the vagaries of network coverage vs. site location, I'm not aware that anyone has mapped these two factors together and put the information in one place. Personally, I'm a big fan of MiFi devices and have been using them since they first became available. For me, the sperate data allowance (i.e. away from my phone) was my incentive for separate devices. I think the landscape on data charges for tethering to a mobile is changing all the time so it may well be that tethering to a phone on the right data deal is the easiest thing to do. To cover all locations it is probably necessary to have a couple of different sims to give the best chance of finding a signal
  20. jetA1

    Skoda Kodiaq

    I'm sure I've read, many times, that PCP now accounts for something like 70% of all new car deals to private ownership, it is what has kept the industry going for the last few years now.
  21. Looking at the Michelin presentation I think it is more likely that the comment should read "there WAS a problem with vibration ....". Given the level of technical innovation we see in all aspects of life, I would expect that what was a problem "many years ago" may well have seen some improvement.
  22. I replaced one about 18 months ago, I did a lot of research on eBay and elsewhere, eventually I think I paid £55 for one. Sorry don't remember the make but it was a very simple affair, had a line of about 10 LED's in a very basic plastic housing. The problem was that my original had been collision damaged, it wasn't a component failure. The searching I did seemed to indicate a relatively small number of suppliers which probably accounted for the high price. Eventually, I bought it from an outlet specialising on 4X4 off-roading and lighting equipment near Huddersfield.
  23. Supermarkets bring an element of price competition to everything they sell, fuel included, which for the most part results in financial benefit for their customers (and of course their shareholders). I agree a couple of pence per litre may not be worth going out of your way for but sometimes the difference can be more and when it ends up at a few quid per tankful then I understand why people would be interested in saving the money.
  24. My experience is that admin charges are pretty much universal these days, a charge is understandable if the risk has changed but if not then I'm more inclined to see it as an easy income stream for them. Sure it takes someone's time to answer a call and input the information on a computer screen but charges often appear more than a little disproportionate. As to the OP's example which seems to indicate that all he did was interact with the insurer's computer system then that to me sounds completely disproportionate. So, that's another question to ask at renewal when they're giving you the hard sell, "what are your admin fees?"
  25. jetA1

    8k tug

    That is not universally true, there are certainly many autos that can match or even improve on their manual counterparts, but far from all. BMW's do appear to be particularly good at it.
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