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  1. Like others 85% rule is guidance only. Time that industry and government woke up in that motor vehicle and to a certain extent caravan technology has moved on and is on the whole much safer. start to look forward to electrification and consult with the leisure industry. I would include in that consult with Joe public first.
  2. Did two glugs but after 48hrs smell was nasty. Back to blue stuff.
  3. I am guessing about 30lts of water and then tools, ramps, manuals, screen cover, etc. As we unloaded I weighed almost every item and was about 40kg out from the second weigh in. Burster give you 8kg of jack etc but no spare wheel ! It was a good exercise and we both now have a better idea of what not to take. The temptation with having a garage is to throw it in just in case but will stop that. With some more care I think we can keep legal and still have a pair of bikes loaded. Also plan to change the huge table Burstner supply for something smaller and lighter but thats another story.
  4. We recently returned from a trip in our Burstner 690G Lyseo Harmony Line - 3500kg. Last stop before our driveway was the public weighbridge, full fuel, some fresh water and both of us seated. Ticket showed 3500kg dead. I was abit shocked as we carried no bikes, cadac and very low on beer. The next morning totally empty I returned and with full fuel no water no occupants ( microwave and second leisure battery fitted ) weighed in at 3060kg. Think at £6.50 a visit it was money well spent.
  5. Same services and I parked up to wait for a space taken by a Luton van, when the driver returned all I got was abuse.
  6. Disgrace that free wi-fi with decent speed is not available. People who run this so called club need to give priority to what members think and request. Expensive enough to visit their sites and with an antiquated booking system and ......... too many issues to list.
  7. About six weeks ago I found that my Pwrtouch AWD movers were not operating and after contacting Pwrtouch service and trying a few tests they concluded a board had probably burnt out. My movers were purchased new in 2018 and fitted to my T/A Swift by the dealer so would be covered by the five year warranty. The guys from Pwrtouch were very helpful and offered to either send me two new control units direct or have an authorised technician come out (may have taken a couple of weeks) and do the work. I took delivery of two new units within 48 hrs of agreeing I would do the work hen swapped out my old units, probably a 30 minute job and we are all working as new. I can only say great serice from Pwrtouch.
  8. They should take a £10 per night non refundable deposit. Fed up of searching for availability with pitches taken up by greedy sorts on a speculative basis.
  9. I have a tracker in my Swift and think that along with all other anti-theft devices it is good value. If my vehicle gets stolen I want the people caught and punished. I don't want to get into all the court/sentencing thing but I want the person responsible identified. Over winter and having the available space I take all seating out and store in a spare bedroom and once removed the rear tail lamps which took all of three minutes.
  10. Think a time out is required, stay away from conversations on politics, religion and campsite toilets.
  11. I recently saw a You Tube channel with lots of good input on the onerous contracts that some static caravan owners are obliged to sign. During 2021 there may be important changes agreed on the standard contracts that many sites owners use. This may be worth a watch.
  12. The BBC should be defunded, fed up of their biased reporting. What happened to real reporters asking important sensible questions ? We too often have one reporter questioning another reporter and as for the media asking questions at Downing Street briefings veryvery view of them seem to have an understanding of Covid or the published data.
  13. Age 68, had a call one week ago and next day received the Pfzier jab, slightly tender arm for 48 hrs but no other side effects. Everyone has a choice and after reading all sensible information mine was to accept the offer.
  14. Never sure about these sorts of surveys, some owners are very loyal to a brand no matter what. Data from fleet managers may give some balance but I would also say when I lived in the US Lexus and Toyota were always top of their charts.
  15. Glad they now have a vaccine, will I be taking up the offer, YES. What frightens me is what next will emerge from China.
  16. Dturr

    Fantastic idea

    Seems a very good idea, cheap compressor for £15 and away to go.
  17. I will follow the rules watching my younger neighbours jump in their beemers and travel around with a small child as if nothing has happened. In view of my window construction workers arrrive on site from Wales and England, they work and mix in houses and canteens, house moves continue, kids of all ages are running and cycling around in groups. There is little chance this will end on 2nd December.
  18. There are many folk in their 40's who have tragically had to bury parents and grandparents as a direct or indirect result of Covid and China's actions. I will never blame Johnson or Merkel or Macron as no leader wants to make lockdown decisions that can impact us all so much in many different ways.
  19. Check the roof if possible, we found a badly sealed front sun roof the first time I went up to clean the roof on our new caravan.
  20. If you have been in for service then it is possible the technicians have left the pump set on high. We had a similar issue with our swift and turned the pump down to setting 2 and it stopped gurgling. Our pump was located at the boiler not in the header tank.
  21. We recently stayed five nights at Park Foot, Pooley Bridge. Just a few pointers to anyone who has not been before. Location 10/10. Stunning, easy walk to shops and pubs and access to the lakes with kayaks etc. Pooley Bridge is behind on its restoration and work can be noisy but this is not to the detriment of Par Foot. Negatives for me; they mix caravans, campervabs and tents. Very few fully serviced pitches. New fantastic toilet block not very clean, floor dirt I noticed remained for the length of our stay. Pitches poorly marked and despite Covid you could be close to your neighbor. Lots of trees so you can quickly lose the sun in September. Access for the last mile could be tricky if you met a HGV or large tractor with a twin axle like ours.
  22. Warning to all Swift caravan owners with a pull out wire pantry. On a recent trip our Conqueror gave me a fright as I saw water on the floor in front of the kitchen door. A quick check with a torch found that the sink waste solid pipe had become disconnected from the flexible pipe that then runs through the floor. I suspect that the pull out push in wire basket continually pushed on the two pipes finally causing them to part. Bad on Swift, no stop for the wire baskets and no fixings to hold the two pipes in place. Apologies if this topic covered elsewhere.
  23. Dealers beware. https://www. shropshirestar. com/news/crime/2017/11/24/14000-caravan-stolen-from-shropshire-dealership/
  24. Pictures tell the sad story. http://www. leaderlive. co. uk/home/2017/11/23/gallery/cctv-footage-shows-brazen-thieves-smashing-through-gates-to-steal-30ft-caravan-in-flintshire-100522/
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