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  1. I replaced one about 18 months ago, I did a lot of research on eBay and elsewhere, eventually I think I paid £55 for one. Sorry don't remember the make but it was a very simple affair, had a line of about 10 LED's in a very basic plastic housing. The problem was that my original had been collision damaged, it wasn't a component failure. The searching I did seemed to indicate a relatively small number of suppliers which probably accounted for the high price. Eventually, I bought it from an outlet specialising on 4X4 off-roading and lighting equipment near Huddersfield.
  2. Supermarkets bring an element of price competition to everything they sell, fuel included, which for the most part results in financial benefit for their customers (and of course their shareholders). I agree a couple of pence per litre may not be worth going out of your way for but sometimes the difference can be more and when it ends up at a few quid per tankful then I understand why people would be interested in saving the money.
  3. My experience is that admin charges are pretty much universal these days, a charge is understandable if the risk has changed but if not then I'm more inclined to see it as an easy income stream for them. Sure it takes someone's time to answer a call and input the information on a computer screen but charges often appear more than a little disproportionate. As to the OP's example which seems to indicate that all he did was interact with the insurer's computer system then that to me sounds completely disproportionate. So, that's another question to ask at renewal when they're giving you the hard sell, "what are your admin fees?"
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    That is not universally true, there are certainly many autos that can match or even improve on their manual counterparts, but far from all. BMW's do appear to be particularly good at it.
  5. Each to his own, I think you might find that some would enjoy this ... I fully agree with your comments about travelling to Scotland though.
  6. You obviously haven't seen how well Tesla charging points are provided at many motorway services. Their provision knocks everyone else out of the park ... so it can be done.
  7. My selective use of the Zoe is entirely appropriate because it is the only EV that is remotely close to being an affordable option that we would consider and I can assure you that amortising 'all' the costs is an exercise that I have worked through and it simply doesn't work. I'm talking about a sub £7k secondhand car, a choice that will be made by many. It will be some years before the EV market yields any sort of practical choice. Yes my argument is entirely around the finances, because for a lot of people that is either the sole or most significant driver. in making a purchase decision.
  8. That does not make a compelling argument for widespread EV use, it is a very limited argument for certain types of use and is not a generally applicable argument. We're a very long way off being able to make a 'purely' economic argument for EV's in the secondhand sector. EV's are the preserve of drivers who can afford to spend a few £'s to experiment with the new technology. My wife's mission profile for her car is 100% suitable for an EV, but there is no way I can make an economic argument for it. Go back to BG's figures for battery lease plus the cost of charging for a Zoe, it just doesn't add up. The battery lease alone costs more than she spends on petrol per month. I genuinely look forward to the day when the numbers stack and I'll happily make the change, but for now, it is a no brainer to stick with petrol.
  9. Yes, take a look at the world of radio controlled flying, mini-turbines are becoming increasingly popular, I'm sure there are other uses for them.
  10. Genuine Benz wipers carry a very clear 'three-pointed star' logo, needs nothing more than a passing glance to check. My car was fitted with genuine Benz wipers when I bought it, needless to say as the car is now 11 years old I do not buy such branded items. In fact, having a job as a relief driver for a local motor fact, I tend to buy whatever we stock, with staff discount who would do anything else?
  11. Yes, that is one side of the deal but the other side is that being undercover awareness of the existence of the caravan is less likely to be known in the first place. Sure, especially if the location is remote, those with evil intent have more time to do their deed, but this can be balanced against the fact they are less likely to know to go looking there in the first place. I use barn storage for my classic sports car, it is one of a dozen or more classics stored in the barn, the location is remote in as much as it near the end of a mile long cul de sac through farmland, although we're actually only about 2 miles from the nearest built-up part of town. Those of us that use the facility are mindful of not being too specific about the precise location when talking to people we don't know. As an aside, I've just had a big shock with regard to the cost of storage. Currently, the car remains in the North West where we used to live and where I paid £225 per year for the barn space, it is dry with light and power and 7-day access. Research in my new home area in mid-Sussex 10 miles north of Brighton suggests that I'm looking at towards (an unaffordable) £100 per month for a similar facility . I'm currently trying to devise a plan B.
  12. We've had a Dyson V10 for about a year, thought long and hard because it was expensive but eventually went for it. It has not disappointed, it has certainly lived up to expectations in terms of both battery and suction performance. On the basis of seeing and using ours, I know of two people who have also bought V10's.
  13. Unless things have changed then normal Caravan Club insurance will cover it. We had out tourer on a seasonal pitch for several years and explained that fully, cc insurance was always happy to cover it. In terms of using a price comparison tool I don't know how cc would compare, never even thought about it, just used cc insurance.
  14. I would suggest it will be 'many', to the point where it may well have a regional effect on car prices as the deadline draws close and people have to decide to either pay the charge or changing their vehicle.
  15. Garmin were into sat nav long before it was found in cars, Garmin is a Sat Nav company. Although I've owned TomTom's I've never believed they were a particularly customer focused company, personally I think they've had their day. They know that in-car standalone devices have a limited future so they're trying to hold a place as an OEM provider by building links with manufacturers but I'll never take them seriously compared with Garmin. With the likes of real live services such a Google maps with traffic and navigation, I think that is where the long term future lies.
  16. Exactly, it is TfL's game played by TfL rules so the only thing that matters is what their online checker states. In the real world, I guess there are going to be errors, but it appears to be a case issue the fines and ask questions later. I'm sure this new regime is already costing folks a lot of money but when it expands to include the area bounded by the North & South Circular Roads it is going to have a much greater impact.
  17. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I would find it very difficult to believe that 'leccy prices" have gone up by 25% in the current environment, that just flies in the face of everything we are told about competitive markets. If by some quirk of fate electricity costs have "really" gone up by 25% then someone (at cc) has taken their eye off the ball. I think in the present climate there are many organisations who "exploit" genuine price rises but somehow manage to add a percentage on the back of it to line their owns pockets.
  18. There are some times when I really need the assistance of the Sat Nav when I'm prepared to accept the radio being cut out
  19. I always thought that 1.5mm cable was rated at 16amp and 2.5mm at 25amp and that the reason for using 2.5mm cable (say for a hook up) was the additional mechanical strength of the larger cable and possibly lower resistance on longer runs.
  20. I am by all accounts "Mr Micro manager" but you re taking it to a whole new level ... if you really are so worried about third party risk when using the mover then you will never enjoy a night in a caravan.
  21. All you say is true, we all know it, this thread has been started by a chancer/troll , I can't believe the effort that has been put into replies to such a dumb ass question. I'm ex plod myself and by all accounts, I'm pretty decent chap (some ex plods can't understand real life) but I wouldn't waste a minute of my past professional time on this thread. i'm more concerned that anyone here would take the question seriously since the OP obviously already knows the chance he is taking .. so why on earth try and justify it ... Sad to see so many taken in by it ....
  22. This is not remotely related to police training ... years ago when I was a plod we were called to all manner of incidents and we dutifully investigated them at great public expense ... this is nothing at all to do with the police ...
  23. I think the OP knows exactly what the situation is. To be honest I'm surprised anyone is dignifying the post with a reply.
  24. Electricity is never free, it is 'included' in the cost, and abuse is simply regulated by the circuit breaker on each pitch, exceed the limit and you get blown out, sadly there isn't an equivalent for wi-fi. It's a sad reflection on human nature but however 'nice' we think our fellow caravanners are there is always someone who thinks they can push the limit.
  25. Well, sort of, asbestos is harmful, to different degrees depending on the type. However, if you don't disturb it then there is no risk of harm. That's the important thing, don't disturb it.
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