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  1. Griffy

    Baileys ARE now “one piece chassis”

    Thank you Mr Plodd your apology is accepted. I hope you have many care free years of enjoyment with your new van. Best Regards Griffy
  2. Griffy


    You are welcome to come and see the one up the side of my workshop if you want to dig it out. It is off a Bailey Wyoming. It is in multiple pieces so you will have to dig out all the bits to get the picture.
  3. Griffy


    I know about a muti piece chassis. I have a Bailey Wyoming muti piece chassis stripped at the side of my workshop but it is not a one -piece chassis. A one-piece chassis is made in one piece.
  4. Griffy


    If you check the Baileys unicorn range webpage under specification it states the following. AL-KO one-piece galvanised steel chassis, braking system and running gear How do you assemble a one piece chassis? https://www. baileyofbristol. co. uk/caravans/unicorn/unicorn-barcelona#collapseProductSpecification
  5. Griffy


    If that is the case then maybe the mover is a Alko Mammut and fitted by Alko when the chassis is built.
  6. Griffy

    Water pressure

    Hi Farmerjord, Does your system have two three way brass valves with red handles beside the water pump under the front seat on the right hand side of the onboard tank. If so you need to change the values to suit which option you want to use (water from aqua roll to caravan, water from aqua roll to fill onboard tank or water from onboard tank to caravan). You should find instructions in the manual. Hope this helps.
  7. Griffy

    Storm damage.

    Have you spoke to Bradcot's on the phone. When we bought ours last year there was a couple of poles damaged on delivery. I phoned them and they were very helpful and sent new individual poles. They may be able to supply you with the individual poles you need.
  8. Griffy

    Powrtouch motor sheared off

    Hi BillyC Hope you can find what you need.
  9. Griffy

    Powrtouch motor sheared off

    Powertouch have a spares shop. Click onto the model you have . https://www. powrtouch. com/powrtouch-spares-shop. html
  10. Griffy

    Battery or Alternator?

    HI, I had the same problem last year with my 2015 Shogun. Car was checked by two separate dealerships and both found battery ok. However Mitsubishi instructed the second garage to replace the battery with a heavy duty one. Mitsubishi arranged for the new battery to be delivered the next day which was fitted by dealership. Not had a problem since. In the UK the second battery is removed because of the right hand drive and the single battery which is only 68ah cannot cope. The heavy duty battyis 100ah.
  11. Griffy

    Three Mifi deal

    This might help. If you look at the limitations paragraph. https://www. motorhomewifi. com/product/three-24gb-of-data-valid-24-months/ LIMITATIONS: The maximum amount of data you can use in any month is 12GB. Three also impose a limit of 2 months foreign use within a rolling 4 month period. During the three years we have supplied this SIM, we have been made aware of as many customers having been cut off at 2 months as we have customers who appear to have been able to use the SIM well beyond this period.
  12. Griffy

    Damp Retreat Repairs

    All you need is a vehicle with a GVW more than 3500kg to tow a Retreat. A friend with a Motorhome with a tow bar might be able to help. From Department of Transport website. 5. Gross weight of towing vehicle and size of trailer A towing vehicle with GVW of 3500kg or lower is restricted as to the size of trailer it may tow. The trailer can be a maximum of 7m long by 2. 55m wide. A heavier vehicle can tow a trailer of maximum 12m long by 2. 55m wide. Exceptionally, where the trailer is specially designed to carry long loads (eg one or more boats, gliders), the 7m limit does not apply.
  13. Griffy

    Disinfecting a water barrel??

    This is what the Aquaroll website states. https://www. aquaroll. com/news/post/how-to-clean-and-sterilise-the-aquaroll/ How to clean and sterilise the Aquaroll March 16, 2017 FAQ's , Product Maintenance We recommend that you only use bicarbonate soda to clean and sterilise your Aquaroll. Add four heaped teaspoons into the empty Aquaroll. Then fill with fresh water, swill around and leave for 24 hours. After 24 hours empty the container and swill with fresh water. WARNING Using other solutions and chemicals can damage your Aquaroll and also contaminate your drinking water supply.
  14. Griffy

    Electric connection from car for fridge on 12v

    Hi, If the battery light on the fridge is lit up and not flashing then the fridge is getting power from the car. To check plug van into car start the car and then go into van switch the fridge on and select the battery button the lights should stay on. If they are flashing and beeping then the fridge is not getting power from the car. Try it with the car running and then switched off.
  15. Griffy

    Water capacity of on board water tank ?

    According to handbook for my old Wyoming it approximately 42 litres. Found it on page 3-5 in handbook.