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  1. Well I'm sorry to say that I have all the experience you are talking about. I was a plod myself, so yes I know all about the driver training. Accident investigation, yes been there done that and got the blood stained T shirt. Have I had to to knock on doors in the early hours and invite relatives to the morgue to identify their loved ones .. yes I have. My worst experience was attending a single vehicle RTA (as they were at the time) and recognising the vehicle involve as one belonging to a friend, the fire bobbies invited me to identify the driver ... his torso was in the drivers seat ... his
  2. I'm sorry but your statement is contradictory, the only way to gain any 'slipstream ' advantage of following another vehicle is to follow it extremely closely. If you follow at a "sensible" distance then you can't possibly gain any slipstream advantage. Following at a "sensible" distance you are far more likely to be caught up in 'wake turbulence' which, far from being an advantage will actually slow you down. As for quoting fuel consumption figures it is simply impossible to quote any meaningful figures unless your car is equipped with significant amounts of technology which are most likely
  3. Washer driers are not as efficient as a washer and a seperate drier. If you only have the space for one unit then you have no choice, if you have the space then separate units will always be more efficient. Been there, done that got all the T shirts ...
  4. Wasn't it the case that when masks were required in shops the rules/advice changed to 1 metre+, down from 2 metres?
  5. As I understand it Tesco, other supermarkets, pubs, cafe's and many other places are allowed to open because they have measures in place and are deemed to be Covid complaint, there are rules that apply to these locations and provided you comply with their rules then you are allowed to be there. On that basis if two groups of five people (or 6 + 4) turn up at a pub/beer garden and comply with the house rules that is fine. Where if that group of 10 people were to meet in one person's home that would be against the rules.
  6. Anyone selling a 2006 van should expect one of the first questions to be about damp, a thoroughly realistic and justified question to ask. The sellers reaction to the question tells you ll you need to know about the seller, give him a wide berth.
  7. I've spoken with the owner of a commercial driver training organisation who I know socially. His organisation deals with everything other than basic car driver training. His explanation was that an automatic B Group licence can only be upgraded to manual if the driver retakes a B group manual test. Therefore presenting for a B+E test with an auto licence but taking the B+E test in a manual will not upgrade the licence from auto to manual. Apparently this question causes a lot of confusion because if you move onto larger C group vehicles then passing a test is no longer transmis
  8. It is nothing to do with caravans or motorhomes, their users are are a subset of society, it is standards in society at large that are declining.
  9. I've previously has an FL2 which had a hankering after visits to the dealer above and beyond servicing. Cost wise it wasn't a problem as it was a company car, but there was still the time spent to and fro the dealership and the hassle of loan cars. Out of interest what were the problems?
  10. https://www.itv.com/news/border/2020-08-17/littering-campers-forces-borrowdale-campsite-to-close
  11. You check all the network coverages here ... https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage
  12. The sad truth is that it is by no means certain that those who flout the rules pay the price. All too often it is innocent bystanders, with that in mind we should all be worried.
  13. I think we all know how this works. You have to pay a premium of some sort in order to show up on the insurance database, if you don't that is a very quick route to detection by ANPR, charged with driving without insurance, confiscation of vehicle, significant fine, very difficult to obtain legit insurance in future. If you go the deceptive route the likelihood of the world crashing in is considerably reduced. Detection is only likely to arise from a serious incident resulting in a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Regrettably obtaining insurance relies on people providing acc
  14. To be fair, the thread title doesn't mention what the subject is. As others have said, it is perfectly natural for conversations to drift, to me it adds value and personally I don't see it as a problem.
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