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  1. I had a 1997 Ex300 Mistral some years ago. Looking at the tech specs, the wheels were 4 1/2J 13, tyres were 165RR13 at 45psi or 175SR13 at 36psi and the wheel nut torque was 80-90NM. Drop me a PM if you would like PDFs of the handbook, tech specs and eqpt specs. They may be 4 years older than your GT, but many things will still relevant.
  2. I've done this a couple of times, not out of choice! I did it on a hot day and used a thin steel wire (an old guitar string) as a cheese cutter, being careful not to damage the aluminium bodywork or bend the awning rail. It's also better having another pair of hands or two to hold the awning rail slightly away from the body as it comes away and while putting it back. I've used both the mastic tape and Sikaflex 512 (adhesive sealant in a tube) and the latter is my favourite, if more messy. I also cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol rather than white spirit (which leaves a residue) and replaced the screws with stainless steel ones (one size longer), all sourced from Ebay. Nearly forgot, spraying the screws with silicone spray helps to lubricate them so they don't bind as they go through the mastic. Take your time, clean everything thoroughly and you'll be fine. Good luck.
  3. We did this journey from Peterborough a few years ago and did it in 3 days. First night was at Barnard Castle (166 miles) then Glencoe (240 miles) leaving just 139 miles to get to Portree.
  4. I can recommend this forum : https://forums.mbclub.co.uk
  5. We bought our first van in 1982, a 4=berth Sprite Alpine and spent many family holidays touring France and the UK. When the kids finally left home we px'd it for a 1997 2=berth Elddis Mistral which we loved. We sold it in 2017 and bought our present 2=berth Lunar, a 40th wedding anniversary present to ourselves, with the hope that it will give us the same sterling service as our other two did, but we doubt it. We've never been ones for replacing things without good reason (I'm on my 7th car in 50 years) but being a mechanical, electrical and electronic engineer does help in keeping things running. So in answer to the OP's question, we only change when there is a definite reason, such as change in our needs, it is approaching end of life or it is becoming to too expensive to maintain.
  6. Make sure the one you receive says RaceX on it. I ordered one off Amazon Marketplace and the one they sent me was a cheap knock-off. I complained and they sent me a genuine one saying there had been 'a mistake'.
  7. Blown air, always. Lighter, cheaper, less maintenance and less to go wrong. In addition, the van warms up quicker. Maybe not so good in bigger vans, but in our 2 berth, it's perfect.
  8. I've used Silky cream for many years. https://silkyleisure.co.uk/
  9. Just measured the Calor-branded spanner I use on propane bottles and it is 30mm.
  10. The Service Handbook of our 2017 Lunar says this: Warranty 2017 All Lunar Caravans are supplied with a 6 year water ingress and body delamination guarantee with a 3 year manufacturers backed warranty. Appliances carry their own manufacturer warranty the maximum of which is three years. The Lunar warranty is conditional on annual servicing being carried out 60 days either side of the anniversary of the purchase date, except the third service which should be carried out prior to the third anniversary date of the final year 6 year body shell integrity warranty Lunar Caravans will cover water ingress through any permanently sealed seam joints and delamination of panels and floor, being part of the caravan’s original construction.
  11. I find it incongruous that the Club sent me 3 emails this year encouraging me to vote for the committee, the same members of which were quite happy to change the Club’s name without any discussion with the membership. So it doesn’t matter who I vote for - or even if I don’t vote at all – they’re going to do what they want anyway, so what’s the point.
  12. I wonder how long this topic would have lasted if the OP had put it on the cc's forum?
  13. Why would a long standing and well respected club want change its name without involving it's membership beforehand? I can only think that they knew what the answer would be, but went on regardless. That's how much they respect the members.
  14. I'd use one that has been tested to survive many charging cycles and is on the Class A list. A PDF of all the verified batteries is available here: https://www.thencc.org.uk/Our_Schemes/ncc_verified_leisure_battery_scheme.aspx
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