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  1. Hi AGASAP, we have owned a 2013 Adria Altea Severn for 2 years now. No problems whatsoever in that time, great van, would buy another Adria without hesitation. Our van came with lots of extras and I have made a couple of small modifications to suit us. We had the same deliberations as you regarding the build quality and water ingress of caravans. It’s our first caravan so we spent months researching and even then it has been a steep, (but fun) learning curve. Although I would have liked a newer caravan, weight and layout considerations narrowed our search down to the Adria or one model from a major British manufacturer which was only produced in 2012/3. My wife preferred the Adria, I loved the British internal fittings but think the Adria is much nicer looking externally, (than the particular alternative choice). It wasn’t hard to find lots of information relating to a common leak on the British van we would have liked. The manufacturer had authorised dealers to carry out warranty repairs but there was some concern the method used to rectify the issue might not have been perfect. I personally wouldn’t be comfortable the leak wouldn’t return in the long term if I was unlucky enough to end up with a van that had been repaired in that way. My local caravan dealer told me I wouldn’t find an example of the particular British model on his forecourt as there was an inherent design fault with a roof joint that was always likely to be a problem. He did emphasise it was one model and didn’t affect other vans of the same construction. (I'm not so sure about that now though). When a second dealer said the same thing to me a few weeks later I lost my nerve. Saying that, I’ve seen the model in question for sale from lots of major dealers so not everybody is worried. I hear the argument that there are more complaints about British vans because there are more sold and people only speak out when they have an issue. I’m afraid there are just too many stories of people having bad experiences for my liking though. All of the caravans are built by manual operations so there will always be inconsistencies and failures. The rate of these just appears to be too high. There are several videos around showing the build process from various manufacturers although a few years old now. The Adria factory appears to be very clean and modern. The workers are smartly dressed in uniforms and seem to be working at a steady pace. I have seen a couple of videos of other manufacturers that don’t inspire so much confidence. Untidy, not what I would call clean, scruffy workers rushing around as if they are on piecework. Our caravan should last us a few more years yet but as circumstances change we will want a different layout. I keep looking at new caravans and continue to read the forums. There are lots of British caravans I love. I hope to see evidence the build quality is improving to give me the confidence to buy British next time. If not it will be another Adria or continental van.
  2. Hi. I live in Sutton and store my van at Outfall Cottage in Tamworth (Coton Green). It's a CASSOA Gold site and costs £420 a year. I know of a few people local to me who also store here. When I was looking there were several places to consider. Some put me on a waiting list, others wouldn't. There are storage facilities by Alrewas, Chase Town and one in Boldmere. There is also a CASSOA Silver site at Drayton Basset, I believe it may offer under cover storage but I think you need to give notice when you want to take the van out for trips away. I had a list of local storage providers from Canwell Caravans about 2 years ago. It was a little out of date then but perhaps they have updated it. Good luck with your search.
  3. Hello all, thank you very much for the replies and suggestions. I'm actually going to Bank Farm Leisure in Horton, Swansea. I've just sat down to try to plan the route in detail but probably looking to leave the M4 at J47. Cheers Jeff
  4. Hi One of the great advantages of having a caravan is being able to visit and discover new places. I've never visited South Wales so that's where I'm heading next week. I'm travelling 177 miles from the midlands on the M5, M50 and M4 up to junction 47. I would love to have a couple of planned stops on route. My maneuvering skills could be better so I'm looking for somewhere easy to park up and escape from again. I'm heading to unknown territory (for me) once I peel off the M5. My usual M5 stop is Gloucester but I think I'm bailing out before then. Can anybody recommend good places to stop (or avoid) on the M50 and M4 please? Thanks Jeff
  5. Hi Ern, Hopefully I've got a full fill this time. The digital bathroom scales tell me the cylinder is 10. 7Kg and Calor say a full bottle weighs 10. 52Kg. The real answer is to have a second on hand when the first runs out. I have time on my side to wait and see if a CalorLite replacement arises although a cheaper Safe fill would be more desirable. I'll probably end up having to get a 3. 9Kg spare at some point though. Cheers Jeff
  6. Hello Charlieboy and Bobajob. I seem to have weight distribution pretty well sorted now. I try to put the heavier less bulky items in the boot, such as spare wheel, jack, caravan tool kit etc. I need the awning towards the rear of the caravan to compensate for the bunk I removed at the back otherwise I cannot achieve the required nose weight. I agree the Safefill is the most cost effective solution for heavy users but I'm not in that group yet. It would take many years for me to recoup the initial outlay. Cheers Jeff
  7. Hi Jiffy, you're probably right about a smaller battery. I went with the advice given and recommendations from the motor mover manufacturer at the time of purchase. It's a steep learning curve but I'm enjoying the journey. Changing the car for a more suitable towing vehicle will improve things when the time comes. I'll be able to, or more comfortable travelling further then as well.
  8. Thank you all for the responses. I did consider a small cylinder or camping stove, but we use the oven quite a lot in the winter so it wouldn't be a fool proof plan. With regards to weight, I do struggle with both payload and nose weight. I know it isn't ideal but I'm towing at 100% of towing limit and about 97% of kerb weight. My nose weight limit for the car and tow bar is 70Kg, but it feels much better at 65Kg which can be achieved but not easily. I don't think we take that much stuff with us, certainly less that a lot of fellow campers I see with all of their home comforts. I've removed the sixth bunk which made a huge saving, carry the spare tyre in the car and have made lots of small weight savings that add up significantly. We have weighed EVERYTHING we put in the caravan and keep a spreadsheet of everything loaded for the trip with a calculated payload figure. We manage very well when there are only 3 of us but it gets tight when the oldest lad comes with us. The motor mover with associated heavier battery and the awning make a massive dent in the pay load before we start. So theoretically I know exactly how much the set up weighs so long as the manufactures figures are reasonably accurate. I try to leave a small allowance for the tolerence in MIRO. I really should find a weighbridge as I am sailing very close to the wind! Cheers, Jeff
  9. Hi Geoff, thanks for the quick response. My previous standard 6Kg propane cylinder didn't have the weight on the silver label. I now have a 6Kg Calor Lite. The silver label has 4 quadrants and the only information in those is: 10 00, Next Test 30, 10 00, P15Y. It weighs 10. 7Kg straight from the supplier. According to the Calor site, https://www. calor. co. uk/shop/gas-bottles/calor-lite/calor-lite-propane-gas-bottle. html the tare weight is 4. 1 to 5Kg and gross weight is 10. 52Kg. That suggests they fill the bottle to 10. 52 Kg. If that is true it would mean the lucky person with a lighter 4. 1Kg bottle would get 6. 42Kg of gas, whilst the poor guy at the other extreme of tare weight would only have 5. 52Kg of gas. If my scales are accurate I might have an extra 0. 2Kg. In theory I won't run out until my bottle is down to 4. 7Kg. I just wondered if this is a reasonable expectation or if I should be getting nervous well before then? The tolerances on the weights for the standard 6Kg bottles are even bigger but they state a full bottle weighs 15 to 17Kg. Cheers, Jeff
  10. I'm in my second year of caravanning and have just exchanged my 6Kg Calor bottle for a fresh one. Having weighed the cylinder when I first received it and subsequently after each trip I reckon there was 0. 5Kg left. I didn't want to run out half way through cooking a meal on my up next 2 week trip. Yes, I could have purchased a second bottle but weight is an issue. My question is, can I expect to have 6Kg of usable gas in my new bottle or does the pressure drop when the cylinder is near empty? Perhaps the refills are slightly over to compensate or maybe not. Apologies if the answer is already somewhere here, but I can't seem to find an answer. I was going to phone or email Calor but that doesn't appear to be easy. Their website gives an address to write to or a phone number to contact a local dealer. I asked the supplying dealer but he didn't know. Hopefully somebody around here knows from experience. Thanks, Jeff
  11. I'm using a set of Grand Aero 3s on a Mazda 3. I could not get an acceptable view from them as standard and have had to modify the arms and mounting points extensively. They're not pretty now but I finally have a really good, legal and safe view. Despite having the extended arms (reversed) which are now mounted 100mm away from the mounting brackets, vibration isn't an issue at all. They do move a little but nothing to worry about or distort the view.
  12. I hope that's sorted it then. The Netherlands sounds good, I only made it to Brean. Cheers, Jeff
  13. Hi Jiff Like I said, nothing special, just a fairly standard shower head. The whole assembly was stuck pretty fast when I pulled it out earlier. I'll have to remember to put a bit of silicon grease on the o ring when I get back. Cheers Jeff
  14. It's just a household item with a round head Jiff. I can't recall if it came from Screwfix or e-bay. The van is in storage but we're going away next week so I'll try to post a photo then. Cheers Jeff
  15. Hi Jiff I've had this once or twice if, as you say the tap/shower head assembly hasn't been seated correctly. Fortunately my youngest lad who is the only one coming away now doesn't have any great desire to go near the bathroom tap, it's always under protest so he doesn't fiddle with it. Although we use site showers, I've changed the shower head on mine for a standard domestic head with a short handle and sharp angle. This directs the water jet almost in to the centre of the sink. We found the original shower head directed water towards the top lip at the front. To avoid splashing we tended to lift the assembly a little so it would lean forward. The new shower head works great when firmly pushed in to place. Cheers, Jeff
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