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  1. When our daughter bought a new-to-her car through a dealer earlier this year, she agreed the price on the condition that the all 4 wheels were refurbished before she collected the car. The dealer agreed without any argument and had the job done by their usual mobile man who made a really good job of them. Taking to the dealer, he said that he's usually happy to have the wheels refurbished as part of the deal and that purchasers only have to ask - but most don't.
  2. I always lift the hitch handle fully until it locks in the open (upright) position, then lower the hitch on to the tow ball until the handle snaps shut to the closed position. Then I do as Stevan does and try to lift the car/caravan by winding down the jockey wheel. Only when I’m sure the hitch is fully secure do I lower the stabiliser handle.
  3. Assuming the tyres you currently have fitted are the correct ones for your caravan, this link will tell you what pressure you should be running at: https://www.tyresafe.org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/
  4. IMHO, better to spend your money on a TPMS such as TyrePal than on Tyrons.
  5. Phil, Sorry for the duff gen. Must have got model numbers mixed up when I checked your layout. Out of curiosity, do you know what's gone wrong with your microwave? Mike
  6. We have the same one fitted in our van and removal is easy. The white frame is on stiff hinges and lifts up. Looking inside and above the microwave, there is a horizontal batten with two wood effect stick-ons. Carefully peel these off and underneath each is a screw. Remove both screws and the batten can be wiggled out, The microwave can be lifted out. It's heavy, but there's sufficient length in the power cable for the microwave to sit on the work surface. Unplug the plug from the next cupboard and chop it off if you're going to recycle it. Hope this helps Mike
  7. Strange how some groan and some don't. Our last van would groan like a good'un most of the time, despite copious quantities of brake cleaner and wet&dry paper. But using the same tow ball, our present hitch has been totally silent from day one, now 2 years/6k miles, with no cleaning of the pads and only a wipe of the tow ball with a dry cloth. The only difference between my two hitches is that I could lower the handle with one hand on the old van, but need to really press down hard with both hands to engage the new one. My tow ball is very shiny now, whereas with the old hitch it was dullish.
  8. There's none so blind as those who refuse to see. Just rebalancing the thread
  9. Ours has done this from new when heating up the water on the 'Hot' setting and whilst at first being alarmed, after googling the problem there are many links to forums, etc, where people who have the Truma combi, both in caravans and motorhomes, have experienced the same smell. Those who contacted Truma say that they have been told that there's no defect and it's safe to use. Still doesn't explain where the smell comes from, though.
  10. Just a thought, but if the wardens provide the replacement gas bottle service out of the goodness of their hearts, why is gas mentioned as a ‘facility on site’ on the web and in the club handbook; who provides the secure storage enclosure for the bottles and who funds the many fresh bottles they hold, bearing in mind their high cash value and the regular changeover of wardens? Then there’s the insurance aspect of the bulk storage of gas cylinders on club sites, the adherence to gas storage regulations and the club’s duty of care to its members to provide a safe environment. Everything above indicates to me that it is the club who is in control, not the wardens. In addition, many sites use bulk Calor gas for hot water and heating in the facilities, so the club will have an account, which means that they would buy fresh gas bottles at wholesale prices and so should be selling them at the usual full retail price - without a mark-up.
  11. Just returned from a few days at an adults-only site near Swaffham where there were only 1 or 2 empty pitches each night . Talking to the owner, it's been like that or better all summer.
  12. I'd thought about if we were unfortunate enough to be in that situation, but then realised that it would be our insurance companies problem and they would probably write off the van in that circumstance. As I've a new-for-old policy, we'd just go out and buy another van. It would be annoying because we really like our Lunar, but that's all.
  13. This article gives a bit more background detail: https://www.petrolprices.com/news/french-police-request-details-of-246000-uk-drivers-in-five-months/
  14. With us, it depends on where we're going and for how long. We choose not to eat out most of the time, so for short trips of 3 or 4 days, we'll usually take everything. For longer trips, we'll take just enough for 2 or 3 days and shop when we need to as we're lucky enough in this country to have a supermarket within a dozen miles of almost everywhere we're likely to go.
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