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  1. Hi SharkLaser, I started my refurb two years ago but got way laid with work so had to put on hold. Now getting back to it, hows your refurb going?
  2. Hi, yes its more 80's but not sure when, I'm thinking 88 maybe? I did start this project 2 yrs ago but got delayed with work, now back on it just checked all windows and nothing on them
  3. Hi, I am after help finding the year of my caravan. the plate has a serial number on 21088E Any help would be appreciated
  4. That probably doesn't apply to mine then as once we took off the ply and removed the insulation there was only the outer skin n of the van, little bit worrying but as it's old and still ok prob structurally fine that way
  5. Just seen your post, we have just bought a really old van which has damp like yours. Did not pay much so are not afraid to tear apart as it's my first restoration project. We found our damp coming from the front external light fitting both sides which has rotted all the wood between panels & outside skin. We have found most internal fixtures (seating at min) are screwed from external under the metal strips When taking it apart we are taking loads pics to remind how to go back together. Not sure if any of this helps you but it's good to speak to another first timer with damp We will need to remove the roof strip & reseal and the awning strip to seal but will be a month or so yet Also my van is a elddis mistral gt approx 30year old Also my van is a elddis mistral gt approx 30year old Also my van is a elddis mistral gt approx 30year old
  6. I'm wanting to re seal all the metal strips on the caravan they are 35mm wide is the 32mm mastic strip the size I need and will I then need to seal the edges with a tube sealant? I have a elddis mistral gt (think 1980's) Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks Stevan but knew it had damp so have stripped right out, found source of damp just now need to do all the sealing and then re insulate & board
  8. Hi, I am about to renovate my caravan, not sure of the age think it's 80's The exterior where panels meet the metal strips need reselling any advice? Much appreciated Any help on finding out the year would be good too
  9. Hi, got a caravan to renovate
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