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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/MP-Essentials-Refurbish-Customise-Anthracite/dp/B06XWF9Z8V Not a 100% match but close enough. You have look really close to see the difference.
  2. This may help some of you. https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1112782/tomtom-no-gps-signal-2019#latest Sorry link takes you wrong page if you type the address in manually it should work.
  3. Sorry but they are not, if you do your research you will find that portables weight pads for enforcement purposes have an accuracy of +/- 100 kg per axle.
  4. Both systems can do that but as far as I know you cannot set either for large vehicles, so there is a good possibility of being sent down unsuitable roads if towing. Both systems are basically the same, they both work by dividing the Earth in 3 meter squares and then giving each a unique ID. The only difference is Mapcode use a country code followed by a unique ref number while What3words use three words.
  5. TomTom made an announcement last year stating that they were going to incorporate What3words into there systems. But when I asked them for a implementation date they would not give one but intimidated that it would not be soon.
  6. But What3words does not work on satnav.
  7. It is easy to check you have the right location, when the satnav has calculated the route then go into current route then show instructions then scroll down to destination and tap it, the device will show your destination on the map and you can check the map on the satnav against the mapcode map ( check you are on the same road and area).
  8. Sorry I do not understand your question. I am not an expert on this application but this is how I use it. If I am looking for a remote location (campsite/CL) I zoom in on the app in hybrid mode and position the cursor over the entrance to the site, then copy the mapcode at the bottom of the page as an address into my TomTom satnav the it calculates the route to the site. Or if you are at a remote location and you need to give directions to someone then you open the app and press the location button at bottom right corner and read the mapcode and give it to the person as long as they hav
  9. If you want the same type of system that will work on your Tomtom device then use the original system, Mapcode which which was designed in 2001 by Pieter Geelen and Harold Goddijn the founders of TomTom. What3words was not founded until 2013. Use the app to find the locations you want then the use the code to input to your Tomtom device under address. This is very useful as previously stated when looking for a isolated location where the postcode covers a large area. Web page: http://www.mapcode.com/index.html?iso3=112&ifrom=getcoordst&mapcode=49.4V&xx=4.908543375&
  10. Thank you Mr Plodd your apology is accepted. I hope you have many care free years of enjoyment with your new van. Best Regards Griffy
  11. Griffy


    You are welcome to come and see the one up the side of my workshop if you want to dig it out. It is off a Bailey Wyoming. It is in multiple pieces so you will have to dig out all the bits to get the picture.
  12. Griffy


    I know about a muti piece chassis. I have a Bailey Wyoming muti piece chassis stripped at the side of my workshop but it is not a one -piece chassis. A one-piece chassis is made in one piece.
  13. Griffy


    If you check the Baileys unicorn range webpage under specification it states the following. AL-KO one-piece galvanised steel chassis, braking system and running gear How do you assemble a one piece chassis? https://www. baileyofbristol. co. uk/caravans/unicorn/unicorn-barcelona#collapseProductSpecification
  14. Griffy


    If that is the case then maybe the mover is a Alko Mammut and fitted by Alko when the chassis is built.
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