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  1. If you have been in for service then it is possible the technicians have left the pump set on high. We had a similar issue with our swift and turned the pump down to setting 2 and it stopped gurgling. Our pump was located at the boiler not in the header tank.
  2. We recently stayed five nights at Park Foot, Pooley Bridge. Just a few pointers to anyone who has not been before. Location 10/10. Stunning, easy walk to shops and pubs and access to the lakes with kayaks etc. Pooley Bridge is behind on its restoration and work can be noisy but this is not to the detriment of Par Foot. Negatives for me; they mix caravans, campervabs and tents. Very few fully serviced pitches. New fantastic toilet block not very clean, floor dirt I noticed remained for the length of our stay. Pitches poorly marked and despite Covid you could be close to your neighbor. Lots of t
  3. Warning to all Swift caravan owners with a pull out wire pantry. On a recent trip our Conqueror gave me a fright as I saw water on the floor in front of the kitchen door. A quick check with a torch found that the sink waste solid pipe had become disconnected from the flexible pipe that then runs through the floor. I suspect that the pull out push in wire basket continually pushed on the two pipes finally causing them to part. Bad on Swift, no stop for the wire baskets and no fixings to hold the two pipes in place. Apologies if this topic covered elsewhere.
  4. Dealers beware. https://www. shropshirestar. com/news/crime/2017/11/24/14000-caravan-stolen-from-shropshire-dealership/
  5. Pictures tell the sad story. http://www. leaderlive. co. uk/home/2017/11/23/gallery/cctv-footage-shows-brazen-thieves-smashing-through-gates-to-steal-30ft-caravan-in-flintshire-100522/
  6. I have a 2015 D4 AWD Auto with winter pack, bliss, and safety pack. I record all my mileage and fuel use and get 37mpg overall. Wish wish it had a reversing camera and no rear tinted windows. Just done 40k miles so looking at a change real soon. Not a bad car very comfortable seats and eats up the miles.
  7. Much prefer The Lawns event in Hull.
  8. Good luck, we nearly made a move on the Pamplona but the soft cushions for 2018 and difficult under bed access put us off.
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