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  1. air is heavier but faster to put up and a VERY fast to take down. As its a 2 berth the weight may not be such an issue as its getting it into the rail that can be tricky. so try it in the dealers if you can. I have always bought 2nd hand as it saves a lot of money as well. First was a pole then 4 air ones since. My first was a Royal and rest have been Kampa.
  2. @Mr Plodd - I have found that when in a very tight turn my Stabiliser often raises. Especially when reversing at home or on a site. - Only saying as if you knew why it raised you may have more confidence going forward to trust it again. Also glad you were able to drive on from it. Its not a pleasant experience.
  3. Also interested as one of the reasons we feel better to stick with our 612 DT Adora in 2012 is that in 2014 they updated the caravan and one of the updates was changing the sink to a drop down. I was more concerned with kids breaking it but your other concerns are just as valid. Anyone WITH experience of the Adria any comment?
  4. As a triker in a trike club we are out in "convoy" just about most weekends. There can be upwards of 12 trikes. We tend to ride at or near the speed limit WHEN safe to do so. We just take a while for all to get up to speed. As trikes are not that common we tend to get a lot of positive attention and have never that I recall been bothered by the police. We as a club also do tours and have on several occasions have taken a week in Scotland and even a few outings to Holland/Belgium and the ONLY time we got in bother was when one of the trikes broke down in Holland on a Motorway and we all pulled into a barrier-ed of lay-by to fix it. A very irate traffic police lady told us we were breaking the law and to move on or get arrested. When explaining that one of the trikes was broke down and two of us were working to fix it she gave us (only those involved in the repair and still was not happy that that was 3 trikes still stopped) 5 min or you get arrested..... luckily the repair ( a broken throttle cable) was done in a record time of 4min and 55 seconds!!! The others had to go on without us and wait at the next services. I though a bit harsh as we were not actually on the hard shoulder but a designated barrier-ed off section. Apparently it was for emergency only. So whats a breakdown if its not an emergency?? Most trikes in convoy without it being a formal charity run (done under special licence) was 21.
  5. 1700 from memory. We use a Ford Ranger and on a back road you certainly know to take care of it. On the motorway or a smooth road it sits beautifully. The longer A frame helps with this. The long wheel base on a pickup certainly helps with stability, BUT the load overhang from rear axle to tow hitch is bad for transmitting any pitching caused by an uneven road. so I take it really gently on bad surfaces. Our longest tow was when we collected it in middle of England and took it to the ferry terminal in Cairnryan..... From memory about 5 Hrs driving. It was nearly a meter longer than our previous Adria and worth a lot more so started steady but quickly realised it was a stable van and just got on with getting it home. From experience and with the poor state of the roads here in N Ireland (very much including the back road we live on) we always take care to towel up the door handles on the cabinets we have found to open (microwave glass plate is a favourite to find on the floor if we forget.) I have also added a second catch to the curved cupboard I mentioned to lock in position at the bottom so it cant swing if it gets loose. The good lady has a Skoda Yeti (its max tow weight is over 2000, again from memory) so we would still be ok but never had to use it so cant comment. As mentioned thats a lot of van for the money, I still regularly see the year or about that as the price (2012 will be 12k) so a 2012 resisted in 2013 from a dealer would be £12500.
  6. Yes its same (2012 version as the 2013 has different colours on seats) Has motor mover and alloy wheels (both options) looks like a full awning. Dont see the fitted carpets. Thats a VERY keen price. Here that would be 11-12K still. 1 thing to check is the curved cupboard at the end of the kitchen. With its big door and weight the hinges can come loose easily. Also does it have the fitted microwave (lots seem to go missing....)
  7. Ouch, I have considered similar as a couple of times I have been unable to drive (Arm injuries, twisted ankle and a damaged eye- steel shard through my eyeball, resulted in 4 ops with the last being a lens replacement) My good lady is legal to tow, regularly drives my pickup, BUT hates to tow. I have had her tow some of our larger work trailer on several occasions (and the caravan on one) and talked her through the different lines and driving techniques (larger space in front being the most important change to her normal driving style!!!!) She is soooooo not keen on these lessons BUT understands it will make the few times in may actually be required easier. Unlike you we don't have a motor home BUT it is on the forward plan for later in life and as I have a lorry licence I will not be limited to weight. Luckily she drives ambulances so the size part of a larger motor-home will not bother her and if the opportunity comes up in St John she will take the over 3500 licence as well. Good luck and hope it heals, eye trauma is very disconcerting.
  8. I suspect it mostly due to the fact that they wont retool to make the door on "our" side and compete in a saturated market with setting up dealers. Cost -HIGH profit from increased sales-?? I have looked at the European Adria vans and they do about 3 times more of a range then they offer in UK (we miss out on the larger nr of berth vans esp in the higher spec versions.) Pity as I would love a 613PK, perfect for our family.
  9. We are Adria fans, most of the German plus points but with UK dealers and door on correct size. All but the larger number of birth vans have decent bathrooms. They have different spec for different ranges, Altea is more basic, Adora is about uk spec and Alpina is most expensive. Older versions DO have a lack of 240 plugs. Older Altea ONLY have gas heating The steady legs are a real pain to get to as they don't have extension tubes or connections right at exterior walls.
  10. Adora is well specked and we have one now. The 612 is a big van on single axle and heavy so you need a substantial tow car. Bear in mind the front seats may NOT be long enough for the kids to use a singles. I know on our 612 DT they would only be usable up to 10 ish depending on height of the littles. It makes a fabulous king though as there is no front unit to rob space. You can also just manage to get a twin bike rack on the front A frame (effects nose weight) I have a utube review on my Adora if it gives you any more info.
  11. Our third caravan was an Adria Altea 542DK, also they make a 542DT (same van with two different layouts) It cost 8K for a 2009 about 2 years ago. Great van but we wanted a fixed bad and there are 5 of us so we hve bought another Adria as liked a lot of the details/differences from UK vans. Have a look on U Tube for videos of them from that age to give you an idea. Known as basic but tough.
  12. With two boys you may be better with a 5 berth as older 4 berths will be a big snug with 4 in. Sorry Just adding as our first van was a 4/5 berth.....ABI Maurader 1996 and cost £1000, it lasted 2 weeks as there are 5 of us and I then knew I needed a 5 berth as a minimum. 2nd van was a Ranger 500/5 and was still a bit tight with the eldest struggling in the narrow beds. SO last two vans have been 6 berths. Our 3 van was an Adria 542DK and was bought from a family in Scotland who had it for your exact reason and they used it up till he was a older teenager and no longer wanted to go away with his parents. Pity your so far away there is a dealer here in N.Ireland who specialises in lower price decent honest vans. His start about £2k and its where our second van came from. A fountain of knowledge and I send so many would be caravans his way. Never heard a bad word about him. Has to be others like him your side of the puddle??
  13. baddon

    Which Caravan

    We are in CCC and go to DA meets all the time with no EHU, Just about all van makes are in regular use. Decent solar panel to keep a decent battery topped up BUT its more about what electricity you need to use. As all main functions run happily on gas. Fridge, Cooker/Grill, BBQ, heating if needed. Battery for lights so better if LED as uses less, and the Fan for blown air if running the heating. As such I suspect your weight and layout requirements should be the deciding factors as the battery and solar panel are choices that can be added or upgraded to just about any van. We have a 120W solar panel on the roof and for a family of 5 charging modern phones and tablets with some modest TV watching we never have any battery issues. Many in the club use 100W suitcase type solar panels they have had for many years.
  14. As a rough rule go for at least one more berth that you need (space required for 4 people is often on really offered in a 5 berth etc etc. Easy way to check for damp is to use your nails and drum them against all the hard to reach places where air does not move like under seats, back of storage lockers esp at the top and bottom corners front and back. IT should all sound the same, if any of it does not then LEAVE it as most likely soft or damp. Its not fool proof BUT a good indicator. As mentioned look for one with all the extras included (OR look on the likes of Gumtree for someone selling of as they have sold up) most things second hand are fine. We started with a 1K van and have changed up in years and value 3 times to get the current one (more or less perfect for us with sensible budget constraints) Good luck and Enjoy
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