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  1. Ripe use Davis Group to handle their claims who do not get a good reputation. I have personal experience with Davis ( not to do with Ripe) with a caravan claim and had to get the Financial Ombudsman Service involved on 2 occasions. So I would advice against any company that use the Davis Group.
  2. Check around the high level rear brake light.
  3. Your fridge has a frame heater on the freezer compartment which is on all the time on 240v and 12v operation and I would think that the condensation you are getting will be drips from the seal around the freezer compartment. 7.4 Operation at high ambient temperatures At high outside temperatures in combination with high levels of humidity, condensation may form on the freezer compartment frame. RMD8xx6 only The freezer compartment is fitted with a frame heater (12 Vg/3,5 W) to reduce condensation on the frame of the freezer compartment. The frame heater is switched on continuously in the following operating modes: • AC operation • DC operation while driving
  4. This is from Calor website. Specifications More Information Product Code210060 Cylinder TypeSmall Cylinder usageCaravans and motorhomes Cylinder ColourRed Capacity6kg Height495mm Diameter256mm Tare weight (empty)7.3-10.9kg Gross weight (full)15-17kg Rec. offtake (approx)11Kw
  5. This is not entirely true. DVSA officers have powers to stop commercial vehicles. https://www.gov.uk/roadside-vehicle-checks-for-commercial-drivers
  6. This might be of help. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233769327888?hash=item366dbcdd10:g:tbgAAOSwyfFfpBav
  7. Why not use the external solar panel connection on your Buccaneer?
  8. The reason is so the fridge operates correctly when it is being powered by a 12v solar power system.
  9. Try this link. https://walker-awnings.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Walker_10-stappenplan_2019_NL_UK_DE_SE_DK.pdf
  10. My post was in response to your question. I think I am right in saying that when you are driving on the highway you are not responsible for other road users action but are responsible for your own.
  11. Below is a link to the Highway Code which states that you should signal before overtaking a cyclist. https://www.highwaycodeuk.co.uk/using-the-road-overtaking.html
  12. I gave you this for providing the information requested and in doing so you are assisting the OP to break the restrictions that are in place.
  13. Check your tow cars tongue weight as I believe it is only 100kg and the Buccaneers are 150 kg and you will have difficulty in getting it down below 100kg.
  14. PM sent with Handbook and service Book.
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