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  1. Clever it might be but .... What on earth have coffee mornings got to do with off-licences being essential ?
  2. Delivering specialist equipment around the country may be ?
  3. That's really strange damage, do you know how it happened ?
  4. Many thanks for the information
  5. is there a list of affected 'vans available anywhere ?
  6. What bulkhead recall ??
  7. The Rexton really is a serious contender if you can stretch to it. If you can't, I got a 2 year old one ( 2017 ) in perfect condition still with 3 years unlimited mileage warranty for 17K
  8. Robbido

    Noisy wipers

    Goodness...... that tip comes from a long time ago when lead was still used in the printing ink, used to shine glass up a treat.
  9. Thanks folks, site booked for a quick overnighter in June.
  10. At Chester Lane Little Budworth Chesire... thinking of an overnighter at the above site in June, anyone got experience of this site ?
  11. check out the SsangYong Rexton W superb 3500Kg tow car.
  12. I had the same issue with our Swift...... super glue has cured it.
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