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  1. It did have a drive mode selector but, unlike the XC models with air suspension all round, the V90 only has optional air suspension at the rear, for self leveling, so there is no way to adjust the height of the vehicle (or towbar) using the drive mode...
  2. It's been a while since my original post but I thought i'd best provide an update for anyone interested.... In short - i'm no longer a Volvo owner! After 9 months of 'investigations' and me pushing back on numerous occasions after being told by the dealer, Volvo UK and Volvo Sweden there was no problem with either my vehicle or the towbar, Volvo finally admitted that their retractable towbar does not comply with EU regulations when fitted to a V90 with self leveling suspension, and is effectively an illegal part... They are apparently now designing & testing a new towball for self-levelling V90's (and I suspect many other air suspension cars in the range, as the XC90 courtesy car i had was exactly the same!) but i was not prepared to wait over a year from first reporting the issue for them to rectify it. I have asked Volvo numerous times what they will do for the thousands(?) of cars with illegal towbars already fitted, but have not received a straight answer... If you have a Volvo towbar fitted to an SPA car with air suspension I'd urge you to check your vehicle and if it is affected, make sure you report it to your dealer!! So I've now had a full refund and gone and bought a replacement vehicle from another manufacturer - there are aspects of the V90 i'll miss but the towing experience is certainly not one of them!!
  3. GogsL, have you measured the height of your new towbar? I've just bought a Volvo V90 and have an issue with the Volvo retractable towball - it's way too high! That's causing the caravan to tow nose up and introducing lots of swaying that I never used to get on my old car, with the same van, loaded in the same way!
  4. Thanks for this. .. I'm still a little confused though. The hitch height range given is with the caravan level, it doesn't say with the caravan hitched up? I've had one measurement from a chap with conventional suspension which was 430mm to the middle of the ball with the car unladen. He couldn't provide a laden measurement at the time, but I'm sure a couple of passengers, some bits in the boot and 100kgs on the towball would drop the height by a lot more than 10mm!
  5. Because if a trailer or caravan is 'nose up' then weight will transfer to the rear and exacerbate any instability (pendulum effect)... it is widely recognised that a level or nose down caravan is best. It's an optional extra which also includes adaptive dampers. I've tried the Volvo forums but haven't found anyone else with the self levelling suspension and a towbar who could measure theirs. .. most V90s have conventional springs
  6. But they're not the same when they're not connected. ... one is the ball (360 - 420 range) and one is the hitch (395 - 465 range)? It's obviously recommended to have the ball lower than the hitch so that the trailer / caravan is nose down when towing. ..
  7. As for the heights. .. my understanding is the centre of the ball should be between 350 - 420mm when the vehicle is fully laden. Hitch head height is completely separate, in that; when then caravan is level, front to back, then the middle of the hitch should be 395- 465mm (not when hitched up). So, assuming you have a car with a towball at the top of the towball range (420mm) and a caravan with a hitch at the bottom of the range (395mm) then you'd be towing nose up. .. obviously not ideal. If they're both in the middle of the range (385mm car & 430mm hitch) then you're happy days and towing nose down In my case, the caravan hitch toward the top of its range, at around 450mm when level, so if my towbar we're within the legal range it would tow nose down. .. Unfortunately it's well over: around 460mm when stationary and higher when driving, so it's towing nose up and is therefore unstable with passing vehicles / crosswinds. Have a search for EC Directive 94/20/EC
  8. Unfortunately it's not in my case. Volvo claim there's no way for them to adjust ride height either. ..
  9. Thanks all! Gary & Chris - that's my suspicion but Volvo are saying there's nothing wrong with the towball or the suspension (despite the fact that it's too high at the rear)... they also told me it couldn't possibly be illegal or Volvo wouldn't have been able to sell it, despite the fact I can't get anywhere close to 420mm at the middle of the ball, regardless of load
  10. Apparently not Lutz. .. there's one version of the retractable Volvo towbar for the V90, whether self levelling or not! Interestingly, the V70 which it replaced had two different versions. ..
  11. Thanks Erm, does your V70 have self levelling suspension at the rear? I understand that on a conventionally sprung car the ball may be over the 420mm limit when unladen, as the weight of passengers / luggage / caravan hitch will drop the rear to below 420mm. With mine, however, no matter how much weight I put in the car, or where I put it, as soon as I turn on the ignition the rear suspension raises itself (and the towball) back up.
  12. Hi all, I've just swapped my Jaguar XF for a Volvo V90 D5 R-Design with adaptive / self- levelling suspension and a Volvo electronically retractable towbar, thinking it would be a perfect tow car. I'm currently using it to tow a caravan through France and it's not been what you would call 'stable'. Every time a large car / van passes, or theres a bit of a sidewind, the caravan & car are swaying quite badly and taking quite a while to settle down. I towed this caravan (and 2 previous vans) with the Jaguar, at up to 70mph, with no stability issues or swaying at all, so it's definitely something to do with the car. Had a triple check of tyre pressures, weights etc, cleaned the ball and stabiliser pads and everything is as it should be. .. apart from the towball height! It appears the suspension is not just levelling, but jacking the rear of the car up. The towball is sitting around 2" higher than it should be (according to EU Regs)... I've measured it at every stop over a few days and the middle of the towball was between 445mm and 465mm, fully loaded with 100kg of noseweight, which is causing the caravan to sit nose up. Has anyone else had smilar experience with a manufacturer towball being too high or self levelling suspension overcompensating?
  13. After looking at numerous options to replace the hard plastic Alko jockey wheel, I've just purchased one of these: https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/2-50-4-220-x-60-Puncture-Proof-Sack-Truck-Jockey-Wheel-Trolley-Cart-20mm-BORE/331757901148 Still awaiting delivery so can't confirm it will fit, but the measurements align nicely so thought it was worth a £9 risk. ... i'll let you know how I get on with it! Hopefully wont suffer from cracking hubs like the plastic PU tyres I've seen, and no risk of punctures like a pneumatic wheel.
  14. Having just purchased a new Coachman from Spinney (North Staffs) I have to say their customer service, so far, has been superb! After a horrendous experience last year with a much larger Lunar Dealership in the North West, it really does make the world of difference. Yes, it would have been nice of Coachman / Mr Hibbs to respond and apologise to the OP but, as others have said, it's your dealer's responsibility to resolve any issues with the product you've bought. I'd be looking for a better dealer next time. ..
  15. Thanks borrowdale. .. would love to know if anyone / everyone else's works the same as the above? As you say, you can't control the awning light using the fob with the master switch off, but i was really surprised to be able to turn the master switch on & off (controlling the interior lights, alde heating etc. ) with the push of a button on the fob, if the awning light is on while the master is off!
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