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  1. We have a March 2017 Hymer Nova S 545 - been really happy with it, but have an ongoing warranty problem with the cream  high gloss table and the high gloss basin surround.  Both have developed a crackling appearance under the clear surface, severely disfiguring them.  Going back to the dealership to be replaced for the second time.  It seems it a fault in the materials, and I can’t help feeling it’s just going to fail again.  Just wondered if you had the same type of finish in your S620, and if you’d had a similar problem?  If it’s a known fault, then I’m hopeful of a better outcome.

  2. Had our Nova S 545 on a 7 week tour round Scotland - fabulous. Only thing we're still having problems with is the toilet door. Been back to the dealers once, but started sticking again. Wonder if there's flex in the van as it's being towed over the hills and round the Dales! Look forward to catching up on your review when you have time to post. Enjoy your new toy!
  3. Hey, very tempted to see if we can get the self levelling added as a retrofit next time we visit the dealer - be interested to hear what you think of it when you get back and what make it is. We had a Thule awning factory fitted and love it - don't bother with putting up the full awning, unless the forecast is dodgy and we're staying put for at least a week. Good luck with your new van.
  4. Yay! Good luck with your new van - enjoy it. Make sure you check it over very, very thoroughly and get any snagging sorted while you're near the dealership. Holland is a long way to return for any issues - it seems UK dealers aren't too keen on sorting out warranty problems if they didn't supply the van.
  5. Hi Blackpool Belle. Have you picked up your Nova yet? Be interested in what you think of it. With regards to the draining board - the Unicorn 3 one we borrowed from a friend fitted perfectly. The one I ordered from Bailey didn't have the tiny 'cut outs' that enable it to slightly overhand the sink, and is also just a bit smaller. Not such a good fit at all, but managed to make some 'cut outs' with the aid of a Stanley knife.
  6. HaHa! So pleased we passed on the Buccaneer. We had a Cruiser rock up next to us on a CC site, and must admit we watched enviously as he blipped a button and the legs came down & self levelled the van. Had a little chat, and asked if he'd been pleased with the van - Oh, yes, he said, Blooming marvellous! Everything was wonderful. Then his wife came out. ........ How long have you got, she said, and proceeded to give us a lengthy list. They'd had it a year and it had spent more time with the technician at the dealers than with them. She was totally fed up and just wanted to get
  7. Been very happy with our Hymer Nova S 545. Picked it up middle of May from Lowdhams, then went straight off on a 7 week UK tour. Called back into Lowdhams on our way home to sort out a few niggles: loo door wouldn't close - LED light in wardrobe needed repositioning (stuck out too far & was warping the door) - cupboard doors needed aligning (surprised at Hymer sending the van out with wonky cupboards). Likes: King size super comfy bed. Huge storage space under the bed & the easy access via lifting bed helped by gas struts, and the large door giving outside access. Hav
  8. If you haven't been totally put off caravans by your awful experience, then take a look at the Hymer range. We went to the NEC in October 16 all ready to put down a deposit on a Buccaneer Cruiser, but after a close inspection and a bit more homework on t'internet, decided to avoid. Seem to be soooo many disgruntled owners on Caravantalk alone. We also looked at the Knaus Starclass - very nice, but the layout didn't suit, then saw the Hymer range - stunning, and so well built. Ordered a 545 S which we have been very impressed with. Solid build, oozes quality all round. Not cheap, bu
  9. Picked up our 545 S on Friday at Lowdhams, and staying over a couple of nights just to make sure all is OK (& we know how to operate all the gizmos!). Wow, what a van! Have got to say, it's all we hoped for and more. Had the Thule awning fitted at the factory, and think it will be well worth the extra. Tipped down with rain while we were loading up at the change over, so just wound it out, backed the car up - happy days. No snags so far with the van - a good hand over (Lowdhams very helpful), so now ready to set off to Sandringham on the first leg of our 7 week UK trip. Yes,
  10. Yay! Just heard from Lowdhams that it's built and can pick up two weeks today! Exciting stuff
  11. There was a 'Show Offer' which was a 'free' Media Package - 22" TV/DVD player and arm, tuner, radio, then the usual smoke and mirrors haggling with our 2008 Coachman 460/2 in part exchange. Not much of a discount as such, although there was a £2000 (!!!) delivery charge added at the end which we totally baulked at & said 'no way'. I believe the price lists were put together before the Brexit vote and the drop in the £, which has put upward pressure on the prices of all imported vans, so can't really see them doing much in the way of discounts. I've also seen the advert on the site sho
  12. Very interesting to read your Hymer review. We seriously considered the Buccaneer, but on having a really close look at the NEC in October (and chatting with a very disgruntled owner on the Stand), we decided to bite the bullet and go for the Hymer. Meant changing the car to cope with the extra weight, but the build quality seemed to be excellent, and the 6' 6" bed and generous round lounge nailed it. Ordered with Lowdhams, but still waiting for the delivery date to be confirmed. ........ Hopefully not much longer, as we're keen to get some trips booked!
  13. Seaview36


    Many thanks for all the comments re: the offside door. It seems that rules vary a bit from site to site and warden to warden, but the main thing is consideration for neighbours. Not going to be easy on any site to leave 6 metres if we're pitching awning to awning. Suppose one solution is to try and arrive early as poss and get an end pitch to accommodate the awning then park the car up on the right hand side and be car to car. We'll try and take it gently at first, and maybe not put the awning up at all for the first few trips. It must be a fairly common problem as there are quite a
  14. Seaview36


    Aahhh, Peter. Was a little worried about problems with the offside door. We did have a chat with the Caravan Club about this before we put in our order for the Hymer. Seems they are pretty stringent about lining up with their white markers on the pitch, but don't mind whether you park up back end first or front first, if that makes sense. With the lounge being at the front, we'll probably prefer to reverse in, but not sure if it's going to create problems when we put the awning up. It would mean we'll be 'awning to awning' with our neighbours, which could be a bit cosy. Have you had any
  15. Seaview36


    Hi Peter, thanks for the info - hadn't heard anything about this. As you say, seems a bit of a rip off, but if it keeps the warranty valid we're going to have to fork out. Interesting that you went from a Hymer to a Coachman, and now we're doing the reverse . .......... The main thing that stopped us having another Coachman was the size of the fixed bed - a fraction over 6 ft in the Coachman, but 6ft 6ins in the Hymer.
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