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  1. jetA1

    Dash cam info please

    There is a huge choice . .. there will no doubt be many opinions offered. I use a Next Base 312GW but I'd happily accept there are probably dozens of options. As to mounting then high on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror is probably the most common place, it gets a good view but does not obscure the driver's view of the road. Most come with a power lead that plugs into a 12 'lighter' outlet but it's probably better to go for a permanent wired solution, generally not too much aggro to fit and leaves you with a plug and play solution, i. e. it just works whenever you get in the car. A typical 'hard wire' kit is less than £20. The Nextgear records in 5-minute segments and the total time of recording is determined by the size of the memory card. There is no doubt that dashcam evidence is proving to be a huge benefit in many motoring situations. I wouldn't mind betting that it will not be long before it becomes a manufacturer option on new cars.
  2. jetA1

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    I've only ever bought one brand new vehicle from Land Rover, the buying experience was dreadful, the warranty experience was dreadful, when it worked the vehicle was great but I dreaded having to interact with the dealership, even for servicing. A couple of my problems found their way onto the desk of the dealer principal, he could not have been a more arrogant distasteful person if he'd tried. Every aspect of the dealer experience was negative and offputting. Others may have had a better experience, I can only relate to my own experience. Would not touch them again with my worst enemy's barge pole !!
  3. jetA1

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    I have only owned one brand new JLR product, it was a company car. My experience from the first visit to the showroom through to ownership was not exactly a smooth ride. In service, the car (Freelander 2) was very good, but anything to do with service and the dealership was a struggle, I can certainly remember feeling that the dealer's attitude was somewhat condescending. A couple of matters ended up on the desk of the dealer principle, he was an arrogant so and so, not someone I would have chosen to represent the JLR brand.
  4. jetA1

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    For may years LR was a one trick pony producing the excellent Defender and its predecessors, but with the addition of Range Rover and Discovery the brand took on a much wider appeal. These now highly developed products have proved massively successful as exports and have made the company the success it is today. If the company had stuck to providing farmers with their daily workhorse JLR would not be what it is today.
  5. Yep, sounds like the perfect plan, nothing more required. Thermostatic only comes into it owns 'IF' there are varying demands once the initial settings are achieved, within the confines of a caravan I really can't see that being an issue.
  6. jetA1

    Car battery replacement?

    4 years . .. near the end of its life . ... what on earth are you talking about !! Mrs JetA1's car is a 2004 Hyundia Getz, it has 47k miles on the clock which we know is genuine, we've owned it from 4 years old. It is automatic and is generally used for trips of less than 5 miles. As far as battery performance goes it has been faultless for its entire life. In the ten years we've owned it there have been two MOT failures, one for an airbag warning light and one for a ball joint dust cover. The battery has not required any attention at all during our ownership, it has behaved faultlessly despite our user profile being far from optimal.
  7. jetA1

    Van Man

    In my experience van's tend to have particularly good towing limits, the problem is far more likely to be the snobby sites that don't allow vans.
  8. jetA1

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    These days the more common cause of fatal runaway is oil seal failure within the turbo which allows oil to be pumped into the induction system, unfortunately, that can happen whatever the level of oil.
  9. jetA1

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    That sounds good, down here in the south east 125. 7 (ASDA Brighton) is the best available
  10. jetA1

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    If you look at agency fuel cards they can implement fixed prices, generally these cards are accepted at what are known as "co-co" sites, that is 'company owned company operated', where this arrangement exists prices can be managed.
  11. jetA1

    Insurance and remapped car

    I'm totally on board with informing the insurance company but I understand why people hesitate. When you call and are dealt with by an uninformed numpty in a call centre who can do nothing more than work from a script and common sense goes out of the window it is very frustrating. The debacle where some insurers considered fitting winter tyres as a modification shows just how clueless insurers can be. Insurance companies don't treat decent customers fairly because they tar us all with the same brush. without a doubt there are some drivers who do try and scam insurers but the majority of us don't. Sadly the insurers set their standards by the lowest common denominator and too often treat us all like idiots.
  12. jetA1

    Insurance and remapped car

    Given that some insurers have made the strange decision to class fitting winter tyres as a modification who knows what they'd make of a stainless exhaust. Insurers always appear to be looking for anything to stack the odds in their favour.
  13. jetA1

    Adaptive braking

    My Benz is 10 years old so not certain how it's tech relates to current models. The cruise control on mine will activate the brakes and therefore the brake lights if the actual speed is significantly higher than the cruise speed, this can happen a couple of ways. For example, I've had the cruise set to 30 then disengaged it, then, when travelling at say 50mph I engage the cruise it will apply the brakes to achieve the preset cruise speed. Also if I'm driving with cruise active and travel down a hill which is sufficiently steep for the car to over speed the cruise setting it will apply brakes and lights to maintain cruise speed. I don't know how it applies the brakes (as in how it moves the pedal), but the pedal certainly moves and therefore the brake lights do go on.
  14. jetA1

    Vinyl Wrapping

    Sorry I think you are missing the point, wrapping is nothing to do with protecting the paintwork / bodywork. Wrapping is nothing more than a style choice (a short term option), the sort of people who "wrap" cars have no interest in the long term. That probably doesn't sit well with a typical subscriber to this forum but it is very much a way of life for many other (younger) people. There is no financial rationale for wrapping, people do it because it produces a result they like and they can afford it.
  15. jetA1

    Changes to Highway Code

    I've been asked the question about speed awareness courses at insurance renewal time for the past 4-5 years. Such courses are offered as an alternative to points on the licence but for whatever reason the insurance companies have decided not to recognise the benefit of these courses. To me it appears they have cynically decided that without the points on licences they are loosing revenue, so now they ask about course attendance and appear to rate that in a similar way to actually getting the points. Mr Grumpy, West Sussex