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  1. Hi Can anyone advise me on the correct wiring please. I am replacing an old switched light above the door with an unswitched one and putting a switch on the inside. I have bought a switch from Screwfix, which has com and then L1 and L2. I also have a live and neg from the van and a live and neg from the light. Which goes where? Thanks
  2. Thanks for this, I will have a look. As far as the supports go, it looks like most of the bottom half and the wood along the bottom has rotted. I think it is the door itself that is the problem, it has been resealed so many times that I think it has cracks in it. Going to take the door out, and cut out the rotten and then leave the rest exposed for a bit to dry out.
  3. Hi all, the timbers on our '96 swift challenger are in a poor state. I have started to remove some of the rotten boarding, but need some advice on the timbers themselves. As they are wet and swollen, they are difficult to get an accurate measurement on. But they appear to be and inch to and inch and a quarter. Does anyone have any experience of these? Also, any general advice on this job would be great. For example, do I stick the wood to the outer skin of the van as well? Cheers
  4. Thanks Gordon, I will have a look this weekend at how difficult it would be.
  5. Hi. .. sorry, anther request in the ongoing bathroom renovations! Ok, so I have a sink waste that has a 28mm rigid waste pipe connection, but I would like to connect it to a 23. 5mm convoluted hose. Can this be done? I cannot seem to find an adapter to suit. Cheers as always
  6. I am seriously thinking of fitting an onboard tank under my Swift. Does anyone have any experience of how difficult a job this is?
  7. Hi again, Says it all really. I need to do a repair, but just want to check the specific plastic before I buy the filler/epoxy thanks
  8. Thanks for all of your help. In the end I had to use a reciprocal saw to cut off the top, then again to cut the lip from the unit. The amount of glue used was crazy. However, it is off now!
  9. Hi, I have been a little unsubtle so far. I have used a large drill bit and gone right through. The outer-casing of the sink doesn't really matter as it is broken anyway. However, looking at a bit that has come off, it seems that it is glued along the overlap join as well. Not sure how to loosen the glue as well.
  10. hi, thanks for these. .. all getting a bit complicated now, as I have drilled a couple with no effect. however, it seems there is glue underneath as well! Bit stuck now (no pun intended) Any ideas? Cheers
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