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  1. That's the O ring fitted. Took me about 10 seconds! Think I was lucky it seated in the grove first time. I used a small screwdriver to ease it in from the outside and it just popped right in the grove. I used a head torch to light up the hole. Didn't use any lubricant either. Simple really. Anton
  2. Thanks John and to all the helpful advice. I've got a couple of rings I got from here a few months ago, I'll give it a go at fitting them tomorrow. https://www.thecaravanshop.co.uk/AL-KO-towing-spares/stabiliser-friction-pads/o-ring-suitable-for-aks-friction-pads/prod_1440.html
  3. Yes, think that's what the issue is. If anyone has instructions on how to re-seat the O ring I'd be glad to hear. Mr Plodd, how did you get it sorted?
  4. One of my AL-KO side friction pads is very loose and is easily pushed out and has no resistance within the hole of the AL-KO hitch. The other one is fine and is held in firmly and requires a firm tap with a screwdriver and hammer as required. I believe I'm missing a rubber part which keeps the pad firm within the hitch and firm up against the towball when engaged. I bought a rubber O ring which im not sure how its fitted or is the part i actually need. Can someone help. Anton
  5. I've had the caps fitted and all seems ok for now. When you say new cracks have appeared I take it they are not underneath the caps themselves? Anton
  6. I've had 4 cracks on the rear panel. The whole back panel was replaced dealing with the first 2 rear cracks. Cracks reappeared and they were covered by caps. I've had a crack on the front panel which was repaired. My front locker door also cracked, which was replaced. I've had a few battles to get these issues resolved. On a few occasions Elddis have claimed they were impact damage. However the threat of legal action usually brings them to their senses. Don't be fobbed off. Remind your dealer that if Elddis refuse to play ball, that the dealer is ultimately respon
  7. Cracking pictures Smeeshy. Looks like you hit it off with the weather. Never been down that neck of the woods before. Caravan looks a wee belter. Did you take the bike? Anton
  8. How's things old pal. I've been absent for a while and see your still posting and being yer auld self. Hope your still keeping well.


    1. Gusman


      All good anton. Thought you were away forever. Aye still hanging about . No long back from my favourite caravan haunt. Did have a wee petty CT fall out to be honest. Should have known better as I was being silly enough to bite at a few TROLL hooks. :blush:  Anyway all good now as I said just having a laugh. Good to hear from you. .... 


       Ian. ... 

  9. Jings Smeeshy boy, Lee McCulloch! Couldn't think of a worse person to share a chemical toilet empty point!!! Hope he paid his pitch fees!!! Anton
  10. Well deserved. Not felt the need to take my van out scotland since I got it, no need to as haven't seen anywhere that's better. Anton
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