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  1. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has swapped an older Adria for a newer one - post 2014/15 redesign (ours is 2012 Rhine) in 2014 they updated it and changed the fixed sink to the flip up. As a family this would not suit us due to currently being able to get kids doing toilet and teeth brush in turn BUT in newer version this would not be the case. Newer version - bigger fridge more room in bedroom, looks miles more modern with more light (but less storage) Older version (ours) - separate sink outside bathroom, fixed sliding door to bedroom (little more privacy for mum and dad and a few seconds more warning of interruption... Larger larder at outer door. Then as i assume it was not a big seller.....2018 stopped making it. DAMN
  2. With your budget an older German caravan may have better insulation than the Uk ones for the same money. They also tend to be 8Ft wide so a little more room as well.
  3. Would it not be reasonable to expect them to offer another caravan in its place? Lend rather than hire
  4. May it be worth telling them you have a Motorhome booked to cover the Easter holiday and will be adding this to the claim with an attached quote. May focus their mind!!
  5. another vote for the 4 part MayPole, great bit of kit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maypole-4605B-Part-Level-Ramp/dp/B0079IIWPG Rarely use upper bit BUT the chock is ideal as it means its stable even if stopped on the sloping part. The little flexible part stops the wheel spitting it out as you start up it as well.
  6. We have the wired version of the Durite in the lorry its very good.
  7. Our Kampa is 4 years old and the newer ones are rather different in that they have one less vertical tube, less trips (bottom between tubes comes up off the ground) and I think the newer ones have totally removable ends. Its our third Kampa and we also have a Kampa Sun Shade so unable to comment on any other make. I understand they had some Quality Issues in 2017 due to massive surge in popularity and demand was outstripping supply.
  8. have a look at this to see if it helps you. We have a Kampa Rally Air Pro that fits easily in the near non existant gap when the door is open. Go to 3min 12.
  9. We are on our second Adria for many reasons one of which is they have less damp issues than most (NONE are perfect though) While still having the door on the UK side. Buying 1-2 years old should mean you have missed the snagging as mentioned above. Damp meter will give you some reassurance and a word with your local independent service person will give you a more unbiased answer. Some makes are worse than others. IF possible we would all avoid a Friday afternoon van!!!
  10. I have a Ford Ranger which I refer to as a Jeep in the way our vacuum gets called a Hover even thought its not. I also use my mirrors mainly but the camera is great for checking whats directly behind me (cant see behind me with a mirror as its a Pickup with a canopy. Same goes for lorry. (esp handy when reversing in tight areas or with non flat surfaces like bollards, other vehicles or on sites). Its also A MASSIVE time saver when backing in to hitch up a trailer/caravan. I do know it cant be used when reversing a caravan as all you see is the big white box (deos help me crushing bikes on the bike rack though... So my question still stands-
  11. It does depend on the site your going to? As some are serviced (all local services at your pitch -water, waste and electric) You will need a water pipe to feed your van the water OR an Aqua Roll or similar Waste pipe at least 5m long (I have 2 at 3m that I can join) 10m hook up cable Gas bottle Stock your fridge before you leave and IF you can put on both heating and fridge for several hours before leaving Load as much of the heavy items in your car IF possible Put light items in van making sure you have warm change of cloths, towels and wet weather gear. Basic cutlery and crockery Notepad to add a list of things you want next time so you don't have to remember it. We keep a big plastic tub in sun room loaded with anything we want on next trip. Add food to it the night before and just lift into van before the off. If its not a fully serviced site you will need:- Aqua roll or similar including the pulling frame, Waste Master and short waste pipe or y pipe depending on your van a minimum of 20m of hook up cable (we have a 20 and 10 in van front locker) Gas bottle (and if totally off grid we have solar panel as well) IF the gas bottle is low we have a second with us in Jeep I also always have a sun type awning as even when wet it MASSIVELY helps keep door area from getting muddy. Some large lightweight camping tiles for outside caravan door (about 4-5 so you can make a walkway if needed. An outside step and a outside mat. Enjoy and the notepad is the most important as we are all different. Look around and watch others so you learn as you go. Happy caravaning.
  12. Have a reversing camera on the Jeep (ford Ranger) and after using it had one added to our company lorry. Both are great. As I don't tend to reverse caravan on my own I have not felt it a priority, Also hoping Wireless tech gets to the stage to make fitting a decent DIY option. I do agree its a MASSIVE safety advantage and once you have one you will never feel comfortable without. We got the lorry one at the local Truck Supplier in Belfast that we use for most of the lorry and van bits we buy. The technology has come on so much in part driven by the compulsory need for re-view on all site vehicles. As this is not achievable with mirrors on a lot of lorries/forklifts/diggers its a camera that has been the go to after market option. Its now coming as standard on a lot of these. As we all know demand drives development advancements and the price down at the same time. Anyone fitted a wireless version they are happy with and if so do you have a link? Thanks in advance.
  13. its the fact you have never reversed when towing (if I have taken you up correctly) that will make this a difficult job till you get very used to it. The issue as others have mentioned is that if you get it wrong it will be expensive and may put your caravan out of commission for a time when you have something booked. Personally in your shoes I would add a motor mover with auto engage (its a more expensive mover but if used often will be worth the additional expense) Being that it slopes towards your house any error with breaks will cause not just your caravan to get damaged but possibly your house as well. Learning to reverse in such a tight confined space especially if your on your own (OR just as bad if the person guiding you does not help much or understand how to guide you) will stress you out and make the job of parking your new caravan a nerve racking experience. One other thing to think is if you take a towing course you will have an idea about reversing to let you know if your a natural OR struggle. If the latter than a mover is your only option, if the former then you have the option of not getting one. Either way welcome and enjoy the caravan world. Oh and good luck.
  14. Disgusted your having this bother, especially as most Adria owners (myself on my second) will happily expound the fact that damp is rare in an Adria. Their stubbornness is NOT helping the brand and Adria should be aware that this is being discussed on a busy caravan forum and its having a negative effect on not just prospective customers BUT also existing ones like me. You DESERVE a refund or replacement new van, NOTHING less and some compensation for the hassle to date to boot. I wonder if you started to Talk about not just your refund BUT compensation for the stress and effort you have put in to resolving their problem would they suddenly decide that a refund was a best outcome for them!! Good luck.
  15. great news, I recommend people here in N.Ireland regularly BUT not because fo the clubs sites, because of the DA's and the heavy discounts for going off grid. Here in N.Ireland the commercial sites book up early and you basically struggle to get away at short notice. IF you join the CCC and keep up with the DA's you have a choice of 3 or 4 sites most weekends that rarely need booking at all. Just turn up. Added a solar panel and use gas so no need for EHU. Kids like playing with the same kids on different sites (fun exploring etc) We are members for 4 years now and will rarely book a commercial site (unless one of the DA's has negotiated a heavy group discount for us)
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