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  1. Different caravan but we hang a towel or tea towel so it obscures the led for the water pump.
  2. on our second Adria, robust is a good term for them. Last was a 2009 Altea 542DK this is a 2012 Adora 612DT while they have a layout that suits us doubt we will have another make.
  3. Thats the one we are in, We have a choice of 4 local DA's (its the hidden part of the club thats not widely advertised), they stay in camp sites out of season with group discounts and in season they stay at schools, forest parks etc ie NOT fully serviced BUT a fraction of the price per night.
  4. One tip, If your on hook up MOST vans let you run BOTH the gas and electric heating so at this time of year you can heat from cold to toastie much faster, just remember to turn the gas heating back off again as the Electric will be more than capable of keeping you warm. Oh and another one:- With kids (sorry I am assuming from what you have said) Get a rhino tub for shoes at the door and Dont let anyone into van without taking of damp/mucky shoes) You will either love the extra space and luxury or miss the proper camping experience. We joined one of the big clu
  5. If you have never towed OR only towed small trailers it may be worth doing a towing lesson (explain to the trainer why your booking so they are NOT trying to train you to pass a test but to familiarise you with the things to look out for & what you need to be thinking about). Sure and steady and allowing for trailer cutting the corner behind you, increase gap to vehicle in front, drive as smoothly as you can etc etc. I know it sounds daft, BUT if you have space to park caravan at home, set up there and spend a day and night in it. (everything you need is at hand) Then firs
  6. When i was looking I used caravan finder. no idea how good it is for the seller. FaceBook marketplace seems to be very popular for most things these days as well (seems to be direct much more customers than GumTree now)
  7. I have been using for 2 years a 5.2 L double action hand pump from Decathlon, it has a longer body and higher capacity cylinder. To be honest the main reason was the taller pump meant I stopped pulling the end of the Kampa pump. This also means I dont have to stand with back bent to use it. I have just purchased a rechargeable battery (no cables, so no distance restriction) inflater as we have inflation tow behind toys for the jetski and I very impressed with it so will try it on the air awning and may use this. Its rate of inflation is WAY more than I can manage with the pump, no getting
  8. We am on our forth caravan, 1st lasted a week, a true dipping toe in water as it was looking to be very wet and our trailer tent with three kids looked like no fun at Easter, we all enjoyed the caravan BUT it was to small, over 20 years old and ..........and....... (still have the trailer tent as we tow it with a trike). 2nd lasted 3-4 months, was 2004, larger and not as old but still not ideal for us, but let us see that we were making good use of the van and gave us time to look around and see what we really wanted/needed. 3rd lasted just about a year. Our first Adria 2009, a
  9. air is heavier but faster to put up and a VERY fast to take down. As its a 2 berth the weight may not be such an issue as its getting it into the rail that can be tricky. so try it in the dealers if you can. I have always bought 2nd hand as it saves a lot of money as well. First was a pole then 4 air ones since. My first was a Royal and rest have been Kampa.
  10. @Mr Plodd - I have found that when in a very tight turn my Stabiliser often raises. Especially when reversing at home or on a site. - Only saying as if you knew why it raised you may have more confidence going forward to trust it again. Also glad you were able to drive on from it. Its not a pleasant experience.
  11. Also interested as one of the reasons we feel better to stick with our 612 DT Adora in 2012 is that in 2014 they updated the caravan and one of the updates was changing the sink to a drop down. I was more concerned with kids breaking it but your other concerns are just as valid. Anyone WITH experience of the Adria any comment?
  12. As a triker in a trike club we are out in "convoy" just about most weekends. There can be upwards of 12 trikes. We tend to ride at or near the speed limit WHEN safe to do so. We just take a while for all to get up to speed. As trikes are not that common we tend to get a lot of positive attention and have never that I recall been bothered by the police. We as a club also do tours and have on several occasions have taken a week in Scotland and even a few outings to Holland/Belgium and the ONLY time we got in bother was when one of the trikes broke down in Holland on a Motorway
  13. 1700 from memory. We use a Ford Ranger and on a back road you certainly know to take care of it. On the motorway or a smooth road it sits beautifully. The longer A frame helps with this. The long wheel base on a pickup certainly helps with stability, BUT the load overhang from rear axle to tow hitch is bad for transmitting any pitching caused by an uneven road. so I take it really gently on bad surfaces. Our longest tow was when we collected it in middle of England and took it to the ferry terminal in Cairnryan..... From memory about 5 Hrs driving. It was nearly a meter longer than our pr
  14. Yes its same (2012 version as the 2013 has different colours on seats) Has motor mover and alloy wheels (both options) looks like a full awning. Dont see the fitted carpets. Thats a VERY keen price. Here that would be 11-12K still. 1 thing to check is the curved cupboard at the end of the kitchen. With its big door and weight the hinges can come loose easily. Also does it have the fitted microwave (lots seem to go missing....)
  15. Ouch, I have considered similar as a couple of times I have been unable to drive (Arm injuries, twisted ankle and a damaged eye- steel shard through my eyeball, resulted in 4 ops with the last being a lens replacement) My good lady is legal to tow, regularly drives my pickup, BUT hates to tow. I have had her tow some of our larger work trailer on several occasions (and the caravan on one) and talked her through the different lines and driving techniques (larger space in front being the most important change to her normal driving style!!!!) She is soooooo no
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