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  1. Octopus Energy are currently trialing a project called power loop using the Nissan Leaf. If you have your Leaf plugged in from 5 pm through the evening for 12 nights a month there is a discount on you electricity bill. You do need a smart meter and of course a Nissan Leaf.....
  2. I have a 2017 Clubman SE, pretty certain it's this one. https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1470081/grey-swivel-tv-bracket Mike
  3. You can use a very thin blade, just be careful as it's easy to mark the plastic and cut yourself!
  4. You can prise out the centre white disc which exposes 4 screws.
  5. Many thanks for your replies, probably going to wait for a bit to see if the chancellor reduces VAT
  6. I currently have a Lunar Clubman and have been looking at a new Pegasus Grande Brindisi as a replacement. It seems well made and the layout would suit us well. Does anyone have any opinions on the maker and or model? Thanks
  7. I've updated the 2017 CRV Sat Nav, not sure if it's the same? If it is you'll need to download Garmin Express from the Garmin website onto a PC/Laptop. You then need a USB stick which needs to be formatted in the CRV before plugging into the PC so Garmin Express knows your car settings.
  8. Interesting article on the Practical Caravan web site: https://www.practicalcaravan.com/news/196336-lunar-caravans-has-been-bought-out-of-administration
  9. Can't help with 2019 but on the 2017 Clubman the switch for the awning light is on the control panel.
  10. If anyone's interested, I've just made a fabric window panel for the Lunar Clubman SE (2017), to act as a sun blind. This was to overcome the silly design, whereby you shouldn't close the venetian blind for the top front window at times when the sun is shining directly into the van, otherwise the window could blow. So what's the point of the blind, which can only be partially closed during the day, or only at night? Why not just go back to having the cupboard which was there before the 2016 design change? Grrr! . The finished panel was 70cm x 42cm, with a pocket top and bottom, into whic
  11. Living close to there, the low risk exit to the motorways is out to the Staplehurst cross roads and up to the motorways via Maidstone. As stated above, going through Marden would be a nightmare, you could go through Yalding onto Seven Mile Lane but there is a narrow bridge at Yalding or you could use Goudhurst onto the A21 but again there are a number of quite tight spots. I use Battle Lane onto the B2079 and then up to Maidstone.
  12. I've had a similar problem with 2017 Clubman SE. You can turn off the PIR if you hold the button down when you set the alarm until there is a double beep.
  13. All I can do is add my experience to the picture, I'm no expert on the system. My system has only had a couple of small top ups, far less than 250ml and most of that was when the van was new and air was working it's way out.
  14. Cigarette lighter sockets are usually around the 10 amp rating so that'd be a good starting point depending on the cable you've used.
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