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  1. Thanks for the replies. In what part of the country did you part with your Nova Fred and approx when, I'm just wondering if I have your old van. There was a little discoloration on the veneer under the window which suggested to me that there had been an issue but I couldn't get any reading on my Protimeter so I assumed whatever had occurred had been fixed. That's a clever idea JTQ regarding creating a drain point. Yes I have cleaned the seal and it was a bit mucky but otherwise looked OK, it did have a little trickle again however after I cleaned it. The seals are quite normal fitted with mastic on the outside inner edge and shouldn't be a problem to replace if I can get the correct seal ?? I'll email Hymer see if they can tell me what seals they used originally Ian
  2. Hi I have a problem with the front window seal on my 2007 Hymer Nova 570, under very heavy rain a slight trickle gets past the top of the seal and runs down the inside of the window, it does only happen under a deluge. The seal is not visibly damaged but it is happening none the less. I have tried to turn the window catch plates round to pull the window in tighter but it put too much strain on the catches and so I had to put them back again. I am resolved to now changing the seal and am quire confident in my ability to do this. However I now find that my panels are 32mm and this is not a readily available size(not at all really). I have requested 30mm samples from Seals Direct to see if they will stretch without deforming. Does anyone have experience in dealing with window seals, is this likely to work, will they stretch the extra 2mm ????? I have also found a German website with 31mm seals for Hobby caravans but there is almost no info available. I cannot tell what size the bubble is, mine are quite small, only about 10mm, would it be a huge problem if the bubble was too large, say 15mm ??? Ian
  3. Hi all Well thanks for all the replies, it does appear to be quite a can of worms doesn't it. However even if there are only a couple of replies with genuine first hand experience of this being an actual possibility then in my book my question has been answered and I will be sticking with a ball valve in my aquaroll. Thanks for the replies. Ian
  4. Hi I have a Hymer Nova 570 for which I want to provide a mains water connection. I would prefer to go the direct mains connection route but am a bit bothered by the comments I have seen regarding the consequences of a failure of the reducing valve. Simple question, is this really a genuine issue or are people just airing their concerns. Has anyone actual experience of this happening. I do appreciate that people have concerns over this but I'm looking for actual experience, if any, of this being a problem. Thanks in advance Ian
  5. Hi It's time to replace the 2 old MPK rooflights on my Hymer Nova. I've pretty much decided on the Mini Heki but am getting confused by the different models. I've seen them described as just Mini Heki also as Mini Heki Plus, Style and S but cannot work out the important differences. I thought I'd determined that the S was the top model then saw it priced at less than the others, totally confused ??
  6. The rod didn't hang from the roof light it was a separate item that engaged with a socket of some sort. I do operate them when I'm in the van, but I also often put it on a site for her and the grand kids while I'm at work
  7. Thanks for the reply, maybe I didn't make myself clear. The rooflight is broken and needs replacement. I was wondering if different makes in 400 x 400 size would be compatible with the existing roof cutout. I have in the past seen rooflights with a stick thingy you could use to open it but can't remember what they were.
  8. Hi I need to replace a 400 x 400 push up MPK rooflight, but would like to put in a different make. My wife being only 5ft cannot reach the current one. Are there any that provide a facility for a shorter person to use them also does anybody have any views on the relative merits or otherwise of different makes. Finally is it likely that the roof cut out will be compatible with different makes, thanks in advance for any help. Ian
  9. Hi Anyone any experience changing the cartridge in a Reich Trend A shower mixer tap, its leaking from the body joint. I cannot see how to dismantle the tap, the little coloured thingy is on the end of the tap stalk and surely there cant be a grub screw accessible from there. Ian
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