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    outdoors caravanning camping motorcycles beer leather c
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    was. Skoda Octavia Scout Now. Ssangyong Rexton W
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    Sterling Elite 580

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  1. Robbido

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

  2. Robbido

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    Nissan Duke ?
  3. Robbido

    Fishing site

    Swiss Farm Henley on Thames
  4. Robbido

    Fuel consumption

    2017 Rexton W 2. 2 Auto pulling a Sterling Elite 580 on combined roads from NI to Southern England. ......34mpg solo 24mpg towing Reasonably happy with that.
  5. Robbido

    Van Man

    i would say the main drawback is that many sites dont allow vans as tow vehicles on site.
  6. Robbido

    Pick up our first caravan soon.

    Health to enjoy Sir.
  7. i'm in the north and have at least one long weekend away every month, some really beautiful and interesting places with a great road infrastructure, and we use the same currency as well the south is also beautiful but has shocking roads for access etc. if you want to come North, i can certainly recommend places that are dog friendly if you want Robbi
  8. Robbido

    I think I need a new windscreen

    be careful, it might not last until you get home, those cracks have a nasty habit of spreading across the screen quite quickly.
  9. Robbido

    Tent to Caravan

    that's a cracking set up Sir
  10. Robbido

    Southern Ireland

    come over to Northern Ireland the UK's best kept secret !
  11. Robbido

    Theft thwarted

    I've turned the timer on my security lights right down to minimum so they are constantly coming on and going off in seconds in the hope that "flashing" lights might make prospective thieves uncomfortable.
  12. Robbido

    Theft thwarted

    now there's a thought, reckon i'll do that this weekend. ( hope they don't nick the bike !! )
  13. Robbido

    3500kg towing capacity cars

    Have a serious look at Ssangyong Rextons. MPG ? Solo about 34. Towing around 25. Very good value for money and will tow 3500 kg
  14. Robbido


    that's a real cracker !
  15. Brilliant health to enjoy Sir !