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  1. It is out and out unacceptable that Premier League clubs continue to pay players salaries while turning to the government (funded by all of us) to fund the 'furlough' of their none playing staff. Football is close to the edge of being immoral as it is, with far too much money coming into football from the betting industry. But any clubs taking the furlough route rather then reducing payments to players I would view as being morally bankrupt. I'm not anti football, I enjoy watching it, but I want to see some fairness brought into play. As for Mike Ashley, despite his 'sincere' apology for trying to keep his stores open he clearly hasn't learnt anything from the recent backlash in public opinion about him.
  2. In this case sadly not, I live fairly local and there has been a lot of local reporting about this incident and regrettably it is widely accepted that it was a domestic murder suicide. Whether or not it turns out to be in anyway related to the virus event is not known but its is a tragedy regardless. Keeping an eye on friends,relatives and neighbours has never been more important but in practical terms never more difficult to do.
  3. With regard to coughing and sneezing there is no doubt that some people's behaviour is simply disgusting, anti social and potentially dangerous. It's very frustrating, especially when you see all the advice out there.
  4. jetA1

    Service due

    While they appear to be showing some common sense/flexibility I think that the reply from Coachman is far more 'acting in the spirit of the situation'. Firstly it acknowledges that it will be a decision of government as to when any degree of normality might be resumed and then giving a reasonable 90 days after that to accommodate catch-up. To me the others appear to be making their offers a bit more conditional.
  5. How about thinking about this from the point of view of "the other man's shoes". Just because you are self sufficient please don't try and shame others who may not have the same skill set, Difficult times, on this matter trying cutting others some slack.
  6. Understandably there is a huge focus on working from home in the present environment. Obviously there are still many people who will continue to work at a place away from home, in fact we are going to rely on millions of people continuing to work. However, what I don't see or hear is any advice about how people should conduct themselves in a continuing work place.
  7. Near to Haywards Heath (mid Sussex) our local independent is ESSO with diesel ay 116.9
  8. There is a chemist on the midlands that has been found to be selling Calpol (a baby medicine) at 3 times normal price and Paracetamol at over 5 times normal price. He has been rightly named and shamed on the BBC news website. This sort of behaviour is just plain nasty and we should not be afraid to name and shame such blatant robbing behavior.
  9. I've often wondered about that myself, I've been in and out of automatics for nearly 50 years and it's always been like that for floor mounted selectors. Then just to make it more fun you find the likes of my 12 year old Benz where there is a sequential override in the D position which calls for a sideways movement of the selector .... right to go up and left to go down
  10. In some countries/cultures the activity of cleaning after visits to the bathroom is very different to the UK norm. If we embraced the "bidet" culture that would immediately take away half of the supermarket shortages. Bidets offer a far more hygienic solution to bathroom cleanliness than a 100 rolls of Andrex. We don't like to Talk about these matters which is regrettable but bidets should not be considered as some 'upper class' luxury, they should be considered as a basic requirement for the most effective route to personal hygiene.
  11. Any business that blatantly profiteers out of the present situation should be called out for their selfish behaviour and called to account for their pathetic behaviour.
  12. Trying to buy food essentials is now very difficult, panic buying is causing huge problems, we've not stockpiled and are now finding it difficult to buy even the basics. There are many commentators in the media saying that supply chains are in good shape, that is not what i've seen on the supermarket shelves this evening
  13. The logic and solution has already been explained in a previous comment. .... keep up and the back!
  14. Factually correct but in normal driving this is nothing to worry about. On the VW DSG box that I had there was a timer which dropped the clutch away from biting point after a few seconds so waiting in gear was not detrimental.
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