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  1. We have been travelling around Europe for 3 and a half years and, apart from the Christmas week we have never booked. We have never been turned away or been stuck waiting outside. We have travelled through Spain, Portugal, Italy, including Sicily, SAN Marino, Albania, Croatia, Greece, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia as well as the UK. In the UK we always book, usually the day before we move to the next campsite. Just go go and enjoy, if you are worried about it, have an alternative site near by, just in case.
  2. After three years, full timing around Europe towing, and having just embarked on our trip to Greece for Christmas. No campsites booked. My advice would be. .. dont rush, get an ACSI Card, take it slowly and enjoy every second but more than anything, do it SLOWLY
  3. We spent 7 months touring Italy and Sicily from late November 2016 until June 2017 using ACSI. We never prebooked except for Christmas which we regretted! So much to see and do,we could have continued for years. All campsites and our blog can be found at www. thomsonstravels. co. uk Roads are occasionally poor, but with care are not a problem. Litter around Rome and Naples is out of control. If you like history, you are in for a treat. Sicily is just amazing. Oh yes, an addendum to the above. We found the lakes boring but around the Alps the views and wildlife were absolutely amazing.
  4. Harvomark, there are thousands of us doing it. Not so many full timing but 6months at a time. We are currently on an eight pitch site £23/night near the Dordogne 33C wall to wall sunshine.
  5. So, to negate this question, does anyone know of an adjustable cutout so when the campsite says it's 6 amps, you set it to 5,5 Amps and rather than blowing the campsite switch, often behind a locked door, it trips the variable switch in the caravan. Seems simple to me, but I can't find one anywhere! We found that a bit of a problem on our first year away. We changed to gas tanks which we can fill at fuel stations and use gas for most things if on a low amperage site. we have had anything from 3 amps to 16 amps and one in Sicily, which seemed a little dangerous set at 25 Amps! We have trips in the caravan which made it less dangerous
  6. But how much a night for the pitch? We have got used to anywhere from 3 to 16 Amps as we travelled through Italy, with the average of 6 amps.
  7. God only knows where you are! we have been touring and we use small sights with little or no security, the barrier shutting at 23:00hrs is the maximum security we have found. Everywhere we have been in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sicily, San Marino, Andorra, and Monaco security is VERY low key. Italy has more visible police than anywhere else in Europe with speed check and random stops being their favourite method of stopping the locals. We have only once been pulled over, between Spain and Portugal and asked for our papers and sent on our way after showing them with no hassle. Be honest. be direct and they are not interested in you. Be aggressive, be confrontational and their books are very big and heavy when they throw them at you
  8. Hi Andy. We drive a New Vito Van and have fully comp insurance for 365 days a year abroad for less than £600 a year. Caravan insured through Saga, new for old, less than £300/year and 365 days/year heath insurance through our bank (free) plus EH111 (EHIC) which, we have not had to use yet (fingers crossed!). The car breakdown and roadside recovery cover is with Mercedes which is included with the vehicle when it was purchased and is for 35 years! Home insurance. ... don't have one and after nearly three years feel less inclined to get another
  9. Hi Woodie106. My advice is, do it. ignore anyone who tries to dissuade you. Insurance for the tow vehicle is not that much more expensive for 365 days abroad if you go to the right place. The winter temperature in Southern Europe is in the upper teens or low twenties and the life style is much cheaper than in the UK even if the pound drops (diesel is still less than £1 per litre in France but more expensive in Italy!).
  10. ValA, We are also looking forward to some good old English weather, Life in the sunshine is good, but sometimes variety is good as well
  11. ValA, it is the best thing that MrsT and I have ever done. I would recommend doing it to anyone who is in the least bit interested Currently in the Auvergne after 6 months in Italy, San Marino and Sicily. Looking forward to Serbia, Bosnia Albania etc on our way to Greece for Christmas 2017 then Up through Europe to Finland, Norway and Sweden. We have met so many wonderful people who have offered us places to stay when we get there. Sweden, UK, France to name but a few. There is no stress, no problems and life is good. Many people's initial reaction seems to be that we are so brave. I disagree, once the house and all the burdens that bought with it was gone, life started
  12. On our way back to the UK to attend our son's wedding then Greece for Christmas and Scandinavia next year. Really looking forward to it
  13. We have been traveling with a caravan, full time for nearly 3 years. Spain is easy, Portugal is easy, France is simple, Italy is a little pot holey Sicily is, as you would expect, like Italy. Don't leave the caravan behind, you would miss the versatility of the car. see our blog for more info: www. thomsonstravels. co. uk
  14. 10 Amp! When in Italy you get a choice of between 3 and 6 amp. Have NEVER blown a trip switch yet. Turn off the things you don't need before turning on the ones you want to use. Simple! We full time and even at -5C in the Italian mountains where gas is 54c/litre we never trip the switch and we have never been cold. We have a gas tank in our 2010 Bailey Pegasus 554 and never have to worry.
  15. We have been full timing for 3 years and have only ever booked for Christmas and National holidays. However we only travel out of season, The only trip we did in high season was 4 years ago and we didn't book as we used Municipal site. If you don;t book, always have a back up plan and arrive early
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