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  1. Make sure the one you receive says RaceX on it. I ordered one off Amazon Marketplace and the one they sent me was a cheap knock-off. I complained and they sent me a genuine one saying there had been 'a mistake'.
  2. Blown air, always. Lighter, cheaper, less maintenance and less to go wrong. In addition, the van warms up quicker. Maybe not so good in bigger vans, but in our 2 berth, it's perfect.
  3. I've used Silky cream for many years. https://silkyleisure.co.uk/
  4. Just measured the Calor-branded spanner I use on propane bottles and it is 30mm.
  5. The Service Handbook of our 2017 Lunar says this: Warranty 2017 All Lunar Caravans are supplied with a 6 year water ingress and body delamination guarantee with a 3 year manufacturers backed warranty. Appliances carry their own manufacturer warranty the maximum of which is three years. The Lunar warranty is conditional on annual servicing being carried out 60 days either side of the anniversary of the purchase date, except the third service which should be carried out prior to the third anniversary date of the final year 6 year body shell integrity warranty Lunar Caravans will cover water ingress through any permanently sealed seam joints and delamination of panels and floor, being part of the caravan’s original construction.
  6. I find it incongruous that the Club sent me 3 emails this year encouraging me to vote for the committee, the same members of which were quite happy to change the Club’s name without any discussion with the membership. So it doesn’t matter who I vote for - or even if I don’t vote at all – they’re going to do what they want anyway, so what’s the point.
  7. I wonder how long this topic would have lasted if the OP had put it on the cc's forum?
  8. Why would a long standing and well respected club want change its name without involving it's membership beforehand? I can only think that they knew what the answer would be, but went on regardless. That's how much they respect the members.
  9. I'd use one that has been tested to survive many charging cycles and is on the Class A list. A PDF of all the verified batteries is available here: https://www.thencc.org.uk/Our_Schemes/ncc_verified_leisure_battery_scheme.aspx
  10. When our daughter bought a new-to-her car through a dealer earlier this year, she agreed the price on the condition that the all 4 wheels were refurbished before she collected the car. The dealer agreed without any argument and had the job done by their usual mobile man who made a really good job of them. Taking to the dealer, he said that he's usually happy to have the wheels refurbished as part of the deal and that purchasers only have to ask - but most don't.
  11. I always lift the hitch handle fully until it locks in the open (upright) position, then lower the hitch on to the tow ball until the handle snaps shut to the closed position. Then I do as Stevan does and try to lift the car/caravan by winding down the jockey wheel. Only when I’m sure the hitch is fully secure do I lower the stabiliser handle.
  12. Assuming the tyres you currently have fitted are the correct ones for your caravan, this link will tell you what pressure you should be running at: https://www.tyresafe.org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/
  13. IMHO, better to spend your money on a TPMS such as TyrePal than on Tyrons.
  14. Phil, Sorry for the duff gen. Must have got model numbers mixed up when I checked your layout. Out of curiosity, do you know what's gone wrong with your microwave? Mike
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