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  1. Check out the Swift 580 https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-om-lge&biw=962&bih=601&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=swift+580+layout&oq=swift+580+layout&aqs=mobile-gws-lite..0l3#
  2. Run ..... before caravanning casts it's spell on you !
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/suv-towing-camper-rolls-over-on-australian-highway/vi-AAFwdPx?ocid=iehp
  4. We use our zip one all year round in Ireland, we think it's a brilliant piece of kit, easy to use and much much quicker to put up and so much more versatile than a conventional awning. ( what site were you on when you saw it ? )
  5. If I am in a dodgy area, or one where pickpockets are known to operate it goes into my underpants. NO-ONE gets in there without my explicit consent! I wonder how many times you'll be arrested for committing an obscene act in public just trying to get a fiver out ! LOL !
  6. Bloody awful actually but thanks for asking. 40 quid up on last year....... I reckon my "well chosen words" were better than yours as I got it down to a tenner less than last year.
  7. Makita cordless vacuum .... wonderful thing, easily last for the 3 weeks away and can use the battery for the drill to wind up / down the steadies....happy days
  8. I tow with the Rexton, great as a tug, can't fault it really.
  9. can I ask how you know the hook up cable is OK ?
  10. Our mover is very good as well but through no other fault than my own I unhitched without either the mover engaged or the hand break on and the van rolled forward and it was only good fortune that it didn't break the bumper so I just want to be as safe as possible ( also don't want the expense of a new rear bumper " )
  11. Have you seen the trip advisor for the recent visitors.?
  12. You're spot on Steve, i saw the exact same set up at Henly last year. As long as the air awning is wider than the rollout awning it's fine.
  13. many thanks for the quick reply, I think i'll press the " buy now " button
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