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  1. You Sir are a genius ! many thanks indeed. regards Rob
  2. Hi, some advice if possible please. We have a powertouch motor mover fitted and one of the grub screws / pins that fix the motor mover bar to the " transfer" bar that goes from one side to the other has fallen out meaning that the motor mover is only engaging on one side. my question is .... is it a grub screw, rolled pin or split pin the holds everything together and what size is it ( the other side is corroded and it's dark and I really wanted to order a replacement tonight ) any help would be appreciated. regards Rob
  3. here's the answer for you..... this one still has 2 years unlimited mileage warranty left on it. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202004239043410?sort=relevance&model=REXTON&year-to=2020&postcode=bt203da&make=SSANGYONG&radius=1501&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  4. SsangYong has already been mentioned but have a look at the 2.2 Rexton W as standard 5 seater with a huge luggage capacity or 7 seater minimal luggage space, selectable 4 wheel drive and will tow up to 3000Kg and within your budget. for example ....... https://www.cargurus.co.uk/Cars/l-Used-Ssangyong-Rexton-W-d2709#listing=143199849 I have the 2017 5 seat Auto version that will pull 3500Kg and I love it
  5. The sites in Ireland are opening up on the 29th June but with no facility blocks.
  6. Clever it might be but .... What on earth have coffee mornings got to do with off-licences being essential ?
  7. That's really strange damage, do you know how it happened ?
  8. Many thanks for the information
  9. is there a list of affected 'vans available anywhere ?
  10. The Rexton really is a serious contender if you can stretch to it. If you can't, I got a 2 year old one ( 2017 ) in perfect condition still with 3 years unlimited mileage warranty for 17K
  11. Goodness...... that tip comes from a long time ago when lead was still used in the printing ink, used to shine glass up a treat.
  12. Thanks folks, site booked for a quick overnighter in June.
  13. At Chester Lane Little Budworth Chesire... thinking of an overnighter at the above site in June, anyone got experience of this site ?
  14. check out the SsangYong Rexton W superb 3500Kg tow car.
  15. I had the same issue with our Swift...... super glue has cured it.
  16. I was heading for the west coast ( ish ) of Ireland, looks pretty iffy to me. Ex- hurricane Lorenzo could still cause some exciting moments !
  17. I,m thinking that towing to and staying on a forest camp site in a hurricane is probably not a great idea, think we'll have a staycation this weekend.
  18. Cheers Mike, that site looks pretty good.
  19. according to that it looks ok, seems I might be squawking about nothing, might be a bit damp but that's do-able in Northern Ireland
  20. I've got 100 miles of motorway and dual carriage way heading west so I'm thinking it's going to be side winds most of the way. check out hurricane Lorenzo for Northern Ireland on Thursday
  21. Hiya Fireman Iain, thanks for the reply, I have a Rexton W so at 2.1 tonnes with a towing weight of 3500kg and a Sterling Elite 580 strapped on the back I'm ok with percentage ratios etc What I was looking for was a rule of thumb if you will, something like......... up to about 30mph is manageable for a reasonably competent caravaner but gusting up to 50mph is going to cause stability problems unless you are very experienced ......... it's not a hard and fast rule and no one will be quoted, but it might just give me some pointers and keep us both a little safer. again, thank yo
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