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  1. Sadly, I think you might be rather disappointed with how the 10,000 responses are dealt with.
  2. The regime under which you are paying VED was put in place to encourage lower levels of CO2, which at the time was 'thought' to be the best thing to do for environmental reasons. Science has since shown that a flawed logic was used to make that policy and that there are other concerns. However it's highly unlikely that any future changes would be retrospective and the chances of any government having the 'bottle' to increase the price of road fuel by putting VED on it are almost non existent.
  3. For me the safety aspect and how long batteries will last are not red line issues, however I totally agree about the evangelistic approach of some RV supporters which is getting right up my nose. The use of ICE, petrol and diesel for motor vehicles , has been absolutely pivotel to how the world has developed and where we are today after nearly 125 years of development. If we are now in a different place and believe that there have to be alternative fuels for our motor vehicles then so be it. However to decry and demoise ICE, petrol and diesel as fuel sources seems highly disingenuous to our past, we are where we are ONLY because of everything that has gone before; this has been a virtual 100% commitment to fossil fuels. We can't just write off that part of history, it is what makes us who/what we are. There are number of EV evangelists (such as Robert Llewellyn on Fully Charged) who are highly supportive of EV's but they go beyond support for new technologies and demonise fossil fuels at ever single opportunity. In my book that is not the way to go about getting support for alternative energy sources for the future. As already mentioned in another thread the UK's development of EV charging infrastructure is simply appalling, the government, who should be leading the move to EV's, have simply ducked their reponsibility. Local government finances are up the creek without a paddle so there is no way we can expect to see any sort of proactive consistent approach from that direction. To their credit Tesla have invested in a charging infrastructure for their vehicles which puts all other attempts to provide for EV's to shame. At this moment it is very difficult to justify EV's on purely financial grounds, thankfully there are many people who are willing to give this new technology "a punt" even if it costs them. However we are long way off EV being a financially viable option for the vast majority of the population. Sure there is a fuel cost advantage at the moment but but the saving is a long way short of providing financial justification for buying into EV's. In our family Mrs JatA1's car usage is perfect for it to be substituted by EV in preference to ICE. However, strictly from a financial point of view, an EV would be an extravagance. Currently with a capital cost of £2500 and an annual mileage of 3,500 miles she doesn't use enough fossil fuel for there to be a significant financial saving. I'd like to give EV a go but haven't got the spare cash to enable it. Robert Llewellyn (et al) can scream at me until they are blu in the face but unless he is willing to subsidise me then there is no financial justification for an EV. If he is sufficently well off that he can take a financial hit on his motoring finances in order to follow his EV dreams then good on him .... but he is wrong to demonise the rest of us because we are not as well of as he is and able to indulge our environmental fantasies.
  4. Quoting from the press release ... DVLA Strategy, Policy & Communications Director Lynette Rose said: It’s important that all motorists know what their driving licence allows them to drive and if they’re entitled to tow. Surely that should read 'what' they are entitled to tow, there are reduced weight limits in play since 1997 but I don't recall a withdrawal of all towing rights which is inferred by saying 'if they are entitled to tow'. It would be nice to think that if the DVLA are going to publish comments they would at least get it 100% correct.
  5. Just to start the ball rolling, I recently hired a self drive car transporter at a cost of £100 for 24 hours. That would get your van moved without having to confront the road worthiness issues; maybe there's something similar available on your area?
  6. For the cost involved and the peace of mind it gives I'd always take insurance. Heaven forbid but if something serious happens and a medical repatriation is required the cost can escalate very quickly. (I have a friend who is nurse, his job is to accompany medical repatriation flights, the care is excellent but costs are high) There is plenty of choice available and very easily accessible online. If appropriate don't forget to declare pre existing conditions. I've taken out around 25 single trip policies in the last 3-4 years and used a company called Southdown, but as I say there is plenty of choice.
  7. That's great news, it seems your post has helped us both, you get continued cover and I've discovered that I can get my classic covered on the same policy. I'm very pleased with how Grenflag dealt with my call, I'm guessing you are too!
  8. I took an interest in this post because I've just signed up with Green Flag, we have personal cover for two of us. I was concerned that one of our vehicles would fall out of cover because of age just after 1st renewal. However, having spoken to Green Flag apparently our older car (just coming up to 15 years) is named on the policy and as such it can continue to be covered until it is 99 years old! Our other car has a another 5 years to go, I can even add my 38 year old classic to the policy (at a cost obviously) I'm just checking other options for classic breakdown coverage. I'd suggest calling them before assuming that your hand is being forced, if my experience is anything to go by it sounds as though they may have options.
  9. Euro's are a bit like some of the furniture outlets, they are in a state of never ending sale! As soon as 'mid50' ends then low and behold 'summer55' begins ... I find that list prices and % discounts need to be taken with a large pinch of salt, what matters at the end of the day is how you value the actual price to be paid. There's no doubt that Euro's do offer some good 'net' prices when the discount codes are applied and with 200+ branches there's a good chance there is one within a reasonable distance to visit.
  10. I have part time job delivering for a motor factor, I deliver to all types of businesses from one man mobile mechanics through to franchise dealers and all manner of businesses in between. I'd say more than 50% of brake pads are supplied with new discs.
  11. Lookin at the brake lights in most traffic queues I sit in I'd say it often appears that nearly every car is being held on the footbrake, way in excess of the proportion of autos. The idea of "handbrake ... neutral" appears to be long gone.
  12. I wouldn't use the foliage as an indicator as to if they're working and beyond that it would be a game of pot luck as to whether the camera (if working) had a sufficient view to operate correctly. The issue of out of control foliage is always a problem at this time of year, perhaps more important than obscuring cameras is that many road signs are also obscured. It's inconvenient if destination signs are obscured but far more irritating when speed limit signs are obscured. I'm guessing that local authority finances will be cited as the reason why foliage is not better controlled.
  13. I've heard some really strange excuses given for various elements of a caravan not working but saying that a water pump is draining a leisure battery really takes the biscuit.
  14. Perhaps no quite outright dishonest but I think there is enough comment both on this forum and many others to suggest that there are "let's say" some inconsistencies around policy pricing and terms and conditions ... So while the word 'dishonest' might not be 100% appropriate I think many will understand the sentiment of the OP.
  15. You probably won't, I've been there and wondered the same ... but then in the scheme of things I decided it really didn't matter. In the overall scheme of things the weight variance is not significant and in terms of gas cost, then gas is such a small cost in terms of owning/using a caravan. I decided there are too many other things to concern myself about.
  16. Exactly, for this reason there simply can't any hard and fast rules, our bodies are all different AND they can behave differently at different times. It is all about known the warning signs from your body and acting accordingly. I now have a fairly regular 260 mile (each way) trip to visit family/friends since moving. The best time for the journey has been 4hr 15 minutes, all factors lined up feeling great, clear roads and good weather. The worst time for the journey was just a couple of days ago where it took 10 (yes ten) hours!, this was due to the clockwise M25 being closed J8 - 10. Once something like that (totally outside your own control) happens then however well you're feeling fatigue becomes a major player. I had two significant stops on the way up and needed 4 on the return journey (plus a one hour turn around). Variables like this can make journey planning for a specific arrival time very difficult, the only option being to build in plenty of slack time up front. But where there is no specific arrival time then there is time to react to situations which occur on route. Self imposing a minimum journey time for nothing more than personal convenience seems very selfish. My voice is with several others who have already commented, yes, do something stupid that harms yourself by all means but you can't guarantee to do that without involving others, which is selfish.
  17. After much thought I've just relinquished my HGV1 driving privileges (I'm 63), I've been on 3 yearly medicals for the last two renewal cycles because of a heart attack; this last renewal I decided not to go through the medical assessment. I spoke to the medical unit at DVLA who were quite insistent that if I wanted to bring the HGV back to life all I would have to do is comply with the medical requirements. I'm not sure if I will ever need it but it's handy to know I can renew if I want/need to.
  18. Sadly, the clue is 'unattended' ... there is criminality everywhere.
  19. I'd put my money on that being a taper roller bearing, maybe needs a 'tap' to release, but should easily dismantle after that.
  20. The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, the umbrella organisation over most UK classic vehicle clubs, published a letter which could be shown in any 'enforcement' situation clarifying the position of MOT exemption for those not familiar with the precise detail.
  21. I also agree with you and Moorgate about Clarity and Nationwide, we too have both. However, I think you're missing the point, they are credits cards, there are many and various reasons why some people don't want, or can't/don't have access to credit cards. That is who pre-payment cards are aimed at. Against that background and providing you go into a pre-paid card fully aware of all the t's & c's they have a place and usefulness for some people.
  22. I listened to the broadcast and was also concerned at some of the experiences that were described. I thought the lady defending the industry position had her work cut and I was less than convinced by some of her answers. There appeared to be two types of problems firstly the charges associated with using the cards and secondly the reliability of just where the cards would or would not work. It appeared that determining where the cards would or wouldn't work was unpredictable and not something that could be determined by research which was a bit alarming. The matter of charges was something that could be calculated in advance by looking at the t&c's small print but it seemed that there was a charge associated with almost every transaction (both placing money on the card and using it or even reclaiming an unused balance) making the card expensive to use. Personal experience is that one of our daughters used a pre-paid card while travelling in the USA a couple of years ago. She didn't have a credit card at the time and the prepaid card appeared to offer security. We fully understood that this came with a cost but in the circumstances we knew what we were getting into and accepted it. Also to be completely fair she did not experience any problem using it. However, that is at odds with other people's experience so does add to the unpredictability argument. In certain circumstances these cards have their uses, but you have to do the research to know exactly what you are getting into. They can provide convenience, but it comes at a price.
  23. jetA1

    Rear number plate

    As a former plod, I have a good idea about enforcement works, thanks. I quite agree that a tow car not displaying a rear plate where it IS displayed on the rear of the combination is far more unusual than the trailer simply not displaying any plate at all (or the wrong plate). The fact that a driver had taken the trouble to make their combination legal by removing the rear car plate and positioning it on the rear of the combination suggests that there is an air of someone trying to be compliant which may influence the conversation if stopped by enforcement. Granted there are no guarantees but when assessing a situation that would be a factor to consider. Checking if the towcar is stolen or has a marker for other interests can be achieved swiftly and establishing what the driver knows about the caravan can again be swiftly established. Of course, if the 'customer' has something to hide and is objectionable then these checks may take a very long time to complete, but if the customer is straight and has nothing to hide then they can be on their way with little delay.
  24. jetA1

    Rear number plate

    I'm not sure where you get the idea of 'lengthy' delay and I'm not sure about being stopped because the tow vehicle has no rear plate where the rear plate is displayed on the trailer.
  25. What on earth are you talking about "rich folks" ... it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get a decent data allowance on any mobile phone these days. Mobile maps don't use that much data anyway Regardless of the above, there must be a value to having 100% up to date traffic info, which the likes of Google can provide, I'd say that was well worth the cost of a few MB of data .... if needed anyway.
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