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  1. Again i think the marks are there to make sure there's enough bit on both sides, if the main bar is somewhere near, then the actuation bar will be too i reckon.
  2. Having just installed my motor mover on Saturday i can offer a few pieces of advice. ... 1) Lay out a white sheet if you have one, the number of times i dropped nuts, washers and screws was unbelievable, the sheet saved any scampering about to find them 2) I just went off the brake line running down the centre of the caravan, i know its not bang on centre but it was definitely close enough (i suppose the centre mark is only there to make sure theres enough grip on both sides. 3) The motors are heavy, especially when you're layed on your back underneath the van, i used some spare b
  3. Following the fantastic ABS repair guides on here i decided to give my own repairs a go after someone decided to stand on the A Frame cover while they were having an early morning stroll through neighbours gardens looking for sheds and garages to break into. Heres what it looked like when i found it. .. And here's what it looks like after repairs (Far from perfect but it will certainly do until i can find a replacement. I heat welded it at the back then used a LEGO (ABS) and acetone mixture to fill the furrowed out cracks, followed by copious amounts of wet and dry s
  4. I Know all too well the importance of good loading practices. We have only been caravanning for a year or so, the first 3 times i loaded the caravan myself and obeyed the rules regarding weight distribution etc, however on the 4th weekend away the Mrs loaded the caravan while i was at work, so it would be ready to hitch up and go as soon as i got home. Anyway i got home and hitched up, bundled the kids in the car and off we went, everything was fine leaving our village which is all 30 & 40 MPH roads, however the trouble started when we got up over 40 MPH approximately 4 miles awa
  5. We have only be caravanning for a year, but its certainly become easier in that time. We started out with a dorema awning, which was a nightmare to put up, so we traded that in and got a vango air awning, which takes less than 10 minutes to put up and peg out, this has taken any stress at all out of the setup process. From parking up to putting our feet up it takes approximately 1 hour, but that is to do everything. .... Kids sent off on scooters or bikes Legs down and level up Awning up and pegged out Carpet down Wind break put up (if using) EHU TV set up and channels tune
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